Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Clip Friday - Silver Dollar City

I promised you one more post wrapping up the Southern Gospel Picnic, so here it is -

In 11 days, I caught 53 different shows by 40 different artists. That's a lot of gospel music, folks! No wonder I was so tired, but really wasn't ready to come back to the real world and work on Tuesday!

In case you missed any day's recap, here they are -

Day 1 - Pfeifers, Reggie Saddler Family, Booth Brothers
Day 2 - 2nd Generation, Freemans, Inspirations, McKameys
Day 3 - Three Bridges, Nelons, Singing Cookes, Jeff & Sheri Easter
Day 4 - Taylors, Perrys, Tribute Quartet, Hoppers
Day 5 - Bledsoes, Tribute Qt., Browns, Kingsmen Qt., Karen Peck & New River
Day 6 - Bowling Family, Mark Trammell Qt.
Day 7 - Wilburn & Wilburn, Soul'd Out Quartet, Martins
Day 8 - Marksmen Qt., Lesters, Dixie Echoes, Brian Free & Assurance, Legacy Five
Day 9 - Guy Penrod, Triumphant Qt.
Day 10 - Whisnants, Beelers, Dennis Swanberg, Greater Vision
Day 11 - Old Paths, Diplomats, Brian Arnold, Isaacs

This year something that really stood out to me was the young up and coming talent in the industry. The Old Paths had a 15 year old piano player that was flat out amazing. The Dixie Echoes showcased their new bass singer and his twin brother who can sing tenor. The Bowling Family's girls sang in their shows and can harmonize together with the best of them!

I have to say the group that impressed me most that I had not seen live before was Wilburn & Wilburn. Jonathan Wilburn still brings that same energy to stage he did in his Gold City days. He and Jordan sound so great as a duo!

There were also so many great a cappella moments this year from the Isaacs to the Taylors to the Martins, but I think the Nelons had the best a cappella moment with their rendition of the "Hallelujah Chorus!"

However, one of the most standout moments of the festival for me this year wasn't hearing a group singing, but a choir of around 5,000 singing hymns as Gerald Wolfe played. I felt like it was just a small taste of Heaven!

It was great not only enjoying all the music but seeing friends from previous years and making new friends! A huge thank you to Mrs. Cathy and Mr. Russell who let me stay with them this year! Thanks for letting me be part of your family! :)

Normally the festival is something I share with my grandparents. However, due to my grandmother's surgery, they were not able to go this year. So I took a lot of photos and a lot of videos this year for them mainly, but I thought I would share a couple of those with you for today's Fun Clip Friday post. I have more I'm going to post, but here are two for now!

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