Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Singing at Sea Kingsmen Reunion

Last week was the Singing at Sea cruise with dozens of gospel artists. A few years ago, there was a Perrys reunion, but this year it was the Kingsmen's turn to have a reunion at sea!

Check out a few clips from it for Today's Fun Clip Friday post!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Turn It Up - Playlists of Life

I love this quote. During significant times in my life I can point to a song that represents that time. My choice of music is often defined by the current mood. When I’m on my way to visit my parents, I’m driving down a gravel road with good 90s country music turned up. When I’m on my way to church, it’s a more worshipful, easy-listening style of Christian or gospel.

There are songs that I always find myself turning to when I’ve had a rough day. And then there are songs that define the really good moments of life. One thing is true though, there is a song for every occasion. So I thought it might be fun to put together a playlist of life series, gospel style of course.

We’ll start with the happy ones! Those up-tempo songs that will have you tapping you foot to and reminding you of God's goodness. Those songs that will boost your already happy disposition. You just got a promotion at work. The friend you have been praying for came to church. Or you just got to spend a fun day with family and friends. What songs do you listen to?

Here are a list of songs I reach for and turn up-

  1. Anything But Happy (Jeff and Sheri Easter)
  2. Little Bit of Sunshine (Jeff and Sheri Easter)
  3. He Ain’t Never Done Me Nothing But Good (Isaacs)
  4. I’m Rich (Gold City)
  5. Wish I Could Have Been There (Perrys)
  6. Count Your Blessings (Martins)
  7. Love’s Gonna Drive This Train (Martins)
  8. I'm Going Home With Jesus (Nelons)
  9. Greater (Erwins)
  10. Dancing Like Lazarus (Karen Peck and New River)
  11. I’ve Got a Song (Talleys) 
  12. Boundless Love (Cathedrals)
  13. Wonderful Time Up There (Mark Trammell Quartet)
  14. New Day Dawning (Whisnants)
  15. Shoutin’ Time (Hoppers)
  16. I’m Glad I’m Saved (Bowling Family)
  17. Saved By Grace (Triumphant Quartet)
  18. I Will Glory in the Story (Greenes)
  19. Still Feeling Fine (Booth Brothers)
  20. I Thank You Lord (Lauren Talley)
Comment with some of your go-to songs when life is good!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A New Chapter - Jim Brady Trio - CD Review

Jim Brady TrioWhen Jim Brady announced that he was leaving the Booth Brothers in August, it came as a shock to many. He was with the group for more than a decade and the combination of him, Michael and Ronnie Booth was simply incredible.

However, change is an inevitable part of life. And change can definitely be a good thing, as it was in this case. I attended the Something Beautiful women’s conference last summer that was hosted by Melissa Brady. I have to say it was just as incredible to see Jim and Melissa minister together as husband and wife. They are joined by Tim Parton to make up the Jim Brady Trio.

A New Chapter is the perfect title to describe this point in their lives and ministry. The album definitely brings you a new sound with a new mixed trio in the industry, but it also is reminiscent of what you would expect to hear from the Booth Brothers.

In fact, there are a couple of songs Jim recorded with the Booth Brothers on this new project including “When He Saved Me” and “The Half That’s Never Been Told.” The arrangements don’t stray far from the Booth Brothers, but it’s different to hear them with a mixed trio. With talented songwriters like Jim and Melissa, you would expect all or mostly original songs, but I kinda like that they chose to include a few favorites from Booth Brother days.

Another song that the Booth Brothers recorded was “On My Way Home.” I absolutely love that they chose to include this song that Jim wrote. I don’t think it got the attention it deserved as part of the Booth Brothers’ Isaiah 12:2 project. It’s an incredible song with a great message. So glad they recorded it for this project!

The project starts with “God of What’s To Come,” a new song. The song features Jim and has incredible orchestration from Lari Goss. It’s a great opening song with a reassuring message. Definitely a highlight of the album!

“Steppin’ Out in Faith” is the group’s first single and it’s a great choice. The song showcases all vocalists really well. These three really have a great sound and blend together. It’s another highlight of the project.

Their arrangement of “The Love of God” is incredible. The song has been done a lot, especially recently it seems, but it’s a classic.

“The Greatest of Miracles” is a great ballad penned by Squire Parsons that features Melissa. Beautiful song and it really shows what an amazing voice she has. Melissa is also featured on “Ordinary Love,” another great ballad. The arrangement is simple to really showcase the lyrics and vocals.

Overall, I think this is going to be one of the most-talked about albums of the year. Not just because it marks the start of a new group but because of the quality of the album. This project is a must buy from this new trio. You don’t want to miss A New Chapter for the Jim Brady Trio!

Song List -

1. "God of What's To Come"
2. "You Can Depend on Jesus"
3. "The Greatest of all Miracles"
4. "Steppin' Out in Faith"
5. "On My Way Home"
6. "Good Lord Willing"
7. "The Love of God"
8. "When He Saved Me"
9. "Ordinary Love"
10. "If It Had Not Been"
11. "The Half That's Never Been Told"
12. "That Sounds Like Home to Me"

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning Poll - Singing News Fan Awards Voting

Singing News Fan Awards first round nominations are now open. I know there is normally a lot of discussion about the consistency of winners.

I'll be honest as a subscriber and voter in the awards, my vote changes each round. A lot of times I'll nominate someone who may not be consistently in the top 10 or top 5. For the top 10, sometimes I'll do the same. In the final round, I'll go with more my favorite or someone who I think has had an incredible year. So I'm curious, does anyone else change their votes from round to round like I do?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - February 21

Here are some news and tidbits from this week in gospel music -

  • Please pray for Rickey Gooch, husband of Karen Peck Gooch, who has recently been diagnosed with squamous carcinoma
  • First round voting for the Singing News Fan Awards is now open. Voting is open to subscribers only.
Anything I've missed?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Ice and Snow

Happy Friday to everyone! This week has been a crazy weather week in Arkansas and I know for other parts of the country as well. Here are how a few gospel artists have been coping with winter weather for today's Fun Clip Friday post!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prayers Requested for Rickey and Karen Peck Gooch

Here's an open letter from Karen Peck Gooch -

Hey Friends:)

My husband, Rickey Gooch, is the strongest and hardest working man I know. It is an honor and a blessing to be his wife.

A few weeks ago, Rickey discovered a knot in his neck. After consultation with his doctor Rickey was prescribed two rounds of antibiotics. After the knot did not go away, additional testing was ordered.

After a neck scan, two biopsies, a CT scan and a PET scan, Rickey was diagnosed with squamous carcinoma, a type of cancer. Thank the Lord, the cancer is confined to Rickey's left tonsil area and has not spread anywhere else within his body. As a result of this diagnosis, Rickey will begin a series of treatments in the coming days. The doctors feel very confident that the treatments will be successful and this will soon be behind us.

During the weeks Rickey and I have been dealing with this, the Lord has shown us such mercy and grace. He has reminded us of His sovereignty and even when we were at our lowest, we could feel His loving arms wrapping around us and covering us with peace that surpasses all understanding. Truthfully, we would not have made it this far without the Lord. Even though we are devastated, we realize the Lord is strengthening us more every day as we move forward.

Because of this situation Rickey and I stayed home for a few days to attend doctors appointments. We are so proud of our group, though, as they continued to travel to honor our commitments. Rickey and I want to offer our sincere appreciation to Katy Peach for filling in for me and doing an amazing job. Also, we give special thanks to Susan, Jeff, Matthew, Kari, Tripp King, and Danny Jones for stepping up and doing what needed to be done. Audiences were blessed, and we were thrilled to learn that some even accepted Jesus as their Savior. Praise the Lord!

Rickey and I will be back on the road this weekend. We want to thank everyone for the love you have shown our family. We love y'all dearly. Please continue to pray for Rickey. We know that God will make this trial a blessing.

Karen Peck Gooch

Karen Peck & New River

Please keep Rickey, Karen, Matthew, Kari and the group in your prayers!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gospel Music Association Announces Honors and Hall of Fame Inductions

The Gospel Music Association announced yesterday this year's honors and Hall of Fame Inductions. Among this year's honorees are Mark Lowry and The Bridge founded by Candy Christmas. The celebration will take place on Tuesday, May 5, 20115 at Lipscomb University's Allen Arena.

Mark Lowry will be among this year's class of Hall of Fame inductees. He spent more than 20 years as baritone for the Gaither Vocal Band. He is just as well-known for his comedy. He also wrote "Mary Did You Know?" Now, he tours as a soloist, having recently joined forces with the Martins for the Music and Madness Tour.

Candy Christmas is an award-winning singer/songwriter with five recordings as a solo artist, and six GMA Dove awards to her credit. She is the third child of Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill. As founder and president of The Bridge, Inc, she has been working to feed and clothe Nashville's homeless population. Candy and her team of volunteers meet the physical and spiritual needs of more than 350 people each week.

Other Hall of Fame inductees include BeBe and CeCe Winans, Roland Lundy and Twila Paris. The GMA will honor Founding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Passion founded by Louie and Shelley Giglio and Porter’s Call founded by Al Andrews.

 John Huie, CAA and Co-Chair of GMA Honors states, “Last year’s inaugural event was an amazing evening of firsts for our industry. We have been encouraged by the many comments surrounding the ceremony and are thrilled to honor this year’s recipients.”

“The GMA Foundation is charged with observing our gospel music history and its trailblazers,” says Jackie Patillo, President of the GMA Foundation. “With the ongoing support from our music community, we can fulfill the mission to foster an appreciation for our heritage and its impact for generations to come. We, as always, thank all of those involved in helping make these special celebrations possible.”

You can read the full release from GMA here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

He Sees What We Don't - Amber Eppinette - Young Songwriter Spotlight

Today is another feature with young songwriter Amber Eppinette. This time the song is "He Sees What We Don't" which is a co-write with Joseph Habedank. This is probably my favorite song that 11th Hour has recorded, so I was glad when Amber chose to share how this song came about.

"I had written the first verse and chorus of this song during a time of joy and happiness," Amber said. "If you hear the song you'd wonder how a song so dark could come from a heart of joy. Little did I know, God was sending me words of comfort for what was yet to come." Amber didn't realize how God would later use the song and her words to help her.

She met with Joseph Habedank for a co-write session, and he helped her finish the song. "He really helped me bring the words to life by the order of the lyric in the 2nd verse and bridge," she said.

As soon as the song was finished, Amber's aunt Taisha passed away. "It was a very hard time for my family. Right at the moment of her death, I knew that song was for that particular situation to bring comfort in a time of mourning and sorrow," she said. "Years later, it is still comforting when trials and tribulations hit."

God saw ahead and knew that Amber would need the words to come back to her and comfort her. The line that means the most to Amber from the song is "He knows the end from the beginning. He looks ahead past the hurt and the pain to a place where the peace passes all understanding. He sees the sun through rain."

11th Hour recorded the song on its Stepping Out project in 2012. "It's as if I felt the hand of God placing His arms around me, sweeping over a gentle breeze of peace through His presence," Amber said after she heard it recorded.

The song not only helped her through a trying time, but helps and encourages people each night they sing it. "It was written out of a dark time but now, it means there's hope when we think there is none and there is another road ahead when we feel we've entered a dead end," she said.

Thanks for sharing, Amber! Look for more stories behind songs by young songwriters in the weeks ahead!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - February 14

Here are some news and tidbit items from this week in Southern Gospel -

  • Mosie Lister passed away on Thursday. He was an original member of the Statesmen Quartet and penned songs such as "Then I Met the Master" and "Til the Storm Passes By." Arrangements have now been announced
  • Congratulations to Kody Erwin who wed Cayla Henderson on Feb. 7 in Dallas. Cayla has not only joined the family but will also be working and traveling with them full time.  
  • The Diplomats have announced the departure of their pianist Jeremy Elliot. They are currently searching for his replacement.
  • The Perrys released their latest single for digital download this week. "When He Comes Walking on the Water" was rerecorded with new members Andrew Goldman and Troy Peach and is available on iTunes.
  • Jeff Stice has started a Song of the Month club. You can sign up online to receive a free digital download of a piano song along with his newsletter each month. Sign up at his website -
  • Absolutely Gospel has announced performers for its awards ceremony to be held on April 14. They include the Isaacs, Karen Peck and New River, Tribute Quartet and the Bowling Family. Unfortunately the event will not be live streamed this year. You can see the full list of performers and vote in the awards at
Anything I've missed?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Mosie Lister and Booth Brothers

In memory of Mosie Lister's passing yesterday, here's a video post in tribute to him today. This one features the Booth Brothers with him on "Feelin' Mighty Fine." Please continue to pray for his family during this time.

Enjoy a flashback from 2003 for today's Fun Clip Friday.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mosie Lister Passes Away

Details are still forthcoming, but Mosie Lister passed away earlier this morning. He was 93 years old. He wrote songs such as "Till the Storm Passes By" and "Then I Met the Master." He was an original member of the Statesmen Quartet.

Mosie Lister was born on September 8, 1921, in Cochran, Georgia, the son of Willis and Pearl Holland Lister.

The Booth Brothers posted the following on Facebook -

Arrangements are as follows: Visitation will take place Monday, February 23, 2015 from 4-8 p.m. at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation in Franklin, Tennessee. A homegoing celebration concert will take place at 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 24 at the People's Church in Franklin, Tennessee. A private graveside service will take place at Williamson Memorial Gardens.

Some Things Don't Change - Allegiance Concert Recap - Delcaration

Friday night I had the chance to see Allegiance (formerly Declaration) in Hot Springs, Ark. The group changed its name in December to Allegiance, so same three guys but new name.

Allegiance - Jake Sammons, Kasey Kemp
and T.J. Evans
Allegiance is consists of Kasey Kemp, Jake Sammons and T.J. Evans. The group has had to endure a lot with their name change recently, but they have remained true to the calling God has on their lives. Friday night was a perfect example of that. The concert was at The Branch at Snow Springs, which is adjacent to an addiction treatment facility. Many of those in attendance were people from the facility. It was incredible to watch as Allegiance led the night in worship.

Here’s a lineup of what they sang –

  •  “Absolute Peace” 
  • “Lighten Up and Lean on Jesus” – This is the group’s new single. Great song!! Loved hearing it live! 
  • “Come to the Water” 
  • “One More Time” – This is one of my favorites! So glad to hear them sing it live! 
  • “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” – Kasey pulled out his trumpet for this one. The guys did it as an instrumental with Jake on guitar and T.J. on bass guitar. They had the audience join in and sing along toward the end. 
  • “He Set Me Free” 
  • “Nothing But the Blood” – They changed things up a little and had a hymns sing along. Loved this part of the night!! 
  • “There Is a Fountain” – This song featured T.J. and then had the congregation join in. Kasey told the story of a church they sang at recently. They were warned before they got there that this wasn’t the church’s kind of music. When they got out to sing, there were two rows of teenagers sitting in the front. They decided to sing a few hymns and slowly the congregation started joining in, even the teens started singing along. He said that revival broke out in the service. He said that the preacher thanked them for singing the hymns and that they hadn’t felt what they did that day in a long time. 
  • “In Good Hands” – Kasey was featured on this one. Another great song to hear them sing live. Kasey gave his testimony right before he sang of his health issues this summer. Great moment!
  • “Because of the Cross” – Jake sang this one right before intermission. Definitely a highlight of the night! 
  • “I’m Sailing Soon” – This one was done in a soft-shoe style around one microphone. 
  • “Someday” – They encored this one! 
  • They sang a few news songs next to try out on the audience that will be included on a future project. They sounded great and can’t wait to hear when they are released! 
  • “I Will Stand for Stars and Stripes” – Hope that’s the right title. They ended the night by recognizing veterans with this song.

It might be a new name for this trio, but you can expect the same sweet spirit of worship as before. So good to see them in Arkansas! These guys have overcome some obstacles recently with the name change but have stayed true to the calling just proving that some things don't change.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When Lyrics Speak - Didn't I Walk on the Water - The Dunaways

This year my church has been reading through the New Testament together. We started the first full week of January reading through Matthew, a chapter five days a week. The next Sunday our pastor will preach on one of the passages from the week’s readings. It’s been a great experience so far, not only helping me stay more accountable with time in Word, but opening up communication and discussion among friends on how God has spoken to us individually reading the same passages.

Because so many gospel songs are scripture based, songs will often pop into my mind that relate to what I’m reading. For example, every time I read about the woman with the issue of blood I’ll start humming “Thread of Hope.” If it’s the story of Lazarus, I’m going to think about “Four Days Late.” And I could go on.

This particular morning, the reading was in Matthew 14 where Jesus walks on the water. There are a number of songs that could have gone through my mind, but I kept coming back to this one –

Sometimes when we look at the struggle in front of us, it’s so easy to remember how God has been faithful in the past. Why do we doubt that this time will be different? He’s the same God who walked on the water and calmed the sea.

The song reminds us of all the miracles of Jesus while here on earth, but not only that it brings it home to His faithfulness in our own individual lives. The same God of miracles then is a personal God to me. He helps me and is right by my side no matter how petty my situation is. And believe me, I’ve prayed about some petty things.

I think the message of this song is so applicable at so many times in our lives. He is always there for us as His children, and He is more than able. When I look back on my life, I can see how He’s been with me through every step of the way. He’s delivered me from bad situations and worked things out when I haven’t seen a way possible. He came to my rescue and walked beside me.

It’s easy for us to lose sight of the big picture sometimes in the midst of circumstances. We forget like Peter what we’ve seen God do. The miracle of Jesus walking on the water occurs just after the disciples saw him feed the 5,000. We all know what God is capable of, but do we truly trust Him for it?

He’s the same today as He was then. He’s the One who walked on the water.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

In Case You Missed It - February 7 - Gospel News and Tidbits

Here are some news items from this week in Southern Gospel -

  • The Erwins released Ready to Sail this week on February 3. They had a release party at Lifeway Christian store in Mesquite, Texas. This was the group's first StowTown Records release.
  • Dickie Matthews, long-time gospel music piano player, passed away on February 1. He was awarded with the Gospel Music Piano Roll of Honor and the Living Legend Award of Gospel Music.  
  • Former Mark Trammell Quartet member Joel Wood was involved in an accident at work with a chainsaw. It hit him in the face and cut through his bottom lip down to his chin. The CT scan showed no bone damage, so surgery was not required. Doctors gave him stitchers and he is now home, but please pray for him as he heals.  

Anything I've missed?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Matt Fouch and Josh Singletary - On the Couch with Fouch

Happy Friday to everyone! Matthew Fouch of Legacy Five has been doing video interviews with various Southern Gospel singes for a while now. He releases a new one the first of every month. Be sure to sign up on his website to get on his email list so you can see immediately when the next one releases!

This month, he interviewed Josh Singletary of Tribute Quartet, so they are today's feature for Fun Clip Friday! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Erwins - Ready to Sail - CD Review

The Erwins are one of the best up and coming groups in gospel music today. The three brothers and one sister make up one of the youngest mixed groups in the industry. The group includes Keith (22), Kody (20), Kris (18) and Katie (14). Ready to Sail is their first release with StowTown Records.

“Ready to Sail” is the title track and an easy listening song. It really showcases what a great sound the siblings have collectively.

“Greater” is probably my favorite song on the project. I first heard it when three guys from my home church sang it at the end of a Sunday morning service. I immediately loved it and thought that a southern gospel artist should cover the song. (MercyMe originally recorded the song.) And I’m so glad the Erwins were that group! They bring such a great youthful energy to the song. It’s a must listen!

“Calvary’s One Spotless Lamb” is definitely another highlight. The ballad features Keith on the verses, and the message of the song is timeless. “Believe Him” is another Keith feature. This song lyrically is so reassuring for believers. Keith has really grown as a vocalist, and on this song he really shines.

“Power in Prayer” features Kody and Katie on the verses. However, the song is actually Kris’s testimony song. In 2009, he was run over by an SUV while crossing the street. Doctors said it would be a miracle if he were able to keep his legs. Kris received his miracle. It’s a great song, but when you know what it means personally to the group it makes it that much more powerful! I love the line that says, “it won’t be the same when you speak His name, His presence is there.”

“Take Him at His Word” is stylistically a little different than other songs, a more classic sound with a lot of horns. And the siblings get a little help from Ernie Haase on the song!

Speaking of Ernie Haase, he actually wrote one of the songs on the project. “Well Done” is a toe-tapper that Southern Gospel fans will love! The beginning of the song reminded me of the Cathedrals Family Reunion song “We’ll Work,” which makes sense with Haase’s influence. Definitely another favorite of mine!

“Isn’t He God” is another one of the more progressive sounding songs on the project. I love how each of the siblings get a chance to step out and really show off their vocals. This is one of the songs that you listen to and can’t believe that the Erwins are in their teens and early 20s.

“I Choose to be a Christian” features Katie and is the first radio single from the project. Katie is definitely one to watch vocally in years to come. She’s proving that at a young age, she can vocally match up with her brothers. Great song to really showcase what she can do!

The Erwins are definitely making their mark in Southern Gospel with Ready to Sail. Their partnership with StowTown Records was a great fit, and this project really shows that. This album is a must add to your collection!

Song List -
1. "Ready to Sail"
2. "Greater"
3. "Believe Him"
4. "Well Done"
5. "Calvary's One Spotless Lamb"
6. "Isn't He God"
7. "The Burden of Loving Me"
8. "I Choose to be a Christian"
9. "Will You Go?"
10. "Power in Prayer"
11. "Take Him at His Word"
12. "You Are Welcome Here"

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

God Wants to Hear You Sing - Greater Vision Concert Recap

Greater Vision is a group that doesn't get to Arkansas very often. In December, I had the chance to go down south to Louisiana to see the Jubilee gang at Christmas, which of course included Greater Vision. It's always a treat though to see them in concert and nearby.

Saturday night, Greater Vision was in Vilonia, Arkansas at Beryl Baptist Church. This church has been getting some great groups in recently. The church's pastor Wade Lentz actually filled in at bass for the Mark Trammell Quartet in May after Pat Barker left. This will definitely come into play later!

I've been to several concerts at this church now and I've never seen the size crowd they had for Greater Vision. The pastor said that there were some people from out of state who came to hear Greater Vision sing. I'm sure they were not disappointed!

Greater Vision - Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin
and Chris Allman
Greater Vision opened the night with "We Are So Blessed." Then, they went into their “Redeeemed” medley. I was glad to hear a few songs from their new project next “Come Unto Me” and “For All He’s Done.” Love hearing Chris Allman sing the title track!

Gerald Wolfe talked about how it was good to be in Arkansas. They had never been at the church before and the GPS got a little confused since a new four-lane highway had opened up. But they made it to the church!

They kicked off the singing again with “When They Ring the Bells of Heaven.” Gerald introduced Chris next and talked about how he had been a pastor of a church when he left Greater Vision and then returned to the group in 2010. Chris then was featured on “Treasures Unseen.” I don’t ever remember hearing this song live. Loved it! And then he sang “I Know a Man Who Can.” Always a favorite!!

Gerald then introduced Rodney and talked about how he has been gospel music’s Songwriter of the Year for more than a decade. And of course, he picked on Rodney a bit! Then, they sang “My Name Is Lazaurs,” another favorite!! He talked the song Rodney had written for preachers and how it was meant to encourage them and then they sang “Preacher Tell Me Like It Is.” I love hearing and seeing this song live. It’s very different from what Greater Vision typically does. Gerald joked that it sounded like a Merle Haggard type song. They closed the first half with “I Know He Heard My Prayer.” Great moment and a highlight of the night!

After the break, Gerald talked about the product they had available after the concert was over. He mentioned his piano hymn CD. A lady from near the front of the audience shouted out if they had sheet music. Gerald, without missing a beat, went to the pew rack in front of her, picked up the hymnal and handed it to her! Haha!

Greater Vision opened the second half with “He’d Still Been God.” Love this song, and the entire audience was clapping along.

Greater Vision with Wade Lentz on bass
Gerald talked about being in the foyer of the church before the concert started. He knew the pastor’s name but didn’t know him. A man came up to him before the concert started and just asked if he was going to sing bass with them tonight. Gerald said he just looked at the man and replied, “I don’t know.” He told Gerald that he knew all the Cathedrals songs. Gerald said that he did too and just went on. Gerald then said he got a text from Mark Trammell telling him that the pastor of the church was a great bass singer and knew all the Cathedrals songs. Gerald texted him back and responded that he was a little late! Gerald called Wade to the stage and asked what he wanted to sing. They sang “Thanks to Calvary,” and then Gerald asked that he sing another one, which was “Wedding Music.” He did a great job with them on both songs!

Chris was then featured on “Like I Wish I’d Lived in the Past.” Gerald then talked about undergoing physical therapy for his neck. He had been in pain one day after therapy and started looking up videos on YouTube. He found one of Tanya Goodman Sykes singing “Until You Know the Love of God.” He talked about how much the lyrics impacted him that day. Absolutely incredible song that featured Gerald! Probably the moment of the night!!

Rodney led the congregation in “He Touched Me.” He said that until we’ve been touched by Jesus that we will never know the love of the Father. He gave the invitation and they ended the night with “God Wants to Hear You Sing.”

It was an incredible night of laughs, great music and most importantly adoration and praise to God.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Poll - How Do You Hear About Concerts?

I've asked this question before, but I wanted to ask it again to see if things had changed in the last year or so.

There are so many ways that you can find out about a concert in your area. Sometimes you just happen to hear about it from a friend or at another local concert. If you're like I am, you check websites frequently searching for your state or area. Or maybe you follow your favorite artists on social media and see their posts. With the emergence of social media, is this becoming the more common way to get the word out about concerts? I'm curious how do you most commonly hear about concerts? Take the poll below!