Monday, September 16, 2013

Megan Owens, wife of Ian Owens, Undergoing Brain Surgery

Soul'd Out Quartet and its bass singer Ian Owens requested prayer early this morning for Ian's wife Megan. She was taken to University of Kentucky hospital with a brain aneurysm.

The official diagnosis as of this afternoon is hemorrhagic stroke, which is a stroke caused by a vessel hemorrhaging into the brain rather than a stroke caused by a blood clot. She will have an MRI tonight or tomorrow morning, and if that provides no additional answers then she will have a second angiogram next Monday.

Update on Oct. 1 -
My neurologist just came in and gave me the green light to go home today!!!! After 16 days, I will be in my own bed tonight. 16 days seems like such a long time, but compared to normal circumstances in this health situation, 16 days is nothing!!! I am so blessed! God healed me and I am WALKING away today. With full cognitive and motor function!!! I survived a brain hemorrhage and came out feeling more loved by my family, friends, and Creator than I ever have. I still have a long road to recovery, but I am so up for the challenge. The love, support, and prayer I have received is amazing, and I appreciate it more than you could ever know! I will say though, I had some amazing nurses, techs, and doctors, and I feel like I am losing some friends.

Update from Ian on Sept. 26 -
Megan is out of her angiogram. She was perfect! They're going to clamp her EVD (extra ventricular drain) and start weening her off!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!! We could go home as soon as 4 days from now!!!!! Keep on praying!! In Jesus' name she's been healed!!!! We serve a big and AWESOME God, people!!!

Update from Megan on Sept. 25 -
My neurosurgeon just came in. They decided to hold off one more day for the Angiogram. He says I'm definitely still in Vasospasms and he needs to time everything just right. Still draining a lot of spinal fluid from my brain, so that also gives us another day without clamping the EVD. Another day to recover.

Update from Megan asking for specific prayers -

I am so grateful for all of the prayer warriors on my side. I do have some specific requests today if you don't mind:
1. No more vasospasms!! Horrible nasty things Id like to punch in the face!!2. My TCD numbers are high and need to go down.
3. No more nausea.
4. I have pain pretty much all over, but the pressure in my head and behind my eyes is pretty intense. I would love for that to at least stay manageable.
5. I have a fever today that needs to go away.
6. I am missing my babies something awful. Pray that ache lessens.
7. Strength for Ian. He has not left my side. Feeding me when I can eat, getting me things I can't reach, giving me medicine, witnessing the horrible lows I have gone through. I know he is physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

Thank you! And love to you all!

Update from Ian on Sept. 23 -
I hope no one is getting tired of hearing from me yet , but I wanted to give an update post-angiogram. Megan was definitely in vasospasms and to a pretty severe degree. There was still no sign of aneurysm, so they still don't know the cause of the subarachnoid hemorrhage and hemorrhagic stroke, but I'm believing there's no answer to be had because God healed the cause! Her headaches and cranial pressure have subsided some today. She and I both were able to get some rest last night (praise God!!!!), but I was wakened twice during the night by Megan throwing a wet rag at my head so I'd get her something. Ha!! So the plan going forward is to keep her under even closer scrutiny so the vasospasms don't get out of control. If she is still experiencing the spasms Wednesday, the doctors will perform another angiogram and inject more verapamil. If her spasms have subsided, the doctors will start the weening process for removing her TVD (trans-ventricular drain). I think that's all we know right now. Thank you all so much for the continued prayers! We are trusting and believing God through this and I know it will be a situation where He is glorified tremendously through His great work and Megan's miraculous healing!!!!

Update from Megan on Sept. 19 -
Not gonna lie, today has been rough. I have had pretty intense headaches all day that are not ceasing. I have had no appetite because of the pain. However, I am so blessed because Ian has not left my side. He is taking great care of me! I have an amazing team of nurses and doctors keeping close tabs. I also had a very sweet person re dedicate his life to The Lord because of my story. That makes all the pain worth it! I am so honored God would choose me to glorify His name!! Please pray specifically that the pressure in my head and behind eyes would ease. Thanks!

Update from Megan at 7:00 a.m. on Sept. 18 -
God is good!!!! My MRI results came back completely normal. Whew! Everyone here in the NICU and on the neurological team thinks I'm a miracle! They say that the fact I'm even able to talk coherently after a brain hemorrhage is amazing, let alone everything else. And now to have such great test results?!?! God has truly touched me!! I go for another angiogram sometime in the next week, and will be in the hospital for at least another 10 days, but that is nothing! God's got me in the palm of His hand!!

Here's an update at 6 a.m. -
Night number 1 in ICU has been pretty rough so far. Megan is only getting very brief periods of time where the pain is manageable enough to fall asleep. These "naps" are few and far between and have only lasted about 15 minutes each. The rest of the time she's been almost inconsolable. I stand at her head and I very lightly massage her temples and forehead until she finally stops groaning and falls asleep. When I wet a washcloth with very cold water, it seems to provide a modicum of relief, as well. It breaks my heart to see her hurt this way and, as any husband will understand, it makes me feel so useless to her. We want to be our wife's hero. We want to be the fixer, but here is the humbling truth...... God is the hero and He is the fixer!!!!! God has been so good, so faithful, and so true during this process and the praise report through all of this is that Megan, even though miserable, is the "best case scenario" where this ailment is concerned. She has 100% control of all motor functions and her cognitive functions are spot on, so there is no sign of any long term damage!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I'm now believing in Him to allow that prognosis to persist. As far as the pain goes, she still has a huge amount of excess spinal fluid and blood on the brain, but the longer the fluid drains away from her brain, the more relief she'll have, so it's a waiting game for relief at this point. Hopefully today will bring some answers as to the cause of the hemorrhagic stroke and some direction as far as treatment and prevention of future hemorrhages or strokes. If you are reading this you need to know that God is good!!! He is awesome!!! He loves YOU!!!! He is in control!!! And He has a plan for your life!!! Praise Him!!!

Here's an update from Ian Owens at 12:55 p.m. -
Angiogram results are back. It was negative for a large aneurysm. Again this is not conclusive evidence that there is no aneurysm. The neurologist said that sometimes aneurysms are missed due to excessive clotting. There will be a follow up angiogram one week from today to completely rule out an aneurysm. Now, what that means going forward is this: there is still unexplained bleeding in her brain and there is still an unexplained blockage causing the spinal fluid to not drain naturally or normally from around her brain (the drain they installed facilitates the drainage for now). So, this evening or tomorrow morning she will have an MRI to rule out other possible causes and to decide how to move forward. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We aren't out of the woods yet, but God is AWESOME and he's gonna continue to work it all out.

Ian has mentioned a specific prayer request - "I have a very specific prayer request. During the installation of the drain in her head, they gave Megan some pretty strong pain meds. She felt great for a while, but now those are wearing off. The nature of her situation, unfortunately, now prevents them from giving her anything stronger than Tylenol going forward. The reason for this is that with any type of bleeding on/in the brain they need to monitor her lucidity and cognitive functions. These would obviously be compromised by strong pain meds. She's had several invasive procedures at this point and is in severe pain. Please pray specifically for a supernatural relief for her pain. Thank you all."

Soul'd Out posted an update at 11:41 a.m. on its Facebook page -

Drainage Cath has been installed successfully and has relieved much of the pressure. Megan is currently undergoing an angiogram that should tell us more about what's going on. It's amazing the things that are going on this morning. Matt Rankin led a man to The Lord this morning that he met in the waiting room.  
Please continue to pray! We're all anticipating celebrating a miracle with Ian and Megan soon!
Please keep them in your prayers. Ian and Megan have three chidren, Liam, Taylor and Piper.

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