Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NQC Night 3 Standout Moments

I missed a large portion of the night's performances, but I could tell it was a night where it's hard to only pick out a few moments that standout. From reading other blogs and Twitter, there are so many moments I have to go back and watch on the On Demand webcast! Thank goodness for that!

I caught only the last song and a half of the Booth Brothers Quartet and then Soul'd Out Quartet before I went to church. Really enjoyed seeing the Booth Brothers with Gene McDonald. Soul'd Out really wowed me on "He Is Worthy/ I Will Praise Him."

I was also able to see the quartet choir sing "Give the World a Smile." At that moment, I could tell it was going to be a good night. Most of them didn't really know the words. However, someone in the tenor section had the smart idea of pulling up the lyrics on their phone. Gerald Wolfe poked fun at them for not knowing the song especially Josh Singletary.

After church I got back in time to see Old Paths take the stage. The All-Star Quartet was just leaving, which is something I definitely want to go back and see! So from that point on, here are standout moments -

  •  Mark Trammell Quartet singing "Statue of Liberty" with the Couriers - I feel like that was a moment that will live on in NQC history. Mark Trammell paid a classy tribute to them as they prepare for retirement and presented them with plaques from NQC. The groups joined together for that song with the Couriers singing most of it. From the looks of the webcast, the entire audience was on its feet! What an incredible moment!
  • "We Shall See Jesus" by Legacy Five - Love hearing Matt Fouch sing this song and tonight it was another highlight. It was great that Scott recognized Dianne Wilkinson after the song!
  • "Looking for a City" by Brian Free and Assurance and Karen Peck - It wouldn't be NQC without Brian doing this song, but I love that he chose to include Karen and have them duel over the high notes! 
  • I really enjoyed the Kingdom Heirs' set tonight. They are loving "Just Beyond the Sunset" and rightly so!
  • Gold City was also spot on tonight. I really thought "It's Still the Cross" was the highlight of their set though.
  • Triumphant Quartet closed the night with not their usual set, but one that the audience loved regardless judging by all the people standing clapping along. Love that the chose to end on "I Know I'm Going Home!"
  • I was a little disappointed that there was no grand finale, but it's understandable considering they had gone over on time. I do have to say last year's "Have a Little Talk With Jesus" after quartet night was a favorite moment for me though!
  • From the time I got home, there was no moment I didn't want to leave my computer screen. Tonight was definitely the best night of convention so far! Not a low point in what I saw, and I know I missed a lot of good stuff in between!

So what were your favorite moments? What moments are must-see for me on the webcast that I missed?

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