Friday, September 13, 2013

NQC 2013 Night 5

Where do I even begin with recapping tonight's NQC? I remember when I first saw the schedule for this year, I knew if I could only make one night this would be the night. I love gospel music, all kinds even within southern gospel, but let's be honest we all have our favorites and groups that we prefer over others. Every group that sang tonight I follow and listen to a lot and am just a big fan of -- all of them!

And even if you're not a big fan of every group, it's safe to say that tonight you found a lot more hits than misses and highlights than low points! The whole night was a standout night for me, but I'll try to summarize best I can. I'm just going to go in order of the night when I started watching -

  • The Bowling Family kicked off the great evening, for me at least. I got home in time to catch their set. I love this group! It was great hearing their new songs. I love that they took time to showcase the girls and their young talent. It's funny to me that we have heard "Accentuate the Positive" twice on main stage this week, very different styles, but not a song you would expect. The song they closed with, "Somebody's Believing," is such an incredibly powerful song!
  • The Nelons did their a cappella version of the "Hallelujah Chorus." I heard them sing it in Branson, it was a "wow" moment then, and it was a "wow" moment tonight! Their entire set was so strong! And they closed with the favorite, hand-clapping and foot-tapping "I'm Going Home With Jesus."
  • The Hoppers came on next with the addition of Karlye Hopper who took a few solo lines in "I'll Take You Home." She has a really good voice, and would like to hear from her more. Connie pulled TaRanda on stage to join them for "The Love of God." I am such a huge fan of her and Kim singing together, and the end of "Something's Happening" is exactly why! It was simply amazing to hear them go up together at the end!
  • The Isaacs started with "Walk On" and then sang their title cut "The Living Years" from their latest project. However, the a cappella reprise of the verse of that song was what stood for me!!
  • I feel like I got a little bit gipped on Karen Peck and New River's set. They were doing some behind the scenes interview at first, which were really cool, as long as they didn't interfere with the music. Thankfully NQC listened and adjusted. I think it was a great idea, but needed some kinks worked out with timing.
  • Anyway, we only caught the last little bit of "Revival" by KPNR. They did a tribute to Louisville and sang "I Want to Thank You." Then sang "On the Banks of the Promised Land." I love when they sing the chorus again a cappella! Beautiful!! Then closed with "We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown" with some help from the Nelons! I loved seeing Karen and Kelly on stage together!
  • Canton Junction was the surprise of the night! The audience loves them some Tim Duncan, and so do I! He was featured on both songs they sang. 
  • This lineup of the Gaither Vocal Band is just incredible. I was "greatly blessed" to be able to see them live this year! :) But they blew me away tonight! All of the guys are just incredible singers. "I'll Tell It Whereever I Go" and "That Sounds Like Home" were both great, but "He's Alive" was the definite highlight for me!! I love seeing them stage the song and how they do it with others joining them on stage at the end!
  • Jeff and Sheri Easter were next. Morgan tweeted earlier about having some guests join them tonight on stage. She sang "Broken" again and Wes Hampton joined her! Morgan impresses me more and more in how she's grown as a vocalist each time I see them, and I loved hearing her get to sing this with Wes! Then Jeff and Sheri sang one from Jeff's upcoming project with his dad that Wilburn & Wiburn joined them called "Down in the Valley." It seemed to end a little abruptly. I think Jeff was really watching the time because the night was running late, but Gerald wanted a little more of that, and so did I. So they came back and sang a little more!
  • The Booth Brothers closed their set with "I Played in a Band" and called Bill Gaither on stage. It was a great song by them as always, but I love what Bill did at the end. He had every person who had sang in a choir and served in various other church capacities stand and talked about how every position was important. Most people from the looks of the webcast were standing.
  • The Mark Trammell Quartet was solid as always! Pat Barker was featured on "Wonderful Time Up There," such a fun song! But the closer "The King Is Coming" was the highlight! Absolutely incredible.
  • Gold City had a really strong set as well. They closed with "Get Up Get Ready," and Jonathan Wilburn joined them at the very end!!
  • The Browders came up and sang "He's Alive," great up and coming group! So glad they got to sing on main stage tonight!
  • Greater Vision sang several from their latest project. I'm loving the "preacher song." They ended with "I Know a Man Who Can," which is always amazing by Chris! And this started the finale!
  • The finale included favorites by Karen Peck and New River, the Booth Brothers, Mark Trammell Quartet and finally the Gaither Vocal Band. They closed with "It Is Finished," appropriate right? :) It was an INCREDIBLE run of music and had the perfect end to a night full of great moments!!

Tonight will definitely be hard to top! What did you think?

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  1. Last night will be hard to top. My favorite night so far.


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