Saturday, September 14, 2013

NQC 2013 Final Night

The final night of NQC 2013 is over, and the end of its era in Louisville is too. I've never had the privilege of attending NQC but I couldn't help but feel nostalgic as different people related stories and acknowledged all the memories that room held. But hopefully we will feel the same way about the new venue in Pigeon Forge in 20 years!

I really liked hearing Clarke Beasley share the different standout moments in Louisville to him tonight. While they see the move as a positive change, you can tell Louisville will always hold a dear place in convention history.

Last night was so incredible, I wasn't sure how tonight could hold up, but there were plenty of special moments tonight that will forever be remembered -

  • I think if you have to crown a moment of the night it was the long standing ovation for Libbi. People were standing and clapping long after she left the stage. Dean even asked at one point, "Are you through?" and the clapping just increased! Libbi was FaceTiming with Tracy during all of this, and the camera man got to her and put his face from the phone on the screen, and it just kept going. It just showed how much the Perrys mean and how many prayers had been going up for them! I loved that they included a video message from Tracy during their set. And I thought it was really neat of them to include Leah on their last two songs!
  • An impromptu performance by Michael English also tops the list tonight. He came up on stage after the Talleys' set and sang "Going Home" with some help from Kim and Dean Hoppers. In the middle, he stopped to talk about his dad who died recently and how it had been him who taught him to sing. He said how much that song meant to him, and then preceded to nail the rest of the song!
  • Early in the evening during the Whisnants' set, Susan asked Melissa Brady, the writer of "All Is Well" to come up and tell how she had written the song. She did this earlier in the week during the Songs of Lifetime showcase. She talked about how she had written the song not realizing how just when she needed it, it would come full circle and minister to her when both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer. Susan sang the song and Melissa joined her! Beautiful moment!!
  • I'm not sure what other groups could have followed the extended standing ovation for the Perrys, but the Collingsworth Family did and did well. Magic happens when you have family harmonies behind just piano accompaniment, especially with this family. They sang "Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary," and it was incredible!! They had an amazing overall set that featured hymns!
  •  The Talleys also had a strong overall set. Most of it was done with just Roger playing piano and their voices. Lauren told a story of how someone had shown her a video this week of a girl singing "The Broken Ones." The girl wanted to sing it at her church after this lady had played it for her. The girl was in an abusive situation at home and wanted to learn the song and sing it. Lauren sang the song mixed with "Orphans of God."
  • Mark Trammell Quartet had a strong last night in Louisville as well. I loved how Mark dedicated the final song to his fellow gospel singers. He wanted to sing it for them, "Too Much to Gain to Lose." 
  • It was a strong night for newer groups as well. Both 11th Hour and Taylors had great sets to start the night. I also enjoyed hearing from the showcase winner High Road III. The Taylors started with an a cappella song that was really impressive of itself, and I loved Suzanne singing "I'm Gonna Make It" at the end!
  • Legacy Five sang appropriately during their set "Til We Meet Again" as a tribute to leaving Louisville and the people there. They then kicked off the finale portion with "Boundless Love." 
  • The entire finale included "Testify" by Talleys, "I Want to Know" by Mark Trammell Quartet, "I Wish I Could Have Been There" by Perrys, "How Great Thou Art" by Kingdom Heirs, "Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness" by Collingsworth Family and then "Statement of Faith" by various groups. 
It was a great end to not only NQC 2013 but also the end of the Louisville era! Here's to many more great years ahead in Pigeon Forge!

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