Sunday, August 25, 2013

Enjoying a Little Bit of Sunshine at Silver Dollar City - Day ThreeRecap

We are into day three of the 2013 Southern Gospel Picnic and no rain in sight so far this year, but plenty of sunshine! And tonight the concert even ended with a little bit of sunshine! :)

We started the day with the worship service with Hosea Bilyeu and family. Great time of worship!

From there we went to see Three Bridges. This was my first time to see them in person. They sang a couple of their songs, but also a lot of familiar favorites. Loved hearing them sing "Shadrach," but also thought Shannon knocked "My Tribute" out of the park!!! They closed the show with "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." Beautiful way to close the show!

From there, we went to see the Nelons. I loved their set list from beginning to end!! Loved hearing their latest single, "More Than Wonderful," and also "Down to the River," personal favorite! 

They sang an a cappella version of "Hallelujah" that definitely will give you chills!!! Audience was on its feet! Then they closed with "I'm Going Home With Jesus," with the audience clapping along the entire song!

We went to see the Singing Cookes, another group I was seeing for the first time. I was surprised at how many of their songs I recognized! One song that I didn't know but really enjoyed was "I'll Be There." Also got to hear them sing "Ain't No Grave." They tried to close with that one, but Duane Garren came back on stage and had them sing a little bit more of it before ending the show!

Tonight Jeff and Sheri Easter closed down the park with their show in Echo Hollow. It's always good to see them!

There were several standout moments of the night! Morgan had an incredible standout performance on "Broken, also Sheri singing "Praise His Name." And I always enjoy hearing Jeff on "Goin' Away Party," and the audience really seemed to be into the party tonight! :)

However, one of the moments of the night for me wasn't them singing. During the concert, there were a couple of incidents where people got too hot and medics had to be called in. Jeff and Sheri stopped the concert mid-song. They led the congregation in a couple of verses of "Amazing Grace" before Sheri prayed for the lady. I thought it was such a classy move and really showed how they cared for the people they were singing to!

However, the final moment of the night might have been the best. They tried to close with "Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me," but the audience wanted one more. They started playing "Little Bit of Sunshine!" One of my favorites from their latest project! And one by one group members got out their sunglasses! It was too fun!! One audience member came up to give Sheri hers because she didn't have any! 

It was a great day with even "a little bit of sunshine" at night!

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  1. Lauren

    Thank you for sharing this - I felt like I was there. As i keep saying we have nothing like this in the UK, sadly so i follow your comments and photos with great pleasure and anticipation for the next ones.

    Frankie UK


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