Saturday, August 31, 2013

Somebody Sing - Day 8 of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic

It was all about the men today at Silver Dollar City, starting and ending with male quartets. I saw four different groups today, three quartets and one male trio.

First up today, I saw the Marksmen Quartet. I wasn't familiar with them at all before today. They did sing some familiar songs though like "Rock of Ages" and "I Was There When It Happened." One song that really stood out was "Don't Take Your Life, Take Mine." The message was about someone being at the brink of suicide and asking them to choose Jesus.

After that, I went to see the Lesters. This was my first time seeing them as a male trio, and I was definitely impressed! They sang some favorites such as "Rocks Dropping" and "He Didn't Throw the Clay Away." 

Jonathan Lester seems to be taking more of a vocal role with this new male trio. It's good to hear more from him. 

They also sang their latest single entitled "Lord, Lead Me Home." They ended with "Hold On Tight," and did a couple of reprises of the chorus! 

Next was the Dixie Echoes. I had been hearing a lot about them with the addition of their new bass singer, Alec Utech, and his twin brother. I didn't realize until then that the brother also sang. Andrew took the lead on "Winging My Way Back Home." He normally sings tenor. Randy made a comment about how he didn't know how two twins who looked and talked exactly alike could sing completely different parts.

Randy seemed to really let the younger guys shine during the set I saw with piano player Ben Hart also getting his chance to sing lead on "In the Sweet By and By." Randy did close the show with him singing "How Great Thou Art."

I got the chance to see Brian Free and Assurance twice this afternoon. They sang completely different songs in each set which I loved!!

Highlights included them singing their latest single "Calvary's Cry." I also loved hearing "I Want to Be That Man" live. Absolutely love this song!!!

I had not heard Mike Rogers with the group before and enjoyed hearing him on "Revival." He sounds good in the mix of the group.

The last show ended with "Long as I Got King Jesus," and most of the audience was on its feet clapping along!

Legacy Five had the concert in Echo Hollow. Last year it was Matt Fouch's first night with the group, and one to remember! The guys persevered through the heat for another great one!!

It was a scorcher. Scott Howard said that  he was trying to explain to his wife how hot it was and she didn't believe him. At the beginning of the festival, KWFC radio station passes out fans with the schedule on them. Most people carry them all week. So he had everyone pull out their fan so he could video it and send it to his wife! 

They sang a lot more Cathedrals classics than I had heard them do before including "Bloodwashed Band," "Wedding Music," "Jesus Saves" and "Champion of Love."

Scott Fowler had Trey place a little classical mixed with "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms." He said that they were talking with Trey about how it used to be mostly piano and the four voices and no tracks during concerts. Trey remarked that it was how God intended it! They sang then "Life Will Be Sweeter Someday" with just piano accompaniment, definitely a highlight!!

They also sang several favorites like "I've Been Changed," "I Found Grace" and "I'm Still Amazed."

They tried to close the concert with "Champion of Love," but the audience wanted one more!! They came back out and sang "Somebody Sing!" Everyone was standing and clapping along!!

Now it's on to Day 9!


  1. You said it right when you said it was a scorcher! But what an incredible time. As we boarded the shuttle back to our bus I made the comment that it was such an incredible experience. A one of a kind venue combined with over 5000 wonderful fans of Southern Gospel Music who were willing to stay thru the heat to hear the greatest music on earth! My only wish was that I had a scale to weigh before and after to see how much I lost during that concert! Ha! Thanks for the review and for being part of such an incredible evening!

    1. Thank you for enduring the heat! It was such a great night! :)


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