Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic 2016

Today I am traveling north up Hwy. 65 to the Ozarks where for the next 12 days I'll enjoy the best of Southern Gospel! This is one event I look forward to each year. This year I'll get to be there each day of the festival.

You can check out more at Silver Dollar City's website. They have more than 25 shows each day on park, as much Southern Gospel as you want! I plan on doing a recap each day of what groups I was able to see.

Check out the full detailed schedule below -

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mark Trammell Quartet - Concert Highlights - North Little Rock

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to see the Mark Trammell Quartet in North Little Rock. It was the first time I'd seen the group this year, believe it or not. That night, Blake Buffin celebrated one year with the quartet. I was so impressed by him that night and how much he had grown as an artist and his comfort level on stage since I last saw them.

It's always good to see them in Arkansas since the group has Arkansas ties. Both Mark Trammell and Randy Byrd are Arkansas natives and both had family members in the audience who live in the area.

Here are some highlights of the night -

The Mark Trammell Quartet - Blake Buffin, Nick Trammell,
Mark Trammell and Randy Byrd
  • "God's Been Faithful" - This song never gets old. The message of this song always seems to be what I need to hear. It's become one of my all-time favorite songs. Mark does an incredible job on this song every time. 
  • "When the King Comes to Claim His Throne" - Love this song! It's always a fun one that the crowd enjoys.
  • "To Know He Knows Me" -  Nick wrote this song and is also featured on it. It's such a smooth song that has a different style from a lot of their other songs. 
  • "He Hideth My Soul" - Blake is featured on this classic hymn. Love hearing this great, old song! Mark said that it's a Tommy Fairchild arrangement. 
  • "Your Walk Talks" - Never gets old! Love Randy's step out bass lines and how he's made it his own!
  • "The King Is Coming" - Of all the groups to sing this song, the Mark Trammell Quartet is my favorite. Love  everything about their rendition of this Gaither classic. 

Of course, the quartet sang some old Cathedrals songs, "Wedding Music" and "Echoes From the Burning Bush." I'm still impressed by how many songs they stage from Your Walk Talks. It really continues to speak to the strength of the project that they continue to sing so many songs from it night after night.

It's always good to see this group come back to Arkansas. Next time they are in your area, don't miss them!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Special Edition - Sunday Drive - CD Review

Sunday Drive (formerly known as the Jeff Treece Band) released Special Edition in July. This is the
group's fourth release as Sunday Drive. The group consists of Jeff, Misty and Dusty Treece. I first saw this group last year at Silver Dollar City, but I wasn't that familiar with their music. Special Edition reminded me of what I first heard from them last year.

Sunday Drive - Special Edition
The project kicks off with "A Good Song," which is a good way to start any project. :) The song features Misty, who is featured on most of the songs on the album. It's a nice mid-tempo song that has catchy lyrics.

"I Thank You" has a country feel to it. The song has part of the chorus of the Nelons' classic "Thanks" in it.

Misty also has the feature on "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven." The song starts with some simple acoustic guitar and then adds more instruments, but still keeps a fairly simple instrumentation. The song is a sweet song about loss and grief.

Jeff Treece includes the novelty song, "Don't Forget My Senior Discount." He wrote this song and actually most of the songs on the project!

"I Was on Your Mind" is one of my favorite Misty features. This tender ballad reminds us that a powerful God created each of us and made us in His image. He holds the universe, yet still knows us individually.

A banjo kicks off "Just Believe." It's another country-flavored uptempo song featuring Misty. The message of this song is always relevant - just believe. No matter what, keep trusting and believe in Him.

The project ends with "11:59," which features Jeff. It's a timely song about the return of Christ. It's a song that really makes you stop and think. Dr. Charles Stanley is actually featured on the recitation during the song.

Sunday Drive might not be a group you're familiar with, but if you're looking for a new group in Southern Gospel, check them out!

Song List -
1. "A Good Song"
2. "I Thank You"
3. "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven"
4. "Don't Forget My Senior Discount"
5. "I'll Stand for You"
6. "I Was on Your Mind"
7. "Just Believe"
8. "I Got Saved"
9. "11:59"

Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - August 20

Here are some news items from this week in gospel music -

  • Earlier this week, Triumphant Quartet announced the addition of Aaron Dishman at piano.
  • Anna Brooks has joined the Joyaires full time. Ernie and Debbie Peters will be joined by Anna effective Sept. 11. Anna said she is grateful that her lifelong dream of singing full-time is coming true.
  • Adam’s Call has announced the addition of Mack Rogers to their ministry. "We are excited to see what God has planned for Adams Call as he joins us in ministry," says Bobby.
  • The Kingdom Heirs announced the resignation of Brian Alvey this week. 

Anything I've missed?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun Clip Friday - Gatlinburg Gathering

This week has been Abraham Productions' Gatlinburg Gathering. Your favorite Southern Gospel artist has probably been there or will be there this week. For those of us who can't make it, there are plenty of clips floating around online. Enjoy just a few of them from Facebook courtesy of Global Promotions for today's Fun Clip Friday!

The Hoppers

High Road

The Whisnants