Friday, June 22, 2018

Fun Clip Friday - Mark Trammell Quartet SGMA

The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame announcements were made this week. Check out this clip that Diana Brantley captured when they announced to the Memphis Quartet Show that Mark Trammell was one of this year's inductees!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - June 16

Here are some news items from this week in Southern Gospel -

  • Bryan Elliot announced his resignation from Gold City. He has been the group's piano player for eight years. He plans to take some time off the road and minister with his wife Kelly. 
  • Kasey Kemp, Corey Lackey and Jacob Lagesse have now formed Avenue Trio. The group is planning its debut album to be released this summer.
  • The Troy Burns Family announced the additions of Cole Watson and Ethan McNelly to the group. 
  • Long-time Singing News columnist Bob Crawford has been hospitalized following complications from a fall at his home on Sunday. 
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Taylor who announced his engagement to Lynsey Vicars this week. The two are planning an April wedding.
Anything I've missed?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ascending - The LeFevre Quartet - CD Review

The LeFevre Quartet release Ascending in April. This is the second project with the current lineup of Mike LeFevre, Jordan LeFevre, Jeremy Peace and Keith Plott. This project might be a bit shorter in terms of number of songs, but not short on the quality of music coming from this group.

The project starts with "I Have It All," which is just a great quartet number. The song really shows the blend this lineup of the quartet has.

"Revival" goes toward the more progressive sound of Southern Gospel. I can't wait to see this one live! The song was actually recorded previously by Contemporary Christian artist Third Day; however, with their version it sounds like it was meant for the Southern Gospel flair.

Jordan is featured on "A Rugged Old Cross," which is definitely a highlight of the project. Jordan is probably one of the most underrated lead singers in the industry.

"I'll See You at the House" will take you back. It's a song that will immediately cause a person to come to mind who has gone on to Heaven. Mike does an incredible job of communicating this emotionally-charged song.

"Sailing Away" will also take you back to previous decades of Southern Gospel. It sounds like it would fit in the classic gospel quartet. It lets Jeremy Peace step out and show off his high tenor.

"Sun's Gonna Come Up in the Morning" is the first single from the project, and I can see why. The song was written by Lee Black and Scotty Inman. This is such a catchy song that you'll find yourself humming and singing over and over.

In a project of mostly uptempo songs, "Only Jesus" stands out as a highlight. It's a beautiful reminder that only Jesus can truly change our lives - restore joy, turn our lives around, fix our brokenness.

We get to hear from bass singer Keith Plott on "Silver and Gold." It's a great uptempo, toe-tapper to end the project on. This is another one that I can't wait to hear and see live.

Song to Turn Up - "I Have It All"
Song to Put on Repeat - "Sun's Gonna Come Up in the Morning"
Song That Will Take You to Church - "Only Jesus"

Song List -
1. "I Have It All"
2. "Revival"
3. "A Rugged Old Cross"
4. "I'll See You at the House"
5. "Sailing Away"
6. "Sun's Gonna Come Up"
7. "Only Jesus"
8. "Silver and Gold"

Saturday, June 9, 2018

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - June 9

Here are some news items from this week in Southern Gospel music -

  • Congratulations to Amber Nelon Thompson and Nathan Kitsler who announced their engagement.
  • See the latest video from Matt Fouch's On the Couch With Fouch, which is an interview with Clayton Inman of Triumphant Quartet. Watch it here.
Anything I've missed?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Night Full of Requests - Browders Concert Recap

The Browders made a rare trip to Arkansas last week. They were at Dayspring Baptist Church in Ward. This was actually my first time to see the group in a full concert. Normally, it's only a 20-30 minute set at Silver Dollar City once a year. It was good to get the full concert experience Thursday night.

One of the things I love about this group was the live band. You don't realize how much that adds to a concert until you experience it.

Another thing about this group is that they have set records for #1 songs. The full concert experience was full of their #1s and most requested songs. Despite not hearing them live much, there were only a few songs that I was not very familiar with because of their wide radio play.

Here are a few highlights of the concert -

  • "I'll Lift Up His Name Again" - This was the opening song, and right away you could tell the audience was glad to hear this one live! This is such a great song!
  • "Message of the Cross" - It was good to hear Sonya sing this one. Also, major kudos to Sonya for being in high heels the full concert at eight months pregnant. 
  • "I Am So Blessed" - I love hearing Tommy Browder sing this song and hear his testimony. It's such a reminder of just how blessed we are.
  • "Praise You in This Valley"
  • "Put It in God's Hands" - This has probably become my favorite Browders song!
  • "Time Machine" - They were about to wrap up. Matthew said that they had gotten in all the requests but a young voice from the back corrected him that they had not sung "Time Machine" yet. Haha, and we were all glad he did!