Saturday, November 22, 2014

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - November 22

Here are some news and tidbit items from this week in Southern Gospel-

  • Congratulations to Brooklyn and William Blair (Collingsworth Family) on the birth of their first child Emma Olivia. She was born on Monday.
  • Les Butler has announced changes that he will begin focusing more on his personal ministry and preaching. He is also reviving Butler Music Group and Family Music Group. Read more.
  • The Music City Show started its third season this week with a Crabby Family Reunion show.
  • Beginning December 31, McCray Dove will be stepping out as a solo artist. He will be traveling as McCray Dove and the Dove Brothers Band.

Anything I'm missing?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fun Clip Friday - Joseph Habedank

Today's Fun Clip Friday isn't the normal lighthearted kind of clip, but it's one that I definitely think is worth highlighting. Joseph Habedank was interviewed by Fox News earlier this week on how he overcame his addiction to prescription drugs. Joseph has been interviewed by several nationwide news outlets about his struggle, but I think that's the biggest platform yet. It's incredible how he's turned his life around and openly sharing about his addiction and using it to help others and glorify God. So that's why I think it's worthy of today's Fun Clip Friday! Enjoy!

Watch it here!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Adopted - Butler, Hughes & Hayes - CD Review

Butler, Hughes & Hayes is a quartet based on North Carolina. The group consists of Michael Hayes, Lamar Butler, Darren Hughes and Matt Parker. BHH has been primarily a regional artist, but looking to  branch out and increase their reach in Southern Gospel. I have to say with this album, their latest album Adopted definitely will help them take their place in industry.

The project was produced by Wesley Pritchard. One of the most impressive things about Adopted is that most of the songs were written by members of the group. Darren wrote four songs, and Michael wrote three of the songs.

The project starts with "The Beatitudes (You Are Blessed)" which is one of the standout songs. The group really shows off their harmonies with this one.

"He Came as a Child" is another highlight. This song is great for the Christmas season, but definitely is not labeled as "Christmas." The first verse focuses on the birth and the second verse on Christ's death. The song really seems to be more in their wheelhouse style wise.

The title track of the project is a sweet, heartfelt song. It was written by Darren about the adoption of his daughter. He and his wife adopted Sophia from Nanjing, China in 2011. The first verse talks about an orphan on the other side of the world and the second verse talks about how we are adopted children of God.

"Marriage Supper" is one of the uptempo songs. It's definitely one I found myself putting on repeat! Great fun song that I can see being great in a live concert setting! The country style "Jesus Is Better" is another mid tempo song that is a highlight and would be great live. It's repetitive chorus is one that I can see people singing along with live.

There are a couple of familiar songs like "He Washed My Eyes With Tears" and "Jesus Is Lord" that was an Andre Crouch song. The group definitely puts their own spin on the latter. They get some help from a background choir to really give it a stylistic contrast from most of the other songs.

One thing I also really liked was that in the CD jacket, all the songs have scripture references beside them. I think it shows that the group was very conscious about song choice when they do this!

If BHH was new to you like the group was to me, they are definitely worth giving a listen! I think this project shows that only good things are ahead!

Song List -
1. "The Beatitudes (You Are Blessed)
2. "Jesus Is Lord"
3. "He Came as a Child"
4. "The Dearest Friend I Ever Had"
5. "Adopted"
6. "Marriage Supper"
7. "Jesus Will Outshine Them All"
8. "Carry the Glorious Gospel"
9. "Jesus Is Better"
10. "I Love You"
11. "He Washed My Eyes With Tears"
12. "Around the Cross"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time - Christmas Album Releases 2014

The ads have already started, the halls are being decked and soon the bell ringers will be out in full force. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, and I love it! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I've already started listening to Christmas music, so I thought today we could look at Christmas music you could add to your collection this year!

Here are some new Christmas releases this year for Southern Gospel (Please let me know if I'm forgetting anyone) -

  • Mark Trammell Quartet and the Whisnants - Home for Christmas (already released)
  • The Isaacs - An Isaacs Family Christmas Special DVD (released)
  • Tribute Quartet - The Thought of Christmas
  • Steve Ladd - A Christmas Hymn
  • Wayne Haun - Sentimental Season

Monday, November 17, 2014

Prayers Requested for Tracy Stuffle

Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following early this morning on Facebook -

It's been a while since I have asked for prayer for Tracy. Today (Monday), he goes for a CT scan and then to Dr. Ulm his neurosurgeon for a check up. Tracy's been having some spells of repeated question asking for a few weeks. We first thought it was caused by the antidepressant meds he was taking because it all started about two weeks of being on the meds. But, we have taken him off the meds and no change. He's also had a UTI for a bit and he's been on antibiotics for that. So, with all this, Dr. Ulm is gonna check the shunt in Tracy's head to see if it may need adjusting to a lower level. Or to see if it may be stopped up or something else. Tracy is very nervous and has been crying because he doesn't won't to have to go through any more problems as in the past. I am asking that you please pray for God to give him peace and calmness! Also, I am expecting a simple fix to this in the name of Jesus!!! Tracy's CT scan appointment is at 11:45am ct and his appointment with Dr. Ulm is at 12:45pm. I will update you all as soon as we have some answers. Thanks for taking time out to pray for my sweet man!!!

Tracy suffered from a massive stroke in January 2013. He spent months in ICU. He had five cerebral brain hemorrhages and most people don't survive one, but God had His hand on Tracy. He has been back on the road singing with the Perrys since earlier this year. Please keep him in your prayers today.

Update -


CT of shunt and brain looked great!! No blockage, no malfunction, no infection!!! Dr. Ulm said, places that were damaged from bleeds and stroke were healed! The repeating question asking he said could be a good sign that the brain is reconnecting and still healing. He said, Tracy looked great!!! He is sending Tracy to a psychiatrist to have him put Tracy on a anti-depressant that will help him, but yet calm his mind down without knocking him out! He said, people who were inside thinkers before stroke, sometimes come back being outside thinkers and this could be what's happening. Everything is waking up.

He also said the UTI issue is probably coming from the catheter not being changed but once a month (Home Health's policies!) He said a catheter should be changed every 24 to 72 hours! He thinks that's why Tracy hasn't been able to get rid of the on going UTI. So, he's sending Tracy to see a Urologist next Monday to see what they think is our next step in clearing this up and getting Tracy back on track.

Tracy was sooooo relieved!!!! He was also so excited to get to see Dr. Ulm again and show him how he has progressed since last year!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Tracy and for me also!!! I will never ever be able to ever thank y'all enough for the love, prayers and support you all have given to us!!!!! We are abundantly blessed with THE greatest friends and family ever!!!!!! We love you all!!!!

Dear God,
Once again, You proved Yourself to us!!!!! You don't have to, but You do!!! ALL praise, honor and glory is placed on You!!!! None of this would be possible without YOU!!!! I love YOU!!!!!!! Thanks is NEVER enough!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - November 15

Here are news and tidbits from this week in Southern Gospel music -

  • Canton Junction announced the departure of Aaron Crabb yesterday. He was a founding member of the group. Aaron and his wife Amanda relocated to Nashville earlier this year to pastor and found Restoring Hope Church. 
  • Brian Free and Assurance's "Say Amen" was voted the #1 song by the Singing News magazine for 2014. 
  • The Old Paths will have the #1 song to start the new year. "Love Them to Jesus" will be #1 in the January issue of the Singing News.
  • Michael Combs was admitted to the hospital on Thursday afternoon. He was suffering from severe abdominal pains. Doctors discovered that part of his intestinal tract was twisted and not receiving blood supply. They were able to correct it and continue to monitor him but are pleased with his recovery so far.
  • Kelly Nelon Clark is taping the TV show "Resurrection" next week. The drama airs on ABC on Sunday nights. Kelly has appeared as an extra in other shows and has filmed small parts in movies. I will try to let you know when this will air!
  • Karlye and Lexy Hopper (Dean and Kim Hopper's daughters) were involved in a car accident earlier this week. It was a minor accident but neither girl had broken bones, only bruises and a bit shaken up from the accident. 
Anything I've missed?