Saturday, August 29, 2015

Silver Dollar City Southern Gospel Picnic - August 29

Rain is an inevitable part of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic. And this year it happened during Triumphant Quartet's concert. About four songs in, there can a downpour. But more on that a little later. First, here are the highlights of the other shows we saw today.

LeFevre Quartet

  • "Come and See" 
  • "I Love to Call His Name" - This has always been a favorite song of mine! They did this song with just the piano and voices.
  • This group has helped make two more contemporary songs popular in Southern Gospel. They sang both "Jesus Saves" and "Days of Elijah" during the set both by request. Loved them both!

The Browns

  • We saw the Browns during their patriotic set. They sang a few patriotic songs but my favorite was definitely "Because of the Brave."
  • The Browns' playing their violins is amazing!
  • "Peace on Earth" 

New Road
  • They had a live band, so no tracks at all!
  • "With These Hands" - This is a new song written by one of their members. Outstanding!
  • This is a newer group so they sang a number of popular gospel songs including ""I'm Rich," "The Lighthouse" and "Meet Me at the Table."

Southern Raised

  • "Glorious Day" - They put their own spin on this song, loved it!
  • They talked about having been raised and trained more on classical music. They created an arrangement of "Four Seasons" with "Holy, Holy, Holy." Amazing!!

Triumphant Quartet

  • Honestly four songs into the night, the rain started. Triumphant capitalized on this and sang "I Wish It Would Rain." The rain started coming down even harder. 
  • "Old White Flag" - Clayton stepped out into the rain with the audience to sing this one! He got soaked but put everything he had into it!
  • Thankfully the rain didn't last all night but unfortunately for them a lot of the audience left. But they are the ones who missed out! 
  • "Saved by Grace" - This was the last song before the sky opened up. The crowd was on its feet, everyone loved it!!
  • "This Blood" -- I love this song!!!!
  • "He Is" - Great song to end the night on!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Silver Dollar City Southern Gospel Picnic - Aug. 28, 2015

Yesterday morning I headed north to Branson, Missouri for Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic. It was the second day of the festival, but my first day to attend. 

The lineup for the day included 2nd Generation, the Ball Brothers, the Perrys, Mark Bishop and The Old Paths. It's really almost impossible to see everyone while you're here. And there are some groups you want to see more than once. The park does a great job of scheduling so many different shows each day.

I'm just going to hit the highlights from each group I got to see today -

2nd Generation

  • "What a Day That Will Be"  - Loved hearing Brenda sing this song! Such a sweet moment where they had the audience join in too!
  • "Sheltered in the Arms of God" - Elaine sang this one. Beautiful song!!
  • "Soul Searching" - Good hearing this one from their newest project!!

Ball Brothers

  • "I Shall Know Him" - They started the set with this one a cappella. Amazing!!
  • "Wedding Music" - Jon Epley went to the keyboard for this one. Good hearing them sing this Cathedral classic.
  • "Just As I Am" - Probably my favorite Ball Brothers song!!

The Perrys

  • "I Can Trust Him" - Great getting to see Libbi sing this song live! 
  • "He Will Hide Me" - Always a favorite!
  • "If You Knew Him" 
  • "Damascus Road" 
  • They sang a couple of the older Happy Goodman songs. I like hearing them do some of these older songs.
  • Troy talked about all they had been through in the past couple of years. He also gave part of his testimony and set up "Calvary Conquers It All." Great hearing them stage this one again!!

Mark Bishop

  • "Pray on the Little Days" - Love the message of this song!!
  • "My Name Is Jesus" - I'm used to the version where he has guest singers but it's fun hearing him sing all the different roles.

The Old Paths

  • "I Bowed on my Knees" - I know Michael English is known for this song but Tim's version is right there with his! Amazing!!
  • Daniel Ashmore, bass singer, was featured a lot tonight! It's hard to pick one highlight from what he sang. And as impressive as his bass singing is, his saxophone playing is equally as impressive!!
  • "Until Then" - Doug sang this and then had the audience join in on the chorus. Such a sweet worshipful moment.
  • "If That Isn't Love" - It was good to hear them sing this featuring both Daniel and Chuck Pettyjohn.
  • "Love Them to Jesus" 
  • Doug gave his testimony to set up "Ordinary People." Love hearing him tell his story of how God moved. He also talked about how they are coming off the road and this being their farewell tour. 

Fun Clip Friday - Southern Gospel Picnic - Jeff and Sheri Easter - Hinson

In honor of the start of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel picnic, here's a clip that goes back a few years. Jeff and Sheri Easter called Eric Hinson to join them on stage one night. He came just to be in the audience, but Jeff put him on the spot to sing "Call Me Gone." Enjoy for today's Fun Clip Friday post!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic

Today the Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City begins. This is the one Southern Gospel event I attend each year. I may not be there for the full time, but I haven't missed a year since its inception. This year is no exception!

I will be Branson bound tomorrow, but I won't get to stay the full time because of previous commitments. However, I will be there for nine of the 12 days. Needless to say, I'm a little excited. I have to miss today and Monday and Tuesday of next week. And yes, I plan on blogging as much of it as I am there for. I'll also try to do some Periscopes live, so be sure to follow me there!

There are a few groups I'm looking forward to seeing live for the first time - Ernie Haase and Signature Sound is at the top of that list! The Craguns and the Williamsons are two other groups that I've never seen live.

If you're in the Branson area or even in Arkansas like I am, make the trip up to Branson in the next 12 days! You won't regret it! Here's a full schedule below.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gus Gaches Departs Legacy Five

Legacy Five announced this morning that tenor Gus Gaches will be leaving the group. He has been with Legacy Five for five years. He was with LeFevre Quartet before that. I always enjoyed watching Gus with the group, he will definitely be missed!

Here's the full release from Legacy Five on its Facebook page -

It is with sadness that we have to let you know that our tenor, Gus Gaches will be departing Legacy Five after more than five and a half years with us.

Gus states that, "singing tenor in a southern gospel group is a very demanding job vocally. The reality is that it has become increasingly more rigorous for me over the past several months because of severe allergies and vocal fatigue. I have sought much assistance from doctors and voice teachers alike and cannot seem to find a lasting solution to these nagging vocal issues. When I started this Legacy Five season of my life, I thanked Scott Fowler for hiring me. I move into the next chapter of my life thanking Scott Fowler for allowing me to be a part of this great group for over five years. I also want to thank the Legacy Five Family, those who follow, love and support Legacy Five, for their love support and gifts to me and my family."

Scott Fowler says, "Everyone on this bus respects and appreciates Gus and his heart. He has been a great asset to the ministry of Legacy Five and he has been such an easy and delightful person to travel with. The only times that I ever saw Gus upset was anytime the Nashville Predators failed to advance in the play-offs....seriously...the guy never gets mad. Gus has a beautiful voice and we pray that with continued treatment and some time off, he will continue to sing in a less taxing capacity than this position demands. The voice is the one instrument that you cannot simply go to the store and purchase. As such, we all have to take great care of the one voice God has given us. Gus and his family are precious people and we wish them all the best as they enter the next season of their lives."

Gus will continue to travel with Legacy Five for a yet to be determined amount of time while Legacy Five begins the search for the tenor that will replace him. Please keep the Gaches family in your prayers as they seek God in this new season of their lives, and please pray for Legacy Five, as they seek God's provision for the right person to minister with them.

If you are interested in auditioning for Legacy Five, you may contact Scott Fowler at