Monday, November 30, 2015

Legacy Five Concert Recap

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to see Legacy Five when they made a rare appearance in Arkansas. The group was at Bethany Missionary Baptist Church in White Hall, Arkansas. It was also a chance to see and hear new tenor singer Josh Feemster with the quartet.

Josh had been with the group only two weeks at that point. I think this was a great addition to the group. He's doing a fantastic job with Legacy Five so far! He was featured on "I Stand Redeemed." This song ended the first part of the service, and it was one of the highlights of the night! Check out the clip below!
Legacy Five - Trey Ivey, Josh Feemster, Scott Fowler, Scott Howard
and Matt Fouch

It was good to hear them sing a few Cathedrals songs like "Bloodwashed Band." Scott also pulled out the redback hymnal for the group to sing a few hymns. They sang "It's a Grand and Glorious Feeling" and "Life Will Be Sweeter Someday." I love Matt Fouch's step out lines on "It's a Grand and Glorious Feeling."

Legacy Five also sang a few from their most recent project Great Day including the title track. They also sang "That's a Hallelujah" which is one of my favorites!

Trey was featured not only during the hymn portion of the evening, but also on "Goodbye World Goodbye." When Scott introduced Trey, he talked about how he would come home after church on Sundays as a child and sit down at the piano and play the songs they had sung that day. His parents definitely recognized what a gift he had at an early age, and I have to say he's one of the best in the business today!

They of course sang several Legacy Five standards. Matt was featured on "I've Been Changed" during the first part of the night. They also sang "I Found Grace" during the second half, always a favorite to hear them sing. They ended the night with "Holy Is Thy Name." I love this song! Great moment to end the concert on!

Legacy Five is a group I don't get to see that often, so it's always a treat when I get to see them some place other than Silver Dollar City at the Gospel Picnic. It was good to see this new lineup of the group. Scott Fowler and Scott Howard are definitely the anchors of the group and have made outstanding choices in who rounds the group out. I got the chance to see Matthew Fouch on his first night with the group several years ago and was impressed by how well he blended with them already. I have to say the same for Josh. Be sure to check out Legacy Five when they come to your area!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - November 28

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Here are some news items from the past week in Southern Gospel -

  • 11th Hour has its first #1 song with "Jesus Is in the House." The song will be #1 in the January issue of the Singing News.
  • Michael Howard has stepped down from Soul'd Out Quartet. He was with the group as piano player for seven and half years.
  • Steven Hickinbotham has rejoined Spoken 4 Quartet as the group's baritone singer. Brian Arnold had been filling in that role. With a busy solo ministry, Brian and the group decided that it was best for the two separate ministries to work together still but with Brian not being a full-time member of Spoken 4. 
Anything I've missed?

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Many gospel artists took the time to share their Thanksgiving thoughts and wishes on Facebook this week. Check out a few videos from some of your favorite gospel singers -

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!FromThe Whisnants & T. Bear :)
Posted by The Whisnants on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

***GLOBAL PROMOTIONS WEEK OF THANKSGIVING*** Ivan Parker shares what he is most thankful for.
Posted by Global Promotions on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by The Nelons on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Watch this special Thanksgiving video from lead singer Tim Rackley!
Posted by The Old Paths on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feeling Very Thankful

I was hesitant to share this on here, but when God really shows His power in your life and when He can be glorified through your circumstances, then it needs to be shared. So here goes....

Last Tuesday night, I was driving back home after teaching a night class in Arkadelphia, Ark. It had been rainy and stormy all day long, and I was nervous about the weather. In fact, I postponed class by 30 minutes to allow myself extra time to get there. I didn't have issues getting there thankfully.

But on the way back, I was about two minutes from home when I saw a car coming toward me being chased by a police officer. It drifted over into the turning lane and then into my lane. I slowed down and laid on the horn thinking he would weave back over. He didn't. He hit me head on; I don't think that he ever slowed down. I found out later at the scene that he was DWI.

The scariest moment of my life was just before impact. There was a split second where I knew he was about to hit me. I honestly thought this could be it. I never lost consciousness, didn't even hit my head. My car went in reverse across lanes of traffic and ended up in the grass in front of a local restaurant between two poles. I didn't hit anything else. As soon as my car stopped, I got out. Praise God! I got out. I walked away on my own two feet.

My car the next morning
When many people start stories of getting hit head on by a drunk driver, the story often doesn't end well. I thank God that my story is different. There's no doubt that God had His hand on my life that day. The police officer who was quickly on the scene said slowing down in those brief seconds is what saved me.

It's so easy for me to think if I hadn't postponed class, if I had thought to see what was in the other lane, if I hadn't stopped to get gas on the way back, all these different scenarios, things could have been different; it could have all been avoided. But that's not the case. While what happened wasn't what I would have chosen, God already knew what would happened, and He intervened that day. He protected me from what could have been a very serious situation.

Although I'm bruised and very sore, I'm feeling extra thankful this year. Nothing is broken or cracked just a little black and blue, and hopefully that will be temporary. When I think back of how different things could have been, I'm overwhelmed with how God worked that night.

Be encouraged today that God has His hand on your life too. No matter what You're going through He's there with you. I pray that sharing my story can be an encouragement and bring glory to God for the great things He has done!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Walk of Faith - The Whisnants - CD Review

The Whisnants released Walk of Faith this summer. The group is one of the most consistent groups in gospel music, not only with its personnel but also with its sound. Walk of Faith brings you the same sound and exceptional songs that you have come to expect from the Whisnants over the years.

Walk of Faith has 12 original songs. The album was produced and arranged by Legacy Five's Trey Ivey. Cliff Duren orchestrated the album. For several songs, the group is backed by a choir and orchestra.

"Worry Ends Where Faith Begins" is definitely my favorite from this project! Susan does such an incredible job on this song. I can see it being one that she adds to her repertoire of signature songs. The song suites her so well. The message of this song is just so relevant. I've heard Susan tell the story of her mom giving her the advice not to pray if you worry and if you pray, you shouldn't worry. So many times we pray but pick up what we were supposed to leave in God's hands. God's in control no matter what, we just have to trust Him.

Another song that really stood out to me was "Go Out Singing." I love this uptempo song that features Aaron, it was definitely a song I kept hitting repeat on! "Joy is the House" is another great uptempo song that features each group member. Great choice as the opening song on the project!

I love the play on words with "A Grave Mistake," I think it's a great hook. Logan Peck (son of Rebecca Peck) wrote the song which features Jeff. This is a standout song for him! I also really like Jeff's feature on "I'm Holding on to Grace." It's a slower song that reminds us of the beauty of the grace of God.

Aaron is featured on "Do You Know the Savior?," which is a slower ballad. I love the lyrics of this song that remind us that we have a personal Savior and God. The arrangement of the song really allows for Aaron's voice to shine.

Susan Whisnant is known for being able to communicate through ballads and those tender slow songs. "Worry Ends Where Faith Begins" is my favorite from this CD, but she also does an incredible job on "I Love You This Much" and "Saved Is All You Have To Be."

Sometimes it's the simple messages that can be the most poignant. I think this is the case with "My God Is So Good To Me." This is a great true Southern Gospel sounding song that features Jeff. The song is a great reminder to us as Christians of just how good God is to us!

The title track was another one I found myself hitting repeat on! It's a fun, fast tempo song that I can see really being great live! I love how "Walk of Faith" really is the overarching message of this project. All the songs really fit this theme so well.

Walk of Faith is a must buy for gospel music fans. You'll find the styles and voices you've come to love from the Whisnants. All the songs really do an incredible job of ministering to believers as we travel on this "walk of faith."

Song List -
1. "Joy in the House"
2. "Worry Ends Where Faith Begins"
3. "I'm Holding onto Grace"
4. "Go Out Singing"
5. "I Love You This Much"
6. "My God Is So Good to Me"
7. "Do You Know the Savior?"
8. "A Grave Mistake"
9. "There Is a Fountain"
10. "Walk of Faith"
11. "Saved Is All You Have to Be"
12. "Healing Stream"