Thursday, September 12, 2013

NQC 2013 - Day 4 Standout Moments

I was able to catch most of the webcast tonight thankfully! And tonight was definitely the best night in terms of webcast quality. Kudos to the folks at NQC for getting the kinks worked out and for acknowledging it and extending the webcast On Demand. I'm just hoping that with tomorrow night being the free broadcast it will go well!

Last night was great, and tonight was equally as good in my opinion. Let's discuss the high points -

  • The Perrys - By far, the best set of the night. From the start of "Blue Skies" to the final notes of "I Rest My Case at the Cross," there was not a low point. Libbi gave an incredible emotional performance of "Through the Night, " and then broke away from the plan and testified about trusting God and how she had really learned what that meant through the past eight months. She talked about how what really mattered in life was your relationship with God and your family, not material things. She made the comment that she wasn't called to preach, but the audience definitely heard a sermon and the Word from her tonight! She said that Tracy was FaceTiming during the concert and requested "I Rest My Case at the Cross." Absolutely amazing!!!!!!
  • The Isaacs - They followed the Perrys and had a standout set! They started with an a cappella version of "The Lord's Prayer," and then turned around and sang "Waiting in the Water," which was incredible!!
  • Triumphant Quartet - It wouldn't be NQC without "The Old White Flag." It really is fun to see Clayton get into this song every time. Chris Allman came up to the stage and gave Jeff Stice a hankie. He proceeded to use it to blow his nose! Haha! Scotty talked about where they were a year ago with his daughter, Embry, being in the ICU as a newborn and then sang "The Great I Am Still Is," which was the highlight of their set! They ended with "Saved by Grace" with several turn arounds and the Booth Brothers joined them at the end.
  • Booth Brothers - I have never heard them stage "We Believe" before, but oh wow! Another highlight! I loved the way Michael used the Bible and as each member stepped up to sing solo, they took it as they sang.
  • Collingsworth Family - "Come Thou Fount" a cappella was the definite highlight of their set!! The blend of all four females had together at one part was just beautiful! Olivia has really come into her own. She really impressed me tonight.
  • Along the lines of young singers impressing, the Dixie Echoes' Utech twins did an outstanding job tonight. I saw them in Branson very recently, but thought they were much better tonight even than then!
  • I only caught bits and pieces of the Hoppers' set, but did love that they had Melissa Brady come up at the end to join them on "Shoutin' Time."
  • It was also good to see Jessica Trammell join her family the Browns for one of their songs tonight!
  • Greater Vision had a solid set tonight. However, Gerald Wolfe walking up to the stage during the  Booth Brothers set to get his picture with them was hilarious!
What did you think of tonight? Favorite moments?

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