Friday, August 23, 2013

Day One of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic 2013

First day of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic is in the books! I didn't get out to the park as early as I hoped today but I did manage to see three and a half groups.... I'll explain the half later! :)

We went to see Reggie Saddler and his family. They started with familiar songs and had the audience join in and sing along. He sang a newer song called "Welcome Home" and dedicated it to the veterans. 

We went back and saw them at a later show as well. A highlight of the afternoon had to be his daughter Ingra singing the national anthem. Absolutely beautiful!!!

The second group we saw was the Pfeifers. Mary Jane sang a beautiful song called "I Know Who You're With," I think that's the name. However the highlight was hands down them playing and singing "It Is Well." John told the story of how it was written how the writer had lost his kids and business and was going through one of the hardest times of his life when he wrote it. They played the first part on the trumpet and sax and the  sang the last verse and the chorus. The audience was on its feet! Incredible moment!!!! I have video I will try to post later. 

The Booth Brothers are a group I don't get to see very often, but when I do I'm always reminded of why they always win big at the fan awards. It's such a treat to get to see them, and Echo Hollow was standing room only!

They pointed out a special guest in the audience, Ed O'Neal (where the half comes in). The Dixie Melody Boys were there earlier in the day but I missed seeing them! Michael talked about how Ed had been encouraging when they were first starting out. It was cool to see that Ed was still there supporting the Booth Brothers and enjoying sitting in the audience listening.

It's always fun to see the Booth Brothers sing the fast ones that always really get the crowd going. But tonight it was the slower songs that really stood out to me!

I love hearing them sing "Then I Met the Master," "I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary," and "Look for Me at Jesus' Feet," but there was another song that I wasn't familiar with that stood out to me tonight. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure glad they sang it! Jim said that as his dad has gone through health issues and hasn't been able to do all that he wanted, his dad told him that when he needed extra encouragement he listened to their CDs. Jim wrote the song "Every Cry Is Heard" for his dad. Love this song!!!! 

Another highlight was "I Played in a Bad." I love seeing them sing this live, and of course they sang the chorus again several times. The audience stool clapping along. They closed the show with "Still Feelin' Fine," and we were on our feet clapping the entire song! 

Great way to kick off the festival! Now on to day 2! 

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