Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revival - Karen Peck & New River - CD Review

When I was in Branson, Karen Peck & New River was at Silver Dollar City the day their new album, Revival,
released. They had presigned hundreds of copies that night for people, and I was one of the lucky ones to get the album the day it released! That day was August 27, and the CD hasn't left my car's CD player many times since then!

I don't think it's any secret that I'm a huge fan of Karen Peck and New River, but I genuinely think this is one of my favorite albums they've ever done. The album has 10 great songs, four of which Karen helped write.

The first song and the title cut, "Revival," paints the picture of an old tent revival meeting. It tells the story of what it was like at these camp meetings. The song has an interesting sound that will surely get you in the spirit of revival.

One of my favorite songs is "You Did It Anyway" that features Jeff. He does an incredible job on this song. He does an incredible job of communicating the lyrics of the song, which are so powerful. Jesus knew all He would suffer and He knew how we would continually fail Him, but He did it anyway! Love it!

Another standout song for me is "Everybody's Going Through Something." I love how each of them take turns singing lines of the verses. The song reminds me of the quote that the Booth Brothers use a lot from Zig Zigler - "If you treat everyone as though they are hurting, you will be treating the majority of people in the proper manner." We are all going through something; we all have our issues. But wouldn't we rather go through something with Him? Great song!!

The second song "Oh Hallelujah" is lyrically something you would expect to sing as a praise and worship song, but sound-wise is what you would expect from Karen Peck & New River

Susan take the lead on "I've Been Broken," and does an amazing job! I love the message of this song, we might all be broken, but we are still blessed.

My favorite uptempo song on the project is "Dancing Like Lazarus," which features Jeff. He does an incredible job on this song that talks about the celebration and joy we experience after we have an experience with Jesus.

"Finish Well" is one of those power ballads Karen does so well. I can see this song becoming a main-stay in their live concerts. Her voice soars beautifully as she encourages believers to keep running the race and "finish well."

The album ends with "I'm Saved," which is a new tune co-written by Karen. I can also see this one being a fun one to include in a live setting! It's a great uptempo song that has believers rejoicing over their salvation whether they are a brand new Christian or been saved for 50 years.

Album Rating - 4.75 stars - Revival truly is a revival experience. After listening to this CD, believers can't help but be encouraged from the great messages through song that this album has! The album has 10 strong songs, there's not one that I find myself skipping, and most of them are brand new! Be encouraged and don't miss out on getting this project!

Song List -

  1. "Revival"
  2. "Oh, Hallelujah"
  3. "Finish Well"
  4. "Everybody's Going Through Something"
  5. "Dancing Like Lazarus"
  6. "Jesus, Remember Me"
  7. "I've Been Broken"
  8. "Joy in my Heart"
  9. "You Did It Anyway"
  10. "I'm Saved"

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