Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kicking Off Our Shoes on Day 2 - Silver Dollar City

Ok, so first off my phone hates me, and somehow my notes from all concerts today are gone! Yep, gone, so I'm going by memory which is not good, but bear with me.

We saw 2nd Generation first this morning. I saw them once several years ago as a trio. And I forgot they were from Arkansas! I wasn't familiar with a lot of their songs, but loved the song "Hanging on a Nail!" They also got the crowd going with "Feel the Joy". Definitely a fun song! 

In an industry where duos aren't that popular, these sisters definitely make it work! And since they are from Arkansas, I need to see when they will be in my area! 

We caught the last show of the Freemans today. They sang some familiar favorites like "He'd Still Been God." Chris can tear it up! Misty and Caylon sang a duet called "Water Grave" that was another highlight for me! Toward the end of the program, they sang "John the Revelator" and brought up Misty's daughter Addie to help them!

We went to see Reggie Saddler again. He did more guitar tricks in this show today. But I loved the song "Blessed Quietness" that they sang.

The Inspirations were next. They are a quartet I'm not as familiar with because I don't see them very much. It was great hearing a couple of new songs, but the definite highlights were the classic songs they did. Loved hearing them sing "Have a Little Talk With Jesus." Then Jon Epley sang "Beulah Land" a cappella, and it was amazing!!! 

The McKameys packed the people in Echo Hollow tonight. It was again good to hear some of their newer songs. I really have been enjoying hearing their latest single on the radio a lot, "When He Speaks," and loved hearing it live!

I love hearing Roger sing "Unspoken Request," but I couldn't help but chuckle a little but when Peg mentioned it had been one they had several requests for, not so unspoken, huh? :)

They seemed to feature the foursome of Sheryl, Connie, Roger and Eli more than I've seen in the past. They sound good together! 

One thing that Duane Garren, emcee, said that really impressed me is that they have a commitment to their local church and are there every Sunday. 

The two highlight moments though had to be "God on the Mountain" and "Do You Know How It Feels," which they closed the show with! When she started setting up "God on the Mountain," the audience had an immediate reaction before the first note was sung! Everyone loves it. And if you were counting how many times Peg kicked off her shoes, it was three! I love how people expect it now, but people still love it!!

Sorry for a not so detailed account, and I'm sure I've left out something important! Hopefully my phone won't lose my notes for day 3!

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