Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Revival at Silver Dollar City - Day 5 Recap

Although, I've spent the last five days at a theme park, I can honestly say I've heard the gospel presented at least once daily and been encouraged and ministered to each day. It's like an 11-day revival, and day 5 was definitely a day of revival!

The day for me started with the Bledsoes. I had never seen them before but was familiar with a couple of their songs from hearing them on the radio. They also sang a couple of familiar hymns like "Mansion Over the Hilltop."

They sang a song at the end that was inspired by a couple at their church, "You'd Be the First to Go." It was such a touching song with some great harmonies! However, the highlight for the was "The Blood of Jesus," which they closed with! Great song!!

From there, I went to see Tribute Quartet again. It was a completely full show; in fact, I was the last one into the Opera House! And I'm pretty sure I made record time making it across the park from Red Gold Hall to the Opera House!

They had almost a completely different set list from the day before. The only song repeated was "Good News From Jerusalem," which I did not mind! 

Standout songs for me were "God Wnats to Hear You Sing," "Homecoming Day" and "Sweeter as the Days Go By," loved how they made that song their own with their own style!

From there, I saw the Browns at the Riverfront Playhouse. The more I see this group, the more I am impressed! They sang "Beautiful Day," and Andrew Brown absolutely outdid himself! They sang another chorus of it!

The highlight of the show though had to be them playing "I Sing the Mighty Power of God" on their violins! Amazing!!

They closed the show with "Everywhere I Go," and Adam and Andrew added a few Signature Sound type moves at the end! :) Great song to close the show!

After that, I saw the Kingsmen Quartet. They started with "He's Everything I Need," which is one of my favorites! They also sang "One Way Trip" which was another highlight.

Ray Dean recognized all the veterans and had them stand. Then they sang their latest single, "Land of the Free." Great song! 

They closed the show with "Saints Will Rise," and most of the audience was on its feet clapping along!

Karen Peck and New River were down in Echo Hollow tonight! And it was absolutely incredible!!

At the start of each night, we sing the Star Spangled Banner but tonight they had Karen sing it and wow!! Beautiful!!

I love seeing this group and their swet spirits! They released their latest project Revival today. I got my copy and couldn't wait to listen to it coming back from the park! They sang a couple of songs from it tonight, and they were all highlights of the show! They sang the title track, "You Did It Anyway" (featured Jeff) and "I'd Rather Go Through Something With Him." 

Karen talked about joyful Noise before they sang "Mighty High," and she also told about her part in a new movie. They are flying to LA Wednesday morning for her to film! She said to watch for updates on the release on the film from them.

Toward the end of the concert, Karen sang "Amazing Grace" a cappella, and the amphitheater got so quiet, you could hear the humming of the fans on stage. Everyone was just enjoying the moment. Then, she started into "Four Days Late," and people immediately started clapping. I think this has to be one of the most loved songs in gospel music.

They closed with "We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown," and people all around the theater stood clapping along! 

Now on to Day 6, which means the festival is half over. :(

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