Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Too Much to Gain to Lose at Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic

Day 6 of the Southern Gospel Picnic is over. It was one for the books! I only caught two groups but gained memories to last a while!

Let me start by saying I am not a roller coaster person. I've ridden them before. Well, only a handful, and I was told Fire in the Hole doesn't really count (but I think it does! :)). I've been fine coming to Silver Dollar City every day and only going to gospel concerts. Well, when you have the encouragement of friends and two gospel singers, it makes it more appealing! I could gain fun memories, and what did I have to lose beside my breakfast?

The friends I'm staying with this week have known Mark Trammell for a long time. They normally meet up with him on the park and ride roller coasters with him. They've let me tag along with them this week, so they let me join them again when they met up with them this morning. So the morning started with riding Powder Keg beside Pat Barker praying I didn't throw up on him or make him deaf by screaming! Thankfully I didn't do either!

They then somehow talked me into riding the new roller coaster with them called Outlaw Run. Both Pat and Mark insisted that it wasn't that bad after the initial drop and didn't jerk you around as much as Powder Keg, so I caved to peer pressure. And let me tell you they are liars! :) No one told me about this crazy upside down corkscrew at the end!! And yet some how I still got on Wildfire with them after that!! 

I'm still not sure that I'm a roller coaster person but it was fun to get to ride with all of them! 

I even got to meet Lynn of Lynn's Chronicles and her sister Candice who were also meeting up with Mark and Pat! It was great meeting a fellowblogger and   gaining a new friend! Be sure to check out her blog for more recaps of Southern Gospel Picnic!

I caught the Bowling Family a couple of times that afternoon. I miss hearing Terah sing but this lineup of Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling, Troy Peach and Hope Bowling is dynamite!!

They sang quite a few of their new songs which will be on their project called "Safe After the Storm" that's due out around NQC. I cannot wait to hear this album!! Mike closed the last show with "Somebody's Believing" and it was a highlight of the day!! Kelly sang "I Know Enough" (I hope that's the right title) which was also amazing,

The Bowling girls and not just Hope have also really come out. These girls can already do some amazing family harmony! They sang a song by Andrews Sisters "Accentuate the Positive."

Mike also did some classic Hinson songs. He sang "That I Could Still Go Free" during the last show, and the crowd was on its feet at the end!

Tonight was the first night to feature a traditional male quartet! And Mark Trammell Quartet was a great choice for the first one!

There were several standout moments of the night. The first had to be them singing "Wedding Music." It was absolutely amazing! Love hearing Pat on this song, and Dustin has really stepped out more since I last saw them and become more comfortable in his role. 
Mark asked those who had been involved in ministry to raise their hands. He wanted to sing their latest single, "Too Much to Gain to Lose," for them. Love hearing Mark sing this!

They ended the first half with "The King Is Coming," and the entire audience was on its feet before the end of the song! These four have such a great blend for only being together a short time. Incredible song and a highlight of the concert!

During the second half, they sang several requests which included "Master Builder" and "I Want to Know," which were two of my favorites! 

Mark recognized all the veterans in the audience. He talked about how he loved his job, but it was because of those standing that he gets to do it. They then sang "Statue of Liberty." Another highlight! I love the patriotic songs that also focus on the freedom we have in Christ, and this one does that perfectly! 

While it wasn't a typical day at the Southern Gospel Picnic, it was such a great one where we all gained new memories, nobody lost their hearing or breakfast on the rides! Just don't ask Pat how bad I screamed on Outlaw Run! :)

Also, be sure to check out Lynn's blog for more. I'm just hitting the highlights, and I'm sure she'll have more details of the day!

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