Saturday, February 25, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - February 25

Here are some news items from this week in gospel music -

  • Congratulations to Gold City Quartet with the announcement this week that the group will be inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The event will take place on Tuesday, May 9 at Lipscomb University. 
  • Messiah's Call announced that Caleb Kelley of Savannah, Tennessee has joined the group at baritone.
  • Tony and Julie Griffith welcomed vocalist and pianist Joseph "Bryce" Lee as the newest member of The Griffith Family. Bryce moved from Dallas, Georgia, to join the group full-time.
  • Spoken 4 Quartet announced this week that baritone Steven Hickinbotham is stepping down from the group to pursue his career as a chef full-time. 
  • The first round of nominations for the Singing News Fan Awards is now open. Subscribers may vote at
Any thing I've missed?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fun Clip Friday - Isaacs and Reba

Happy Friday to everyone. A few weeks ago Reba McEntire released a new gospel album. The project featured the Isaacs as well a song written by Joseph Habedank. The Isaacs got the chance to perform with Reba at the Ryman during a special concert.

Check out the clip below from the Isaacs' Facebook page for today's Fun Clip Friday!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Testimonies, Handkerchiefs and an Amazing God - Triumphant Quartet Concert Recap

It's been an unusual start to 2017. I didn't get to attend my first concert until mid-February, which is very unusual. I had missed it, missed the live music and concert setting since it had been about two months when normally I'm at a concert a couple times a month. As soon as I found my seat at Hempstead Hall that night in Hope, I knew it was going to be well worth the wait.

Triumphant Quartet took the stage that night in Hope. From the first note to the last, it was just an incredible night.

Highlights of the first half -

  • "We Will Remember" 
  • "Jesus Built This Church on Love"
  • "Who Can Do Anything"
  • "Somebody Died for Me"

Eric took the stage with his Bible and talked about Psalm 22 and Psalm 23. David was the author of both; yet they have very different tones. One is full of confidence with assurance that God is with him, but the other asks God why has He forsaken me. He said that we don't know how much time passed in between the two. However, we all know that things can change on a dime. We can all go from a mountaintop moment to a low point quickly. He reassured the audience that night that no matter what we face He is still amazing and He is still with us. He read the chorus of "Amazing God" before David stepped up to sing the song. This song was probably the moment of the night for me. It's such a beautiful reminder of just how "amazing" God is. We tend to throw that word around flippantly, but with God it's completely true. They ended the first half with "Hallelujah," which I had never heard them sing live! Loved their version of this song with each of them taking a verse.

After an intermission, they came back to sing "Because He Loved Me" and "This Blood," which is always one of my favorites!

There was a problem on one the major interstates driving into Hope causing several people and groups to be a little late to the concert. Eric told the audience that because of that they would sing a few more than normal. A man from the audience shouted out "Thank you." I think all of us felt the the same way, late or not. Eric then said they would do something they don't normally do and that was let the audience ask them some questions. They gathered their stools to take a seat near the front of the stage and took questions like when they were all saved, their favorite songs to sing and even took a request or two. One of the requests included the hymn "He Touched Me," which they said they had never sung before as a group. They were put on the spot, but it was a great moment!

They sang a few more like "When the Trumpet Sounds," "Whiter Than Snow" and "Love Came Calling." Of course, it wouldn't be a Triumphant concert without "The Old White Flag." There were a number of people seeing Triumphant for the first time, and I always love to see their faces when the hankies start waving.

It was an incredible night. I always love getting to see this group live. I loved hearing them sing, but also love that I got to hear them share from their hearts from Eric's set up on "Amazing God" to their individual testimonies. Thanks, Triumphant, for a great night of worship!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - February 18

Here are some news items from this week in gospel music -
  • StowTown Records has announced the signing of Tim Lovelace to its roster of artists.
  • Congratulations to Joey+Rory on their GRAMMY® Award for Best Roots Gospel Album!
  • Michael English announced a 50 States in 2017 tour. Tour dates and venues are still being confirmed.  
  • Song Garden Music Group has welcomed The Mark Dubbeld Family to its family of artists.
  • Bill Bailey announced the return of “The Biggest All-Night Singing in the World” to the Memorial Field in Bonifay, FL on Saturday, July 1. It has been 10 years since the sing was held at the Memorial Field, and eight years since Bill Bailey promoted the sing in Bonifay.
Anything I've missed?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's a day when we celebrate the love we have with the people God has placed in our lives. For many that's a spouse or significant other or it could be children, parents or grandchildren or could even just be good friends. But let's not forget the greatest love of all. Here are a few love songs to think about the great love that God has for us!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - February 11

Here are some news and tidbits from this week in Southern Gospel music -

  • Sonlite Records, an imprint of Crossroads Label Group, announced the signing of Christian solo artist Steve Ladd. Steve has been a member of Gold City and the Anchormen and is currently also with The Old Paths in addition to his solo work. Steve's first release with Sonlite Records will be released later this year.
  • Prayers requested for the family of Judy Clapsaddle (Soul Purpose Quartet) who passed away Saturday, February 4. Her services are being held today in Ohio. 
  • Songwriter Dianne Wilkinson has reached a milestone with the writing of her 1,000th song. The song is entitled “Just Another Mile” and will be recorded by the Kingdom Heirs on their upcoming release.
  • Aaron Crisler, CEO/Owner of Conduit Media, has been named a recipient of the Nashville Business Journal’s 2017 40 Under 40 Awards. Before starting his own firm, Crisler worked with The Judy Nelon Group. His clientele includes Southern Gospel artists like Jason Crabb and Joseph Habedank and even Delilah and Neal McCoy.
  • Good news for Sarah Davidson! Following a procedure this week in Nashville, Sarah Davison received an excellent medical report.
  • Ben Hart who previously played for the Dixie Echoes and Masters Voice has started piano video lessons online. Check him out on Facebook here.
Anything I've missed?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Fun Clip Friday - On the Couch With Fouch

The latest On the Couch With Fouch interview features none other than Connie Hopper. Connie is the classiest lady in gospel music. She shares some history of the Hoppers and how they got started, the encouragement of Scripture in her life and more! And don't miss this Fouch Zone!

Enjoy for this week's Fun Clip Friday!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fun Clip Friday - Second-Half Quartet

Happy Friday to everyone! Here's some new music to get you going this Friday.

The Second-Half Quartet is back in the studio, and this time they shared a little bit of it on Facebook Live. Hear this clip of a new song from the group written by Scotty Inman and Rodney Griffin. The CD is scheduled to release in May.

Watch and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Keith Plott Joins the LeFevre Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet announced Keith Plott as its new bass singer. Keith, his wife and their children live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The full release is below -

Gainesville, GA — The LeFevre Quartet is pleased to announce Keith Plott as their new bass vocalist.

Mike LeFevre states, “Keith is certainly no stranger to this music and it is a real joy to have Keith join this ministry. Looking back over the history of gospel music, you can count on two hands, groups with ‘stand out’ bass singers that could sing low notes but also sing a beautiful lead line. I can honestly say, Keith Plott is one I would include in the best of the best. Not only is he an incredible singer, but he also has a heart for God, which is the perfect combination.”

February 9 will be Keith’s “official” debut. Take a moment and welcome him to The LeFevre Quartet family.