Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NQC Night 2 Highlights and Recap

Whatever problems that plagued the webcast on night one, thankfully were not as present for night two.   There was only one moment that will be addressed later where it seemed everyone was having problems.

Tonight overall to me was stronger than last night. Most of the groups seemed to have solid sets. But here are the standout points for me - 

  • It was incredible to see the support behind Libbi Perry Stuffle for being there. I loved the Perrys' set tonight. "When He Spoke" was one of the songs of the night in my book! I also thought it was neat how they showed the video of Tracy singing "Plan of Salvation" from NQC 2011 (I believe) with them singing with him live. Although, I do have to say it was funny on the webcast to see the group as it was then with Joseph and hear David on lead.
  • The only point where the webcast really gave me issues was probably the must-see moment of the night - The Cathedrals Reunion song. I caught only bits and pieces, but enough to know that it was a highlight even with a few missing words! :)
  • Jason Crabb continues to show how incredible he is as a solo artist. He did get some help though tonight from his daughter Ashleigh. She really has a great voice for her age, and despite some nerves had a great performance! Jason closed his set with "That's What the Blood Is For," love that song and another highlight of the night!
  • I liked seeing Jason reprise his role on "Searchin'" with the Talleys. I'm not sure if it was planned or not, but I was definitely in favor of it!
  • I always find it interesting to see what musicians are playing for what groups during NQC. You never know what artist might be there to pitch in! It seemed that Jeff and Sheri Easter and the Whisnants made an even trade tonight. Ethan Whisnant played for Jeff and Sheri, and Jeff and Sheri's drummer, Landan, played for the Whisnants.
  • Speaking of Jeff and Sheri, I really liked them hosting tonight. Jeff Easter trying to fill time at the end got pretty comical! They also had a strong set as performers. 
  • They definitely saved some of the strongest sets for the end with the run of the Perrys, Talleys, Whisnants and Brian Free and Assurance. It was good to hear a new song by the Whisnants, "Move That Stone," from their new album which I'm looking forward to getting. Brian Free and Assurance seemed to get the audience into "Long as I Got King Jesus" even given the late hour.
  • Karen Peck and New River also debuted songs from their new album. I thought they had a strong set closing with the forever favorite "Four Days Late, " but being so early in the night it's sometimes easy to forget a group that was five hours ago. 
  • This was my first chance to see Gold City with Robert Fulton on tenor. And I didn't get a chance to catch their full set, but enough to know that I really like what he brings to the group. Loved hearing him on "Calvary Conquers It All!"

What did you think? What moments stood out to you?

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