Monday, June 29, 2015

Luke White Passes Away

Luke White, 30, passed away Sunday after fighting double pneumonia. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this time.

Luke was involved in many facets in the industry. He traveled with many groups behind the scenes including the Greenes and Aaron and Amanda Crabb. He also sang with his sister. Most recently he also worked with IMC Concerts.

Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. Luke's homegoing celebration will be at noon on Thursday, July 2 at North Pointe Church in Kernersville, North Carolina. Visitation will be Wednesday, July 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Donations to supplement Luke's medical expenses can be made online or mailed to:
Phillip & Rhonda White
1205 Century Park Ave.
Kernersville, NC 27284

Here's a clip of Luke from a few years ago singing with his sister -

Saturday, June 27, 2015

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - June 27

Here are some news and tidbit items from this week in gospel music -

  • Dustin Black resigned from Mark Trammell Quartet effective August 3. He will be starting a new ministry in Ireland.
  • Matthew Esquivel joined Paul's Journey as the group's tenor singer. His first concert with them was June 25. He is 21 years old and from Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The family of Buck Rambo issued an open letter to fans this week that he has been battling cancer. Please keep them in your prayers. Here's the full letter from the family.
  • The Bowling Family announced this week that they will start a music fest and talent search in London, Kentucky next year. It will take place May 13-14, 2016 and will feature Adam Crabb, Gold City, Karen Peck & New River, Triumphant Quartet, Jeff and Sheri Easter, the McKameys, Primitive Quartet and Aaron Wilburn.
  • Jake Wood joined Mercy's Well this week. This is the 22-year-old's first full-time position in Christian music though he has experience singing in various local ministries.
  • The final round of voting for the 2015 Singing News Fan Awards is now open. Subscribers can vote online at
  • Prayers requested for Luke White who has been involved in Southern Gospel behind the scenes work for many years. He has been in the hospital with pneumonia and a collapsed lung. 
Anything I've missed?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Jeff Easter Sings Bass

Here's a jewel of a Fun Clip Friday post for you! I've seen clips of Jeff Easter singing tenor before but never bass. This clip was taken at a singing at a Memorial Day Weekend singing where Jeff and Sheri Easter were with the Dixie Echoes this weekend. Watch as Jeff Easter sings bass with Chandler Johnson on "Roll on Jordan." Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thursday Night - Memphis Quartet Show - Concert Recap

Thursday was a full day of gospel music. The concert that night kicked off at 6 p.m. and ended
several hours later. I confess I slipped out just a little early because I had to be back at work the next morning! Each of the six groups sang about 30 minutes during the first half and then came back out for about 15 minutes each in the second half.

The six groups that sang that night were

  • Tribute Quartet
  • Dixie Echoes
  • The Old Paths
  • Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion
  • Primitive Quartet
  • Mark Trammell Quartet
Of the six groups, I hadn't seen two of them live before, Smoky Mountain Reunion and the Primitive Quartet. It was a good lineup of some great quartet singing! Here are some of my thoughts on the night and standout moments - 

Tribute Quartet
  • This group was the perfect choice to get the night started! They had a great energy to get the crowd going!
  • "I Will Rise" - I just love this song every time! Such a powerful song!!
  • "Good News from Jerusalem" - Always a crowd favorite, and great way to end their set!
Dixie Echoes
  • This was my first chance to hear Chandler Johnson on bass and WOW! This young man can hold his own at the bass part with the seasoned veterans of the group. He is incredible!
  • "Crumbs From the Table" - I always enjoy hearing Scoot sing this song.
Smoky Mountain Reunion
  • "God Is Still On the Throne" - Their a cappella version of this song was a definite highlight!
  • It was good to hear them sing some of the classics like "Jesus Is Coming Soon" and "Unseen Hand."
The Old Paths
  • The response for The Old Paths was awesome! The crowd really loved this group and wanted to show them the love since it would be their last time at the Memphis Quartet Show. They also got the first standing ovation of the night.
  • "I Bowed on my Knees" - I'm so glad that I got to hear Tim sing this song! He does a fantastic job on this song!
  • It was neat to hear the audience's response as songs started for some of their hits like "Love Them To Jesus" and "God's Great." They really made their last appearance a memorable one!
Primitive Quartet
  • "My Hope Is in the Blood" - They sang this in tribute to Norman Wilson. It was a touching moment and a great way to honor him!
  • "He Looked Beyond My Fault" - They did this as an instrumental. It was definitely a standout moment of their set!
Mark Trammell Quartet
  • "God's Been Faithful" - This has become one of my top favorite songs that they sing! Great message, and love to hear them sing it!
  • "Your Walk Talks" - The audience loves this song. Always gets a great response!
  • "I Want to Know" - In one of the classiest moves I've seen, they pulled Pat Barker on stage to sing this with them. Someone requested this song during the matinee, but they didn't have the track. Randy Byrd said that he is one of Pat's biggest fans, and it was only fitting that Pat come up and sing his signature song. It was great hearing Pat sing this song again, and I was so impressed with the way they handled it! 

I hate that I was only there for one day, but glad that I got to make the quick trip. I think this event is really becoming a favorite of gospel fans. Hopefully next year I can see more of it!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dustin Black Resigns From Mark Trammell Quartet

The Mark Trammell Quartet announced this morning on its Facebook page that Dustin Black is resigning from the group effective Aug. 3. Dustin has been with Mark Trammell Quartet officially since May 2013, but travelled with them since early 2013. He will be going to Ireland where his fiancee lives and starting a new ministry.

Here's the full release -

GADSDEN, AL – Twenty-eight-year-old MTQ tenor Dustin Black has tendered his resignation effective August 3. Dustin will be involved in a wonderful new ministry opportunity overseas. Mark states, “We have been honored to watch this young man become a very usable tool in the hand of God. While he will be missed, we are thrilled that God has his hand on Dustin, and will literally be taking his music abilities and Gods message to the wonderful people of Northern Ireland. Dustin will assume his new responsibilities in country sometime in August. Please be praying for this young man, and Rachael (his bride to be) as they begin this exciting new chapter in their lives. Join us in wishing them Godspeed.”

If you are interested in an audition for the tenor position with MTQ please send a brief resume, current photo, and an mp3 of no more than two songs to

Thank you for your continued support and love for The Mark Trammell Quartet!

Second Half Quartet - Memphis Quartet Show

Thursday I got the chance to slip away across the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee to the Memphis Quartet Show. I was able to be there for the matinee show with the Second Half Quartet and the night's concert with Tribute Quartet, Dixie Echoes, Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion, The Old Paths, Primitive Quartet and Mark Trammell Quartet.

The Second Half Quartet consists of Greater Vision (Gerald Wolfe, Chris Allman and Rodney Griffin), Mark Trammell and Pat Barker. The Mark Trammell Quartet and Greater Vision do several dates together. When Pat was with the group, they would do some quartet music in the second half of concerts. This lineup became a popular draw to these concerts, so they created the Second Half Quartet.

Second Half Quartet - Gerald Wolfe, Chris Allman, Mark Trammell,
Rodney Griffin and Pat Barker
The afternoon was about an hour and a half of just quartet singing with keyboard and bass guitar. No soundtracks were used which got applause when announced along with some hearty "amens." I honestly am not sure the last time or if I ever have seen a concert with no soundtracks used.

They sang so many older songs and Cathedral classics. The crowd couldn't get enough of it! During the concert, Gerald said that they were supposed to take an intermission. Audience members quickly yelled out "No!" when Gerald asked about taking a break, so we were treated to more singing! In so many ways, I still feel like a new fan not being as familiar with older songs. It was so great to hear just classic quartet singing for an afternoon!

Here are some of the highlights -

  • "Wonderful Grace of Jesus" - They actually sang this a cappella. It was absolutely incredible!
  • "Prodigal Son" - This was the first song I remember hearing this lineup sing after seeing a video on YouTube. Rodney is great on this Cathedrals classic!
  • "There's Something About That Name"/ "I Will Serve Thee" - Loved hearing these two Gaither songs together. Pat started off "I Will Serve Thee" and they ended it a cappella. You could see Gerald at the keyboard just sitting back and enjoying. He made the comment after it was over, "That was just good, I don't care who you are!" And it was!
  • Dianne Wilkinson songs - The legend herself was at the event. The quartet made sure to mention her and sing "Master Builder" and "Boundless Love."
  • "I Know a Man Who Can" - I honestly never get tired of hearing Chris sing this song. Gerald took time to introduce each of the men singing. He talked about how Chris attended a Cathedral concert when he was younger and got to sing on stage with them. He was bitten by the bug after that.
  • "Remind Me of Calvary" - Another Cathedrals song that Mark was featured on. Gerald called Mark the most consistent singer in gospel music, and I definitely agree. 
  • "Thanks to Calvary" - I love hearing Pat sing this song. It was so great to see him on stage singing again. 
This group is actually releasing a CD. They had pre-releases available that afternoon, and so I was lucky enough to get one! They won't be available until December 30. The CD is great and contains 10 songs. They sang most of them Thursday afternoon. A few that I didn't mention above are "When I Move," "Cheer the Weary Traveler" and "Rivers of Joy." Be sure to get it when it becomes available!

This group doesn't appear together often, so I'm thankful I was able to catch them in Memphis! It was an incredible afternoon of gospel music!  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Second Half Quartet - Fun Clip Friday

The Memphis Quartet Show is going on this week. Yesterday afternoon the matinee show actually featured a trio though with a few additions! The Second Half Quartet was formed on dates that Greater Vision and the Mark Trammell Quartet worked together. During the second half, Chris Allman, Rodney Griffin, Mark Trammell and Pat Barker would sing together as a quartet with Gerald Wolfe on piano. The Second Half Quartet was born. Yesterday afternoon I got to see the 2nd Half Quartet for myself. Full recap coming next week!

For today’s Fun Clip Friday, here’s a clip of the lineup before they were called the Second Half Quartet! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Smiling With the Ball Brothers - Concert Recap

Sunday afternoon the Ball Brothers were just outside of Sherwood, Arkansas. The church was having a homecoming service complete with potluck and a gospel concert. The concert was scheduled to start after the potluck at 2 p.m. We got to the church a little before 2, and it took us a while to figure out that the concert would actually be the separate building where the potluck had been.

Once we got out to the building and found seats, they said that the Ball Brothers had called and were actually running late. Unfortunately their morning service had run over causing them to be late. They got to the church about 20 minutes later and had to set up in record time and sound check with a full audience. I felt bad for the guys being late and then having to take care of everything with people watching. Kudos to them for being so swift to get the concert started once they got to the venue!

I've only seen the Ball Brothers a handful of times, but I certainly hope to hear more of them after the concert on Sunday! The group now consists of the two original brothers Daniel and Andrew Ball together with brother-in-law Chad McCloskey and Jon Epley.

Ball Brothers - Andrew Ball, Chad McCloskey, Daniel Ball
and Jon Epley
They started the concert with "It's Gonna Be a Good Day." It was a good way to start the concert. Despite all the circumstances of the day, we were in a for a good time! Daniel does a great job on this song! They then sang "I Wouldn't Miss Heaven (For the World) and "Who's Gonna Stand in the Gap."

The Ball Brothers really have a unique style and sound to them. Their incredibly smooth harmonies were really showcased on "Some Day." I can see how their style can attract new fans to Southern Gospel.

After brief introductions, Jon was featured on "Happy Rhythm," great song for him to be featured on! He also sang on "Forgive Me" that really allowed him to show his range. Chad showed off his crooner style on "Beautiful One." I wasn't familiar with their rendition of this song until Sunday! Love how Chad really makes it his own. They mentioned how much Chad sounds like Michael Buble and how he's actually getting the chance to work on some demos for his next album.

One of the funnier parts of the concert was the guys singing "I Smile." Andrew said they should sing the song because it was his kids' favorite song. Daniel interrupted him saying that they really didn't have much to smile about since they were running late and apparently had a small accident with the bus when they did make it to the church. They did restart the song and Daniel tried to sing the song without smiling. You can tell they have a lot of fun with that!

Right before intermission, they sang "Just As I Am." Love this song, definitely a highlight of the concert!

Daniel talked about how God was opening some doors for their ministry to travel some overseas. They had plans to go both to Ireland and Brazil this year. They were all excited about what God was doing and how He was blessing them with new opportunities. They had been praying for a new direction, but did not realize what He would do. He started to work in their hearts about being available for new opportunities, and He opened doors.

During the second half they sang "Glimpse of Your Glory," which was probably the Ball Brothers song I first remember hearing! Loved hearing it live. Andrew was also featured on "Nothing to Bring Him." Andrew has an incredible upper range that he was able to showcase on this song. The orchestration on this song was awesome. They mentioned that they recorded the song in the studio with all the musicians there at one time to give it the sound you used to hear on older records.

It was such a great afternoon! I was glad to hear them in a concert by themselves. This group definitely brings something different to Southern Gospel and is able to reach a different audience than your typical group. I strongly recommend seeing them next time they are in your area. I know I will!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - June 13

Here are some news and tidbit items from this week in gospel music -

  • McCray Dove and Tony Peace announced this week that they will be forming the New Dove Brothers. Watch this video announcement. More details will be announced later.
  • Phillip Hughes resigned from the Harvesters and has joined the Anchormen as lead. He was with the Anchormen previously for four years starting in 1997.
  • The Good News! He's Alive! Tour which features The Talleys and Tribute Quartet launches June 27 in Houston, Texas. For more dates on the tour, check out the Harper Agency's website.
  • Tammy Jones Robinette signed a new agreement with Rural Rhythm Records.

Anything I've missed?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Gospel Music Hymn Sing - Glory to His Name

Happy Friday to all! Yesterday, another clip from the Gospel Music Hymn Sing DVD was released on YouTube. If you don't have this DVD, I highly suggest purchasing it!

There will be a tour this fall featuring Greater Vision, Mark Trammell Quartet, Jim Brady Trio, Mylon Hayes Family, TaRanda Greene and Stan Whitmire. Tickets go on sale on July 7. You can learn more here.

I'm pretty excited about attending hymn sing event this fall, but for now enjoy this clip of "Glory to His Name!"

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tribute Quartet - Concert Recap

Last weekend, Tribute Quartet came to Ward, Arkansas. This was actually my second time to get to see this group this year.

Tribute Quartet - Riley Harrison Clark, Gary Casto, Josh Singletary
and Anthony Davis
It was one of those night where you can just tell that the crowd was loving every minute of it! People were definitely glad to see Tribute Quartet back in Arkansas.

This line up (Riley Harrison Clark, Gary Casto, Josh Singletary and Anthony Davis) has now been together for four years. And it's easy to see that they have really gelled together. They have great on stage chemistry and sound great together!

Here's the run down on what they sang -
  • "Stepping on the Clouds"
  • "I Could Sing About Heaven"
  • "Everybody Needs Jesus"
  • "Makes Me Want to Go"
  • "I Remember the Day"
  • "I'll Fly Away" - Josh was featured on the keys on this one. The guys have a lot of fun with this one as Josh plays, but he is able to really show off his talents as a musician. 
  • "Those Who Know Me Know" - This is a fun song to see them sing live. They call it their "cruise song."
  • "In the Valley I Can Hear His Voice" - This started a stretch for the guys to take a more serious turn and really deliver the chops and show off their vocals. Anthony and Riley are featured on the verses of this song. Love it and its message!
  • "I Will Rise" - This has to be one of my favorite Tribute songs! Love hearing Riley sing this song!
  • "Good News From Jerusalem" - Always a fan favorite! This has really become Josh's signature song!
  • "Outside the Gate" - I love how they sing the end a cappella and come out into the audience. It's always a highlight! 
  • "Darkest Before Daylight"
  • "I've Been Blessed" 
  • "Sweeter As the Days Go By" 
  • "Look for Me Around the Throne"
  • "Leavin' on My Mind" - Anthony does a great job on this Rusty Goodman song that he also recently sang at the Harmony Honors on TBN.
  • "Homecoming Day" - I was so glad to hear them stage this song again! One of my favorites, and Riley kills it every time!
  • "What a Day That Will Be"
  • "God of All My Days" - This was absolutely the highlight of the night. I love this song, and Gary does such an incredible job delivering the message of the song. I can see how this song ministers to so many different people no matter what they are going through. 
After a time of invitation, the guys minus Gary gave their product pitch. I have to say it's one of the funniest I've seen! They definitely make it entertaining!

It was such a great night with a lot of laughs and sweet times of worship. I look forward to seeing these guys again the next time they are nearby!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When Lyrics Speak - Pray on the Little Days - Mark Bishop

Why is it that when things happen we can’t talk to God enough? We cry out to Him in desperation longing for a clear answer, an intervening miracle. But on the days when things are going well, why don’t we talk to Him that much? What if we praised Him and thanked Him as much as we cry out to Him?

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. My grandfather is back in the hospital, and it’s been a week of steps forward and steps back. We all want more time and want to see him get better to return to some sense of normalcy. We long and cry out to God for that. But those times when I could just sit by him at a gospel concert or at his house watching TV, why didn’t I praise God more for those times?

Or when those little issues come up, the decisions we don’t think really matter, why don’t we trust God with those? We want Him to be big and powerful and make the big moves, but so many times it’s about trusting Him daily with all the little things.

This song has definitely been on my mind. Listen to it.. every word. Let these lyrics soak in. Why is it more difficult to just let God be God on the little days? But life would be much better if we turn to Him through all of life not just the valleys.

I love these lines -

Why do we wait until things go wrong,
When we could have him by our side all along?
Let God be God in the best of times, and He’ll be God
Through the worst of times.

Praying that the lyrics speak to you today. I know they certainly have to me more recently.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pray Now - Karen Peck and New River - CD Review

Karen Peck and New River released Pray Now at the end of April. I'll be honest this is probably one of the releases I looked forward to most this year. This group was one of the first groups I really became a fan once I started listening to Southern Gospel. And it did not disappoint! This definitely will be one of the top albums of the year. The group continues to amaze me, topping themselves album after album. This is the third project for this lineup of the group (Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck Jackson and Jeff Hawes). With each project they set the bar high, but continue to release projects that surpass what they've previously done.

One of the things that definitely stands out about this project is how many of the songs Karen wrote. She co-wrote five of the songs. I think with every album in recent years the songs she helped write have increased. Her songs are definitely among the top ones on the project!

I predict the title track "Pray Now" will become a signature song for the group. Karen does an outstanding job on this song that is one of the ones she co-wrote. The message of this song is incredible and so timely considering what the group has recently been through with Rickey Gooch's cancer battle. Be sure to check out the concept video for it! Excellent choice for this to be their first single.

"I Choose Christ" is definitely one of my favorites as well. Karen delivers these powerful lyrics so well. When everything around us says give up and we don't understand what's going on, we have to choose Christ.

"Calling" starts out with a country twang. It's one of the few uptempo songs on the project, but one of my favorites. The song features Karen, and it's one that I can see them singing a lot live.

With Celtic influence, "Redemption's Holy Lamb" really features the full trio and how well they sound together. The music and arrangement is very different than anything else I've heard from them, but it's definitely one you don't want to skip!

Susan sings "Peace that Covers All the Pain." This is a beautiful song that Susan really shines on. The message of this song is incredible and so reassuring for believers. Susan is also featured on "Love With All Your Heart" that is a different song than the group previously recorded on Reach Out.

Jeff is featured on both "Hallelujah for the Cross" and "I'm Not Letting Go." With these songs, he shows how well he can tackle different style songs. The former is more contemporary sounding, while the latter sounds very modern country. Both of these I found myself repeating!

Kari Gooch gets her first solo on a Karen Peck and New River project, and it's one that can't be missed. You can definitely hear a younger version of her mother. "A Life That's Good" is such a great song choice for Kari and her voice. I definitely look forward to hearing more from her in the future, and I'll hope they will include it some in live concerts!

In short, this project is a must purchase. If you're a fan of Karen Peck and New River, you'll fall in love with each song. For any gospel music fan, you will see why this group continues to rise to the top. It's an album you don't want to miss!

Song List -

1. "Calling"
2. "Pray Now"
3. "Hallelujah for the Cross"
4. "Love With All Your Heart"
5. "Blessed"
6. "I'm Not Letting Go"
7. "I Choose Christ"
8. "Peace the Covers the Pain"
9. "Redemption's Holy Lamb"
10. "Lord, Send Your Angels"
11. "A Life That's Good"

Saturday, June 6, 2015

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - June 6

Here are some news and tidbit items from this week in gospel music -

  • Salem Media Group announced the signing of Steve Hess & Southern Salvation as the inaugural artist for its Singing News Select Artist program. The trio consists of Steve Hess, Jay Arview and John McCall. The group has recently completed a new album, Carry the Message. For more information, go to
  • Absolutely Gospel Music announced that this year's AGM Festival will be different. Normally held each year for a week in July, but this year it will be a couple of one night concerts in different parts of Tennessee. The first concert will be held in conjunction with the Marcelly's Dream Mission Project and will feature the Isaacs and the Browders on Thursday, August 20 at the South Cleveland Church of God, in Cleveland, Tenn. has more details.
Anything I've missed?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Tenor vs. Bass

You know those weeks that don't exactly go as planned? Welcome to my week. However, it's Friday and things are looking up! This weekend also starts a stretch of some great gospel groups coming into Arkansas over the next several weeks.

I have three clips for you featured on today's Fun Clip Friday post! Who doesn't love a good tenor/bass challenge? Matthew Fouch who has become quite the avid YouTube user post three videos of him and Chris Allman going head to head in some challenges! I guarantee they will brighten up your Friday! Watch them below!

Monday, June 1, 2015

As We Speak - Greater Vision - CD Review

Greater Vision has to be one of the most consistent groups in Southern Gospel. This awarded trio has only had a handful of personnel changes in its 25 years. When you pick up a Greater Vision project, you know what kind of sound to expect. This album is another example of the kind of quality music we have come to expect and love from this group.

This album also has the distinction of being one of the last ones that Lari Goss orchestrated. His touch is definitely evident throughout the project.

As We Speak starts with one of six Rodney Griffin-penned songs "Put Out the Fire." This toe-tapper definitely is a great way to start the project. It's also the first single of the album. "Toes in the Water" is another uptempo song that challenges believers to do more than just wade in the Christian life. It questions us about how committed we are to the Kingdom.

One of my favorite songs on the projects is "Saved By the Same Grace." This song is a co-write between Chris Allman and Rodney. I tried to find another co-write with these two and was unsuccessful. Someone smarter than me, tell me if this is a first! Regardless, I love it. I'm a fan of story songs. I love the perspective speaking to Christians and how we judge sins and put them in categories of "big" and "small," but we are all saved by the same grace. Chris gets the feature on the verses, and does an incredible job.

Chris is also featured on another toe-tapper "Never Will I Ever Again." This song is one not written by Chris or Rodney but Regina Walden who is a fairly new name to me. It definitely has a country flair to it.

"As We Speak" is another one that is a must listen. Gerald takes the verses on this one and conveys its lyrics so well. I listened to the song, and then I hit repeat. And then I hit repeat again. The song has an incredible convicting message of our relationship with the Father. I love the build up of the song, and the orchestration behind it. You can definitely tell Lari Goss's touch on the song. Do not miss the title cut of this project!!

"I Do Know" is another Rodney Griffin song that also features him. While Rodney is featured on six of the 10 songs, this is my favorite song that Rodney sings on this project. He knocks it out of the park. The album does contain one cover which is "Let the Blood of Calvary Speak for Me." I was not very familiar with this song. This is a close second for me of the songs that Rodney is featured on!

Chris is featured on "He Does" which he also wrote. I love this simple arrangement that really showcases his vocal abilities. The song has such a comforting lyric of Christ's love and his desire for a relationship with us.

Lyrically, this project has some of the strongest songs I remember hearing in recent years. Greater Vision not only has some of the greatest writers within their own group, but also included some songs from veteran writers like Phil Cross and Joel Hemphill.

Greater Vision's last project For All He's Done was one of the trio's strongest releases in my opinion. This project is right there with it. It's definitely one that you don't want to miss!

Song List -
1. "Put Out the Fire"
2. "We Can't Tell It All"
3. "Toes in the Water"
4. "He Does"
5. "In the Sandals of Daniel"
6. "Let the Blood of Calvary Speak for Me"
7. "Never Will I Ever Again"
8. "I Do Know"
9. "Saved By the Same Grace"
10. "As We Speak"