Monday, August 26, 2013

Shoutin' on Day Four of Southern Gospel Picnic - Silver Dollar City

You would think Mondays would be a slower day for the festival, but it proved to be a record-breaking day at Silver Dollar City and even ended with a little bit of shoutin'!

Today started with the Taylors for me. The first time I saw the Taylors was two years ago at Silver Dollar City. It was great to see Leslie back with her siblings! There's just something about great sibling family harmony, and they definitely have it! Loved hearing them sing the a cappella "I Call on Jesus!" The highlight of the show though had to be them ending with "I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary." Absolutely beautiful!!!!

I caught the Perrys twice today, and Libbi was able to be with them! Before the first show, General Manager of Silver Dollar City Brad Thomas and D.A. Calloway, entertainment director at the City, presented Libbi with a bouquet of flowers  to show their support for her and letting her know all of Silver Dollar City was continuing to pray for Tracy and appreciated her being there. Everyone was standing applauding, and I don't think there were many dry eyes in the house! 

During the first show, Libbi sang "Through the Night," which definitely was a highlight!! Bryan introduce Libbi and she got another standing ovation. We all loved Libbi being there!! She talked about having to learn to totally trust God 100% and learn to rely on Him day by day. Praise God Tracy was able to go back to rehab today! 

The second highlight of the show was definitely David singing "Calvary Answers for Me!"

In between Perrys shows I caught Tribute Quartet. The crowd really got into "Homesick Angel!" But the last two songs they did were my favorite! Riley absolutely tears up "Safe Thus Far!" And then they closed the show with "Good News from Jerusalem," which they turned around a couple of times! Such an incredible song!

The final Perrys show featured Libbi on both "Celebrate Me Home" and "Jesus Hold My Hand." I have video of the latter which had some pretty funny moments with David and Bryan being anti-bluegrass! 

Bryan shared his testimony also during the show. He talked about how he thought he was saved at a young age, but never really knew Christ until some time later. He said he knew it wasn't typical to take time to do this at a theme park show, but I think it really showed his heart and the heart of the group to take time and make sure that people had a chance to hear the gospel not just through songs.

They sang "When He Spoke," which I love, and was a highlight for me! Then ended with "I Wish I Could of Been There!"

The Hoppers were in Echo Hollow tonight and set a record for the number of people tonight with more than 5,900!!

Even though I've seen the Hoppers earlier this year twice this was my first chance to see Kim. The other two times TaRanda was filling in for her, and I'm still a little disappointed I've never seen her and Kim sing live together.

However, tonight was fantastic from the opening song to the last shoutin' time!

Kim had a couple of highlights with "He Didn't Just Carry the Cross" and "Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin."

I love hearing Connie sing "I've Come Too Far to Look Back," and of course Kim helped her restart the chorus! :)

One of my favorites though was "I'll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus." So beautiful!!! They ended the show with "Shoutin' Time," and I lost count of the number of times they turned it around! The entire audience was on its feet clapping and singing along!!!

Incredible night, and now ready for day 5!

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