Saturday, April 29, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - April 29

Here are some news items from this week in Gospel music -

  • Congratulations to Morgan Easter and Landan Smith who became engaged this week!
  • Matt Felts announced the launch of his solo ministry. He will remain the general manager of Butler Music Group in addition to this ministry.
  • Master's Voice has re-signed with Sonlite Records (Crossroads Entertainment and Marketing). The group's new album Walk Worthy will release in July.
Anything I've missed?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Beginning - Bowling Sisters - CD Review

For anyone who is concerned about the future of gospel music, go get The Beginning from the
Bowling Sisters. With Mike and Kelly Bowling as their parents and talented aunts and uncles, these girls were raised singing gospel music. It's in their genes, but you can tell these girls have a passion and calling on their own lives.

The Bowling Sisters are Hope (17), Katelanne (13) and Gracie (10). This isn't one of those CDs that's just good for a group of young singers. It's just good. As you listen, you quickly forget how young they are.

The project kicks off with "So Smile." It's a fun song to remind us all that we have something to smile about and life's trials are temporary.

I'm so glad they chose to include "He Sees What We Don't" (previously recorded by 11th Hour and written by Amber Eppinette and Joseph Habedank). This song is a stand out solo by Hope. I've always been a fan of this song and love Hope's take on it. At only 17, she shows that she knows her way around a song and how to feel every word of what she's singing.

"Higher Ground" is definitely more contemporary sounding with a great guitar intro. "You Brought the Sunshine" is another progressive song that will really go over well with young audiences. I'm sure another one that younger audiences will know is the worship song "Forever."

Gracie at only 10 delivers some of the most mature lyrics of the project with "Fragile Heart," and she makes you believe every word of what she's singing like she's been there. Incredible song with a great message that shows you how she can already communicate a lyric.

Katelanne takes on a Mandisa song with "Stronger" showing the different style songs she can tackle. She also takes on "I Love the Lord" with a more soulful feel. This girl is a singer. Just listening you would never guess she's only 13.

"He'll Do It Again" is a tribute to the Crabb Family. The group sang this on its first talent competition and if you can believe it didn't receive any awards that night. I like this tribute to their heritage. And Hope knocks this one out of the park!

Their arrangement of "At the Cross" is probably my favorite track. You cannot beat the harmonies on this beloved hymn.

These girls have an incredible bright future ahead of them. This is an album that they will look back on in 10 years and can be extremely proud of. This is definitely a "must-buy" of 2017. With groups like the Bowling Sisters, the future of gospel music is in good hands. They already have the passion and the calling, and the talent is evident. The good news is this is only The Beginning. 

Songs to Turn Up - "So Smile," "Higher Ground," "Stronger"
Songs to Put on Repeat - "At the Cross," "He Sees What We Don't"
Songs to Give a Second Listen - "He'll Do It Again," "That's What He'll Be"

Song List -
1. "So Smile"
2. "He Sees What We Don't"
3. "Higher Ground"
4. "You Brought the Sunshine"
5. "He'll Do It Again"
6. "Fragile Heart"
7. "Stronger"
8. "I Love the Lord"
9. "Forever"
10. "Nothing's Too Big for My God"
11. "At the Cross"
12. "That's What He'll Be"

Saturday, April 22, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - April 22

It was a big news day on Friday for Southern Gospel with one addition and one departure. Here are news items from all of this week in gospel music -
  • Trey Ivey has resigned from Legacy Five. As a new father, he found it difficult to have the full-time touring schedule. Trey plans to continue to be active in the studio producing, arranging and orchestrating, so the good news is that he will still be involved in the industry. He will remain with Legacy Five until a replacement is found. For those interested in the piano playing position with Legacy Five, contact Scott Fowler via email at
  • Jon Epley joined Greater Vision as a fourth member. He will fill the harmony/ baritone vocals that has traditionally been Gerald Wolfe's part. Gerald will still be traveling with the group, singing some features, playing piano and emceeing. Jon has been with the LeFevre Quartet, the Ball Brothers and the Inspirations.
  • Daywind Records announced the addition of Gospel Music Hall of Fame member, Mark Lowry. Mark Lowry's first project on the label will be out in August.
  • Mark Hoggard of The Harvesters Quartet had open-heart surgery to repair several blockages on Thursday.  Surgery went well, but continue to pray for his recovery. 
  • Pray for Cana's Voice singer Jody McBrayer's in-laws. Diane, his mother-in-law, was having surgery for eye cancer and his father-in-law, Gary, collapsed in the waiting room with a stroke. The eye surgery for Diane went well, but Gary is still in serious condition. Please keep all of them in your prayers.
  • Tracy Stuffle (The Perrys) is still in the hospital after gallbladder surgery. He had a light stroke with some mild seizures. They are optimistic about him being able to go home this weekend. 
  • The second round of voting is now open for subscribers. Go to to vote. 
Anything I've missed?

Friday, April 21, 2017

News from Greater Vision - Jon Epley Added as Fourth Vocalist

There is big news from Greater Vision this morning. Jon Epley will be joining the group as a fourth member. Epley who has sung multiple parts will be coming on to sing the harmony (what has traditionally been Gerald's part). His coming on board will help Gerald stay on the road for many years to come by taking some of the singing load off his plate. He will continue to play, emcee and sing some features.

When I first saw the release I thought maybe Greater Vision was getting a bass singer after all these years. That's NOT the case. The group has always been a trio and will continue to be. I think Jon's baritone voice will be a great fit for the group to keep that traditional Greater Vision sound. Look forward to hearing him with the group!

The full press release is below -

Morristown, TN (April 21, 2017) –Greater Vision will be introducing a new vocalist to their audiences, beginning this week. Jon Epley is joining the trio, and will perform his first concert with the group on Friday, April 21, in Springfield, Missouri.

Jon says, “I have been a fan of Greater Vision for many years. To say that I am overwhelmed and honored to be singing with three of my heroes, Gerald, Rodney, and Chris, would be a huge understatement. I would like to thank these men for this opportunity to sing the music that I love. I look forward to learning so much from them. I sincerely desire to be a blessing, in any way that I can, to the wonderful ministry that Greater Vision has established over the years.”

Gerald Wolfe says, “I’ve known Jon for several years, and am very glad to have him as a part of our group.” Gerald added, “Jon isn’t replacing anybody. No one is leaving the group, and contrary to rumors that might arise… I’m not making plans to retire. Jon is actually coming onboard to help me stay on the road for many more years. Most people who come to our concerts know I was diagnosed with a chronic neck muscle issue (Muscle Tension Dysphonia), a few years ago. I have good days and bad days, but never a day without pain and tension in both sides of my neck. The condition often makes it painfully difficult to breath and sing properly through an entire concert. Jon will be singing what has historically been my part in the harmony with Greater Vision. I will still be singing some features, handling the emceeing, and playing the piano in our concerts. The really good news is, I can confidently say the overall “GV Sound” isn’t going to change, but Jon’s great baritone voice adds a fresh, new texture to the trio’s blend.”

Jon has already been in the recording studio with Greater Vision, and will be heard on their new CD, Still, which will be released by Daywind Records in July. Rodney Griffin said, “I was impressed with Jon’s quick learning curve in the studio, and look forward to traveling with him… and hope he’s a slow bus driver.” Chris Allman added, “Change is always a scary thing, but our experience with Jon in the studio has served as confirmation that he is the right man for this season in our ministry. Looking forward to what the years ahead have to offer!”

Jon Epley isn’t new to Gospel Music, having traveled with his family’s evangelistic team, The Inspirations, The Ball Brothers, and The LeFevre Quartet, before leaving the road one year ago. He and his wife, Tiffany, reside in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Fun Clip Friday - Collingsworth Family

The Collingsworth Family is set to record a live DVD this weekend. They shared a clip of rehearsal last night on Facebook courtesy of Courtney. The event is sold out, but you can still watch a webcast online. Find out more at the Collingsworth Family's website.

Enjoy this short preview for today's Fun Clip Friday!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Joshua 24:15 - Jordan Family Band - CD Review

The Jordan Family Band might be a new name for many gospel fans. This family group consists of husband and wife Joshua and Randa Jordan and their sons, Hutch (17), Alex (12) and Grant (10). Their latest album Joshua 24:15 was my first real introduction to the group. I'd see a few viral Facebook videos and been impressed, but hadn't had a chance to really listen to the group.

While Randa is the main vocalist of the group, Joshua had a hand in writing all 11 songs on the projects with only two co-writes.

The project kicks off with "Our Time to Shine" which I think does a nice job of setting the tone and really saying where the group is now. Judging from this album, I think this project is the one that's going to make a lot of people notice the Jordan Family Band.

Joshua has a nice country voice that is featured on "Better Than I Used to Be" and "I Miss Them All." "Better Than I Used to Be" is a song that really can speak to every Christian regardless of where they are in their walk with Christ. "I Miss Them All" is a song that could easily fit on country radio.

"The Day" is one of the group's singles from this project. It features Randa, and to me is one of the strongest songs on the project. It tells the story of Christ's death and resurrection. Great Easter song! "

One of my favorite songs she sings is "My God Is Faithful." The song really showcases the mountain, folksy flavor in her voice. Songs about God's faithfulness can always serve as the reminder believers need.

"It's a Big Big World" and "Joshua 24:15" highlights Alex Jordan's young talent. "Remember the Ember" features oldest son Hutch. It's a great song with a strong message for a younger singer, but he delivers it well.  I can definitely hear the potential in both boys. Look forward to great things from them as they get older.

This might be your first time hearing about the Jordan Family Band, but it won't be your last. I expect great things to come from this group based on Joshua 24:15.

Song to put on repeat: "Our Time to Shine," "My God Is Faithful"

Songs to turn up: "The Day"

Songs to give a second listen (those songs that don't necessarily stand out on a first listen-through but then become a "repeat" song): "Remember the Ember," "How Much the More"

Song List -

1. "Our Time to Shine"
2. "I've Got You Covered"
3. "Better Than I Used to Be"
4. "The Day"
5. "It's a Big Big World (But I've Got a Big Big God)"
6. "My God Is Faithful"
7. "I Miss Them All"
8. "How Much the More"
9. "Joshua 24:15"
10. "Remember the Ember"
11. "Heart Healer"

Saturday, April 15, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits -

Here are news items from this week in Southern Gospel -
  • Doug Pittman has joined the Down East Boys at tenor. He was most recently with the Dixie Melody Boys. His first concert with the group will be on April 21.
  • Congratulations to Kody and Cayla Erwin on the birth of their daughter, Laney Brooke on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 3:35 p.m. She was 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and measured 20 1/2 inches long.
  • The Absolutely Gospel Music Awards were held on Tuesday. Here's the full list of winners. You can also view the entire awards show on Facebook.
  • Prayers requested for Tracy Stuffle. He had his gallbladder removed on Friday. With his medical history, there are always risks; however, Tracy came through the surgery well. Please pray for him and Libbi as he recovers.
Anything I've missed?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fun Clip Friday - About the Cross

It's Friday ... and Good Friday at that. It's the season where we reflect on the sacrifice of Christ, His death and resurrection. With it being that season, let's look at a few songs all about the cross.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Absolutely Gospel Awards 2017

The Absolutely Gospel Music Awards were held last night in Nashville. I always look forward to this awards show every year. It does a great job of highlighting achievements made over the past year and showcasing different groups.

Thanks to Absolutely Gospel for Facebook Live streaming the event. I got to watch most of it last night. Before the full list of winners, here are a few of my thoughts/ observations about the ceremony -

  • I loved The Isaacs' acceptance for their award for Nature’s Symphony in 432 talking about the album and how much it meant to them because of all they walked through in the past couple years. They talked about how it was such a reminder of God's faithfulness and then seeing Sonya up there with her new baby was just icing on the cake!
  • Each of the genre recording of the year awards were exactly as I would have picked. 
  • Loved Karen Peck Gooch getting recognition for her songwriting! Her humility in her speech and how much she appreciated the award was so evident.
  • The Bowling Sisters had one of the performances of the night. And it was apparent the crowd loved it. These girls not only showed their vocal chops, but they had church on stage.
  • Another performance of the night was the Nelons. Not many groups can just get on stage and sing an a cappella hymn like that.
  • Lauren Talley and Riley Harrison Clark were great hosts for the night. And their duet was amazing!
  • It was sweet seeing Amy Zika getting the Susan Unthank Memorial Award.

Here's the full list of Absolutely Gospel Music award winners:

Song of the Year: “Home” – Jason Crabb (written by Gerald Crabb)

Album of the Year: Nature’s Symphony in 432 – The Isaacs (produced by Ben Isaacs)

Pacesetter: Crossroads Music Group

Breakthrough Artist of the Year: The Wilbanks

Male Vocalist of the Year: Riley Harrison Clark (Tribute Quartet)

Female Vocalist of the Year: Chris Freeman (The Freemans)

Male Group of the Year: Ball Brothers

Female Group of the Year: Bowling Sisters

Mixed Group of the Year: Karen Peck & New River

Songwriter of the Year (Artist): Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River)

Songwriter of the Year (Professional): Sue C. Smith

Producer of the Year (Artist): Ben Isaacs (The Isaacs)

Producer of the Year (Professional): Cody McVey

Engineer of the Year: Van Atkins

Musician of the Year: Josh Singletary (Tribute Quartet)

Traditional Song of the Year: “Amazing God” – Triumphant Quartet (written by Lee Black, Janice Crow and Sue C. Smith)

Traditional Recording of the Year: Here For You – Tribute (produced by Wayne Haun)

Progressive Song of the Year: “Calling” – Karen Peck & New River (written by Jason Cox, Gerald Crabb and Karen Peck Gooch)

Progressive Recording of the Year: What a Moment – 11th Hour (produced by Jeff Collins)

Country Song of the Year: “Christ My Hope, My Glory” – HIGHROAD with Jason Crabb (written by Sarah Davison and Kenna West)

Country Recording of the Year: Nature’s Symphony in 432 – The Isaacs (produced by Terry Bradshaw and Ben Isaacs)

Special Event Project of the Year: The Hinson Side of Me – Chris Freeman (produced by Darrell Freeman)

Music Video of the Year: “The People In the Line” – The Talleys (directed by Jared Meyers of Meyers Media, LLC)

Fan Favorite Artist of the Year: Karen Peck & New River

Susan Unthank Memorial Award: Amy Marie Zika

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Praisefest Branson 2017 - Recap - Part 2

Friday morning at Praisefest Branson they teased that there would be a surprise that night. You could hear a few guesses and suspicions of what that might be. The groups scheduled to be there that night were Legacy Five, Cana's Voice, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound and the Mark Trammell Quartet.

Here are a few highlights of the first half of the night -

  • "One Holy Lamb" (Legacy Five) - Tenor Josh Feemster was featured on this song. 
  • "Hands of a Carpenter" (Legacy Five) - Scott Fowler told a little bit about the background of this song. It was a last minute edition to their latest album. Trey Ivey arranges all their music and Scott sent him the song the night before to arrange. Scott later told him the final piece of including this song on the project would be for Trey to sing it. So Trey stepped out from behind the piano for this one. 
  • "Oh for a Thousand Tongues" (Cana's Voice) - They said this was the first song they ever sang together at Wayne Haun's house when they were talking about forming the group. Loved hearing them sing this with just the piano.
  • "Jesus Never Fails" (Cana's Voice) - This is one of my favorite songs released in the last year. Love hearing it live!
  • "Blessed Assurance" (Ernie Haase and Signature Sound) - I love the group's unique take on this classic hymn. 
  • "Get Away Jordan" (Ernie Haase and Signature Sound) - This is always such a fun, uptempo song, and it definitely got the entire audience on its feet clapping along. However, Ernie took it down a notch and took a break between the song to talk about the lyrics of the last verse and what it meant to him especially after George Younce passed. I think it's easy for us to get caught up in the fast songs and sometimes lose the meaning, so I loved that he did this!
  • "The King Is Coming" (Mark Trammell Quartet) - Love hearing Mark sing this song! It was their last song of the night.

The Mark Trammell Quartet sang a few songs actually to start the second half. Then, Landon Beene,president of IMC Concerts, came out and said when you had Gerald Wolfe, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler and Mark Trammell all together, there needed to be a little bit of a Cathedral Reunion segment. Pat Barker was brought on stage to join them for the bass part. Here are some of my favorites that they sang -

  • "Echoes From the Burning Bush"
  • "Master Builder"
  • "Boundless Love"
  • "There Is a Fountain" (a cappella)
  • "We Shall See Jesus" - This was the last song of the night and was probably the moment of the night!
The tease to a surprise was better than expected! So glad we got this mini Cathedral Family Reunion!

Saturday morning was the last session of the weekend. It was a little sad for it all to come to an end. In addition to great music, we also got to hear great preaching from Phil Hoskins. This was my first time to hear him speak in person. I'm thankful that IMC Concerts included Biblical teaching and preaching during the weekend. 

Saturday morning had music from the Erwins, Cana's Voice and Legacy Five. This was my first time to hear the Erwins in person. Jody McBrayer led the congregation in worship to start the final session of the day with "Oh How I Love Jesus" and "In the Garden." 

Here are a few highlights from the morning - 
  • "Greater" (Erwins) - I'm really glad they included this one in their set. It's one of my favorites they sing. 
  • "Clouds" (Erwins) - They talked about how the song came from a verse in Nahum. It's such a great song about how great God is if the clouds are the dust at His feet. Keith does a great job on this song. 
  • "Big Enough" (Cana's Voice) - Loved hearing this one live. TaRanda also took time to explain where the name of Cana's Voice came from. Jesus used the broken and dirty ceremonial pots to perform his first miracle. She talked about the repurposing of those pots for a new purpose. God had a special plan and way to use them, they felt the same way with their ministry and where they were in their lives. 
  • "Great Medley" (Legacy Five) - Love hearing all these old songs together. Their arrangement of these songs is one of my favorite songs from that project. 
  • "Christ Is Still the King" (Legacy Five) - Such a great song to end the weekend on!
If you ever get a chance to attend a Praisefest event, I highly recommend it! Check out IMC Concerts for information on next year's event or one near you!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - April 8

Here are some news items from this week in gospel music -

  • Gospel music legend and Hall of Fame member Ben Speer passed away yesterday morning at age 86. His funeral will be held on Tuesday. Thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time. Read below a few tributes to Ben Speer from fellow artists - 

"I'll never forget the first night I sang with the Booth Brothers. We were in Nashville and I was really just filling in (I thought) but when Ben Speer heard our set, he grabbed Michael Booth walking off stage and said "You found your man!" That night after the concert, in a conversation with Ben and Jake Hess, they both said to me "You fit with these boys and your future is bright." He would often say "If I ever put together The Ben Speer Quartet" I'm calling you!" I will always appreciate how he welcomed me into this music industry with kindness and encouragement. He and I served on the NQC board together and I had the privilege of driving him to a few meetings. I cherish the great advice and wonderful stories he would tell. He was a friend to Gospel music and a friend to us all. Ben Speer will be missed." - Jim Brady

I love the Speer Family! Grateful they paved the way for all us singers! Loved Ben! He was a precious soul! I have no words to explain the bitter/sweet feelings of the passing of my friend Ben Speer! I'll Meet You in the Morning! - Libbi Stuffle

Not much can be added to what everyone has posted about Ben Speer and his transition to heaven this morning .I'll just say the Gospel music world has lost a legend . For me I've lost a friend and mentor. He made me a viable piano player in my time on the road with the Speers.I will never forget those times! You were loved , you will be missed And never forgotten! Prayers for his family at this time - Sue Dodge

In my early days of singing, I had 6 men that took an interest in helping mold whatever it is i've become vocally. Jim Hamill, Glen Payne, George Younce, Neil Enloe, Steve Hurst, and Ben Speer. Today I wake up to the news that Mr. Ben is now realistically "seeing the picture" that he so craftfully and artistically painted with music and words. Rest in peace Mr. Ben. - Mark Trammell

Ben Speer was a pioneer. He fought the good fight, and won. Gospel music owes him an amazing debt of gratitude. I was privileged to sit with him at several NQC events, and glean some incredible words of wisdom. He even tried to teach me shape notes. That didn't go very well. I will not pretend that we were as close as he was to so many in the industry, but his family's influence on me goes back to my childhood. He will be dearly missed, until we meet again. - Pat Barker

  • Prayers also go out to Jeff and Dusty Treece (Sunday Drive) in the loss of their father, Frank Treece. He died suddenly of a brain aneurysm on April 3. 
  • The National Quartet Convention announced the addition of Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band to NQC 2017. The Gaither Vocal Band will be there on Thursday and Thursday afternoon will feature a Gaither Homecoming sing-along. 
Anything I've missed?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun Clip Friday - On the Couch with Fouch and Amber Nelon Thompson

Happy Friday! Matt Fouch has a new interview up for his On the Couch With Fouch series. This month's interview is with Amber Nelon Thompson. Watch as she talks a little bit about the Nelons' history, her grandfather's influence and gives some vocal tips!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Praisefest Branson 2017 - Part 1

Praisefest Branson was one of those events I'd always heard about but never been able to experience. This year, I decided to fix that. The event was held at the Mansion Theater over the course of three days with more than 10 different artists. 

As my grandmother and I were driving back to where we stayed Thursday night, we said if the rest of the weekend was like that it would be one of those events we wouldn't forget. It was! I keep trying to pinpoint a favorite session, but they were all great and different because of the artists, comedian or speaker. 

Gerald Wolfe kicked off the first night with a little hymn singing "The Family of God" and "Because He Lives." On Thursday night, the featured artists were the Jim Brady Trio, Greater Vision, Aaron Wilburn and Triumphant Quartet.

Here are some highlights of Thursday night (in order of the night) - 
  • "Greatest of All Miracles" (Jim Brady Trio) - I love to hear Melissa Brady sing this Squire Parsons song. She talked about her dad and what a great testimony he had of completely turning his life around for Christ.
  • "I Know a Man Who Can" (Greater Vision) - No surprise that Greater Vision had some requests for this song. In my opinion, no one does it better than Chris.
  • "Hallelujah" (Triumphant Quartet) - The group sang its own version of this song that was included on their latest Christmas project. If you see them anytime soon, make sure to request this song. Each member takes a verse and it walks through the life of Christ to the melody of the popular Leonard Cohen song. 
  • "Side by Side" (Aaron Wilburn) - This definitely wasn't the most spiritual moment of the night, but Aaron Wilburn sang the song that George Younce sang during one of his public appearances. The audience definitely enjoyed it!
  • "He Is" (Triumphant Quartet) - The quartet ended their second set with this song. I love their version of this song that is such a reminder of God's power and presence throughout all of scripture.
  • "That Sounds Like Home to Me" (Jim Brady Trio) - Loved hearing the trio on this Goodman classic.
  • "My Name is Lazarus" (Greater Vision) - Greater Vision ended the night with probably Rodney Griffin's most-loved song.
Friday morning started the same way as Thursday night with Gerald leading the audience in a couple of hymns. 

Here are highlights of Friday morning - 
  • "Hallelujah Square" (Greater Vision) - I think this was another request from the night before. Always enjoy hearing Chris on this one!
  • "I'll Carry Him" (Greater Vision) - I don't get to hear this song often enough live! I forget what a powerful song it is. So glad they chose to include this in the morning set!
  • "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked" (TaRanda Greene) - I was really glad that she did a few solo songs that morning. I don't remember ever getting to hear her sing this one live. It's such an incredibly powerful song!
  • "It Is Well With My Soul" (TaRanda Greene) - Her version of this hymn is simply incredible! Probably the moment of the morning for me! (Funny side note: Aaron Wilburn was right after this, he took the stage and asked, "How do I even begin to follow that?" )
  • "Lay Up Treasures in Heaven" (Mark Trammell Quartet) - They sang several fast songs from their latest project, but this one is probably my favorite.
  • "My Faith Still Holds" (Mark Trammell Quartet) - Love, love, love this song from their Full Sail project. It's always a highlight to hear them sing this in person. 
  • "Too Much to Gain to Lose" (Mark Trammell Quartet) - Love hearing Mark featured on this song!
Will post the second session on Friday and Saturday morning later this week!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - April 1

Here are some news and tidbit items from this week in Southern Gospel music -

  • Audrey Woods, mother of Tim Woods and grandmother of Jim Hutson (The Woodmen Quartet) and Bryan Hutson (formerly of The Kingsmen and Soul'd Out Quartet) passed away at her home on Sunday, March 26. 
  • The Gaither Homecoming Magazine is now rebranded as Back Home. Jason Crabb is featured on the inaugural cover.
  • Congratulations to Jimmy and Sonya (Isaacs) Yeary who welcomed a baby girl on Friday. Evya Marcella Yeary was 8 lb., 6 oz. and 21 in. She is welcomed by big brothers Ayden and Gatlyn. 
Anything I've missed?