Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reunion Day at Silver Dollar City - Southern Gospel Picnic - Sept. 2

I got up early yesterday morning to make my way back from Central Arkansas to Branson, Missouri. I was hoping to be there in time for Mark Trammell Quartet's first show at 10:30 a.m., and I was successful.

I had been looking forward to today for a while with the Gold City Reunion tonight in Echo Hollow. From videos and music, I would say the Jay, Jonathan, Mark and Tim lineup of Gold City, but I never had the chance to see them live together until last night.

Here are highlights from the day -

Mark Trammell Quartet

  • "The King Is Coming" - I love hearing this group sing this song. It's always a powerful moment!!
  • "Your Walk Talks" - The audience eats this song up, every time.
  • "It's Almost Over"
  • "Wonderful Time Up There" - This is always a fun song live!
  • This was my first chance to see Blake Buffin with the group, and I'll just say I'm impressed. He's blending well with the group already. He was featured on "Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus." He did a great job! Enjoyed hearing both him and Randy stepping out on "Echoes From the Burning Bush" as well.

Jay Parrack and Vocal Event
  • "Rock of Ages" - This was a cappella and amazing!
  • "Love Lifted Me" - Loved this song from their latest project!
  • "Glory Road" - Jay's high tenor just amazes me.
  • "Where Eternity Begins" - Beautiful song that was written by two of the group members!


  • "Everything I Need" - This is probably my favorite Kingsmen song, so it's always a highlight in my book.
  • "Cross of Grace"
  • "Oh Yes I Am" - They encored this song several times and the audience was on its feet by the end!
  • "Oh What a Savior" - Chris Jenkins slays this song every time.

Gold City

  • "Farther Along" - This is a fun song to see the guys sing long with the black gospel version of the sing.
  • "Power of the Cross" - Such a powerful song, and a great way to end the first half!
  • "I'm Rich"
  • "Turn Your Back" - Chris West is a great bass voice and really sounds a lot like Tim. Great to hear him featured on this song!

Gold City Reunion

  • I'm trying to keep it at highlights, but I think I'll probably mention most of what they sang. I'm a fan of these four guys individually, but there is really something special that happens when the four of them take the stage together. Jonathan commented that they all still live close in the same area and apparently keep in touch pretty well. It seemed that they had never missed a beat tonight!
  • "I Can Tell You the Time" - They opened the reunion part of the night with this song. 
  • "Born to Praise the Lord" - Mark did an incredible job on this song! Great to actually hear it live!
  • "Then I Met the Master" - Jay was featured on this song.
  • "Show Me the Cross" - Apparently I'm a bad Southern Gospel/ Gold City fan. I was not familiar with this song, but I'm definitely glad I am now!
  • "Midnight Cry"
  • "I'm Not Giving Up"
  • "When He Calls Me I'll Fly Away" - They ended the night with this song, and I don't think anyone in the audience really wanted it to be over. 

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  1. Happy 4 U! Looks like U had a great time! Prayin 4 U and ur family!


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