Monday, September 14, 2015

Jeremy Lile Departs Brian Free and Assurance

Today Brian Free and Assurance announced that after eight years bass singer Jeremy Lile will step down from the group. He is coming off the road to focus on more some health concerns. The group will continue to travel as a trio until a replacement can be found.

Please keep Jeremy and Brian Free and Assurance in your prayers as they enter this transition.

Here's the group's full release on Facebook -

We are announcing the departure of Jeremy Lile after more than eight years of filling the position of bass singer. Many are aware Jeremy has been experiencing health issues the past several months. After taking time off from the road to focus on health matters, it became evident that he could not continue to tour with the group.

The BFA family offer their love and support and are thankful for Jeremy's time with the group. Brian Free and Assurance will continue to perform as a trio until such a time as the right individual comes along to fill the bass position. We ask that you pray for us during this transition. We look to God to send just the right person to compliment this ministry.

Those interested in applying for the position of bass singer with BFA can send a bio, photo and not more than two or three mp3s for consideration to: Brian Free and Assurance, P O Box 1909, Douglasville, GA 30133. Applicants can also email their bio to


  1. I hate to see Jeremy go as he really helped anchor their sound for the past 8 years. I would love to see Daniel Ashmore join BFA. I could really hear his voice blending well with the rest of the guys.

  2. I truly will miss Jeremy. He really adds to a lot of songs with that beautiful deep bass voice. I pray for God's healing for Jeremy so he can get back to doing what God intended for him. Please take care Jeremy ...

  3. He Will Be Missed From The Group That's For Sure, Me And Him Were Real Good Friends, I'm Still Praying For Them.


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