Wednesday, September 30, 2015

National Quartet Convention 2015 - Wednesday Night Recap

I was off and on tonight watching the webcast. Tomorrow night I hope to be able to watch all of it. I caught a set and a half before I went to church and then was able to catch the end of the Erwins' set through the finale.

I was able to see the Jim Brady Trio and part of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound before I went to church. The Jim Brady Trio is really sounding fantastic!  They had some issues with their mics, but that didn't stop them! They kept rolling with it. Melissa shared the story of her dad coming to Christ, and what an amazing testimony! Then she sang "Greatest of All Miracles," incredible moment!!

Someone who knows more about the history of NQC than I do, is Ernie Haase and Signature Sound the first artist to ever throw frisbees into the audience? They did this in Branson with the song "Happy People" but I didn't expect that during NQC! Definitely livened up the place! Dustin Doyle was then featured on "Redemption Draweth Nigh," which is when I was sad that I had to turn it off!

I tuned in back in time to catch the end of the Erwins with "I Choose to Be a Christian." Love this young group!

The Hoppers were another highlight of the night. I love that they are including the Hopper Brothers 2.0 so much. This lineup sounds great! It's great seeing Claude and Connie back on stage with the family. I love all the different combinations of voices that the Hoppers offer fans now.

Jason Crabb had a strong set that featured a couple of new songs. Really liked "If I Shout!" And I love that he pulled Kelly Bowling on stage with him to sing "Through the Fire." He and Gerald Wolfe co-hosted the night. They are funny together and play off each other well. It was funny how they kept plugging their own CDs and teasing about their favorite songs from the other one's album. 

The Booth Brothers' set was also a highlight of the night. I love hearing Ronnie Booth on "Then I Met the Master." They paid tribute to Mosie Lister tonight. They ended their set with "Still Feelin' Fine" where they pulled up both Steve Ladd and Jim Brady to help them close!

I love how they are doing the finales each night. The entire Heritage of Gold set was amazing!! Heritage of Gold included Gold City, the LeFevre Quartet, Steve Ladd, Jay Parrack and Vocal Event and Wilburn and Wilburn. The band even included Gold City alum Jeff Easter on bass. They sang favorites like "When I Get Carried Away," "One Scarred Hand" and "Not Giving Up." Tim Riley was there and featured on "Under Control," sounding great! They ended the night with "Midnight Cry," perfect end to the night!!

Highlights of the Night - 
  • "Greatest of All Miracles" - Jim Brady Trio
  • "Truth Is Marching On" - Legacy Five (with Jim Brady)
  • "Jesus Saves" - LeFevre Quartet
  • "Something's Happening" - The Hoppers
  • "If I Shout" - Jason Crabb
  • "Then I Met the Master" - Booth Brothers
  • "Midnight Cry" - Heritage of Gold

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