Thursday, September 17, 2015

In Everything Give Thanks - When Lyrics Speak

I don't mind admitting to you that the past month has been a little rough, a little different. Life has brought lots of changes. Today brings lots of changes. It's so easy to get bogged down with the circumstances of life. We look to things around us to fulfill us. We focus on life situations that didn't go as planned. We look around, and we're not where we expected to be. It's easy to compare with others about what you don't have or what they have that's better than yours. But at the end of the day, is life really that bad? Aren't we guilty of focusing on one thing that's not going right and not all the things God has blessed us with?

Joy is not about circumstances. It's so easy to equate joy with happiness. But joy is so much more, it's far from temporary and not dependent on the here and now. However, when life happens and when plans fail, that's when it's really important to choose joy. So today, even when life is not going as planned and when unwelcome changes occur, choose joy and gratitude. In everything give thanks. When life is not as you expected, give thanks.

Lord, help me be thankful. When life is not at it's best and when I'm not at my best, help me give thanks. When I'm tempted to look at things that aren't where I want them to be, help me to thank You.  When loved ones pass away, help me to thank you for the time with them. When work is overwhelming, help to me to thank you for a job that I love. Today, may I focus more on giving thanks to You than complaining. May I give thanks more than make requests. In everything, help me to give thanks!

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