Tuesday, September 29, 2015

National Quartet Convention 2015 - Tuesday night recap

I tuned in tonight just in time to catch the end of the Lesters' set. I'm sure I missed some highlights and I know I missed several good groups early in the night! But here is what stood out to me from what I saw:

The Collingsworth Family absolutely nailed it tonight! Definitely one of the strongest sets I saw. I loved getting to hear so many of their new songs, "That Day is Coming," "Gotta Get to Jesus" and "You're About to Climb."

The night ended with the Cathedral Family Reunion set with Gerald Wolfe, Scott Howard, Mark Trammell, Ernie Haase, Danny Funderburk and Pat Barker. They used photos and clips of George and Glen in tribute to them. They gathered around the piano for "Jesus We Just Want to Thank You." It was a beautiful moment, but I loved them ending the night on "We Shall See Jesus."

I tuned in just in time to catch Jonathan Lester recognizing his dad for his years of service to the group. The Lesters have carried on the tradition of singing gospel music longer than any other group on the road today and a great deal of that credit goes to Brian Lester. He was featured on "He Didn't Throw the Clay Away," great moment!

The Taylors and the Talleys both had solid sets! I loved hearing Suzanne Taylor Hise on "I Tremble," always been a big fan of that song! The Talleys sang a new song "People in the Line." Lauren does an outstanding job on it and such convicting lyrics! We never know what the people around us are going through. 

It was neat seeing Mark Bishop share the stage with his daughters tonight. They are a great young talent. He also had a full band on stage with him. 

Greater Vision also had a solid set. It was good hearing Chris featured on "Hallelujah Square!" I also love the song "As We Speak" from their new project that Gerald sings. 

Of the quartets I saw, I really enjoyed the Inspirations' set. I haven't heard this group in a while (I missed them in Branson a few weeks ago.), and they pulled out several old familiar favorites. They sang a version of "Beulah Land" that was incredible!!

  • "He Didn't Throw the Clay Away" - The Lesters
  • "I Tremble" - The Taylors
  • "Hallelujah Square" - Greater Vision
  • "As We Speak" - Greater Vision
  • "People in the Line" - The Talleys
  • "Beulah Land" - The Inspirations
  • "Gotta Get to Jesus" - Collingsworth Familiy
  • "We Shall See Jesus" - Cathedral Family Reunion

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