Thursday, September 24, 2015

Booth Brothers - Still - CD Review

The Booth Brothers released Still in July. This is the group's first recording with Paul Lancaster at baritone. Jim Brady was not only a main-stay in this group for more than a decade but also provided the group with some of its best songs from his pen. While Jim is not on the project vocally, he did write two of the songs on the album.

Paul Lancaster is a great fit for this group. His voice complements Michael and Ronnie's well. I was really impressed when I saw them live for the first time in Branson and then with this project I was even more convinced.

"Jesus Saves" has to be the stand out song of the project for me. The Collingsworth Family joins the trio on this song. The group sang it at NQC last year introducing Paul to fans for the first time. It was a powerful moment then, and it's a powerful moment of the project. Paul does an incredible job on the song.

"I Am the Word" was another standout song. The orchestration behind the song really makes it build and makes it a highlight. Ronnie is featured on this song. I'm a big fan of Ronnie's voice, and I like that on this project he tackles a few different styles. "Down by the River" is another favorite on this project that Ronnie sings, but it definitely has a modern country flair. This song will have your toe tapping and your hands clapping along! "Dirt on my Hands" also has a country flavor but in different way from the previously mentioned song. It has more of a Booth Brothers sound.

"Wild Flower" features Michael. It's the testimony song for Michael's wife Vicki. It really shows the tender side of Michael's voice. He does an amazing job on this song. Rebecca Peck wrote the song just for Vicki and her story. It's a beautiful song that paints Vicki's story so well.

Paul sings on "Touch of the Master's Hand." I love his take on this song. Definitely another highlight of the album! "Faith Keeps Walking" is the song that starts the project that also allows Paul to showcase his voice. I really loved this song in a live setting. The song really shows how well the guys blend together.

The title song, "Still," features both Michael and Ronnie on the verses. Jim Brady wrote the song. The song is a beautiful reminder that no matter what God's on the throne and He's in control. That never changes.

The Booth Brothers prove why they continue to be at the top of this industry with this release. I think it really showcases this new lineup well. It's an album that you'll definitely want to add to your collection!

Song List -

1. "Faith Keeps Walking"
2. "Happy Rhythm"
3. "Still"
4. "Dirt on my Hands"
5. "I Am the Word"
6. "Touch of the Master's Hand"
7. "Whenever I Speak His Name"
8. "Down by the River"
9. "Wild Flower"
10. "Jesus Saves"

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