Monday, August 31, 2015

Silver Dollar City Southern Gospel Picnic - August 29

Rain is an inevitable part of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic. And this year it happened during Triumphant Quartet's concert. About four songs in, there can a downpour. But more on that a little later. First, here are the highlights of the other shows we saw today.

LeFevre Quartet

  • "Come and See" 
  • "I Love to Call His Name" - This has always been a favorite song of mine! They did this song with just the piano and voices.
  • This group has helped make two more contemporary songs popular in Southern Gospel. They sang both "Jesus Saves" and "Days of Elijah" during the set both by request. Loved them both!

The Browns

  • We saw the Browns during their patriotic set. They sang a few patriotic songs but my favorite was definitely "Because of the Brave."
  • The Browns' playing their violins is amazing!
  • "Peace on Earth" 

New Road
  • They had a live band, so no tracks at all!
  • "With These Hands" - This is a new song written by one of their members. Outstanding!
  • This is a newer group so they sang a number of popular gospel songs including ""I'm Rich," "The Lighthouse" and "Meet Me at the Table."

Southern Raised

  • "Glorious Day" - They put their own spin on this song, loved it!
  • They talked about having been raised and trained more on classical music. They created an arrangement of "Four Seasons" with "Holy, Holy, Holy." Amazing!!

Triumphant Quartet

  • Honestly four songs into the night, the rain started. Triumphant capitalized on this and sang "I Wish It Would Rain." The rain started coming down even harder. 
  • "Old White Flag" - Clayton stepped out into the rain with the audience to sing this one! He got soaked but put everything he had into it!
  • Thankfully the rain didn't last all night but unfortunately for them a lot of the audience left. But they are the ones who missed out! 
  • "Saved by Grace" - This was the last song before the sky opened up. The crowd was on its feet, everyone loved it!!
  • "This Blood" -- I love this song!!!!
  • "He Is" - Great song to end the night on!!

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