Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun Clip Friday - Hymn Sing

I got the chance to see Greater Vision last night in Malvern. It was a great night! Gerald Wolfe talked about the hymn sing tour coming up this fall.  The pastor asked if we could sing a hymn then with Gerald on piano. Of course, he obliged and the congregation joined in "Victory in Jesus." Right next to me, I hear the sweetest little voice joining in and singing along. He knew every word and didn't miss a beat! It turns out that this little boy was quite a hit on the Gospel Music Hymn Sing Facebook page back in May. His parents said he knew every word to all the hymns on the DVD. Gerald asked if during the hymn sing in Hope in October, they could get him to come up on stage and join them for a song! So if you're attending that one, that will definitely be a highlight of the night!

For now, here's the video that was shared on Facebook of him enjoying the Hymn Sing DVD for today's Fun Clip Friday -

The next time someone says "Kids don't like those old songs," show them this. This is 4-yr. old, Criss Langston, singing...
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