Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Just What I Needed - Kingsmen Quartet Concert Recap

You know those days where nothing really goes as expected? That was my day on August 13. It was the day my Grandaddy was put in the hospital. I was supposed to go see the Kingsmen Quartet that night in DeWitt, Arkansas. I was torn on really what to do, but decided to make some minor adjustments to my evening but still go to the concert. I knew that I needed the music as much or more than anyone that night.

The Kingsmen Quartet - Chris Jenkins, Ray Dean Reese, Bob Sellers
and Randy Crawford
The Kingsmen is a group I don't get to see that often. I'm really enjoying this lineup together of the Kingsmen with Chris Jenkins, Bob Sellers, Randy Crawford and Ray Dean Reese. Their latest project has to be one of my favorites. They did a great job of singing a mix of old and new songs.

Here's a list of what they sang -
  • "Go and Tell Somebody" - Great song to start the night with! 
  • "Traveling Home" - The Kingsmen found incredible talent when they added Chris Jenkins to their roster. He really impressed me on this song!
  • "Battle Cry" - This is the group's latest single and one of my favorites from their most recent project. 
  • "I've Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken" - Another great new Kingsmen song!
  • "I Know" - Ray Dean said this was his favorite from their latest project, and I can see why!
  • "When I Wake Up" - Loved hearing them go back and sing some of the older songs. This is one of the first songs I remember hearing of theirs. 
  • "Saints Will Rise"
  • "Cross of Grace" - Randy talked about when they first heard this song there was no question of whether or not it would make the final project. Rebecca Peck wrote the song. It's an incredible picture of how we are as believers. We can get away from him a little step at a time, but His love never left us. Definitely a highlight of the night!
  • "Oh Yes I Am" - This song is a fun one live!
  • "Beautiful City"
  • "Wish You Were Here" - This was a song I wasn't really familiar with. Beautiful song!! Definitely had to look it up again when I got home.
  • "Come and Dine"
  • "Look for Me at Jesus' Feet" - Absolutely incredible way to end the evening!
The day really had been nothing like I expected, but I'm glad that I still decided to squeeze in a trip to see the Kingsmen. Southern gospel ministries have two main objectives as I see it - bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus and encourage the believers. That night the Kingsmen definitely accomplished the second for me. It was the encouragement and reminder I needed. I didn't know what the week ahead would bring at the time. But I'm so thankful of the reminders I got that night -- reminders of Heaven, of God's peace, salvation, His omniscience, mercy and His amazing grace. It was exactly what I needed.

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