Wednesday, August 5, 2015

As We Speak - When Lyrics Speak

I was reunited with some college friends a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, while we were close years ago, it's not that way anymore. We didn't fight or argue, but life happened. We moved away from each other and are in different phases of life. While we had a great time catching up and seeing each other, it was a reminder of the lost close friendship that used to be there. And while I can make excuses about distance and just being in different stages, the truth is, I wasn't intentional in keeping the friendship strong.

In whatever relationship we have, we have to be intentional about keeping it. Relationships take time investment. Close friendships and relationships don't develop overnight. God's been reminding me that it's the same way with my relationship with Him.

Relationships are a two-way street. While in the case of my friends and me, we were all at fault for not keeping in touch more. However, in our relationship with God, He's constant, never moving away from us or pursuing us less. It's our job to be intentional about spending time in His Word and talking to Him.

I love the title song from Greater Vision's latest project As We Speak. It's so easy for us to get busy and consumed with our own lives that we miss that quiet, quality time alone with God. We miss out on the blessing of a more intimate relationship and being reminded of the love He has for us. I love the line that says "My mind can't seem to fathom how much love He has for me, but He's trying to explain it as we speak."

It is so easy for us to move away and to get wrapped up in ourselves. Thankfully, God is always there. It's so important we are intentional in our talks with God. Speaking to Him and listening to Him is vital to our walk. It can set the tone for how our days will go. It's not that God blesses me more on days when I start my mornings with Him, but my outlook is different. Like the song reminds us, there's a peace that comes from speaking to Him.

The challenge is not going to Him when it's convenient. It was easy for my friends and I to meet up when it was an event we were all planning to attend. But on ordinary days, why don't we make the same efforts. Oftentimes, we go running to God when it's convenient, when we're facing the big trials. We want Him to do great things, but what about the ordinary days?

Are we missing out on the blessings of life or friendships because we're not intentional? That's been my challenge lately, to be more intentional with friendships and relationships but more importantly in time with my Heavenly Father. May we all be encouraged today "as we speak" with God.

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  1. Well put, Lauren. This reminds me of the Mark Bishop song called "Pray on the little days."


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