Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Greater Vision - Concert Recap

Greater Vision made the group's first visit to Malvern, Arkansas last week. When we got to the church after being delayed in road construction, the parking lot was full, and it seemed the entire town of Malvern had shown up to see the popular trio. And unfortunately, it was a few minutes after concert start time.

Greater Vision - Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin and Chris Allman
Knowing how Gerald interacts with the audience, I was more than a little apprehensive to walk in late. We stood toward the back of the church looking for an open spot when a man from the church saw us looking around and ushered us toward open seats on the fourth row. Thankfully, there were people who walked in a little later than us who sat in the choir loft. They were not as lucky to escape being picked on by Gerald!

Gerald Wolfe has to be one of the best emcees on the road today. He's great at reading the audience, making smooth transitions setting up songs and adding a bit of humor to the evening.

Greater Vision released As We Speak since I last saw them, so it was great to hear so many of the newer songs! Here's a lineup of what they sang -
  • "I Could Never Praise Him Enough" - I'm actually taking a guess this was the first song they sang since we walked in a few minutes after the concert started. :)
  • "Redeemed Medley"
  • "Come Unto Me"
  • "When They Ring the Bells of Heaven"
  • "I Know a Man Who Can" - I love hearing Chris sing this song!! Always a highlight of the concert!
  • "Treasures Unseen"
  • "Preacher Tell It Like It Is" - This has become a must hear when you attend Greater Vision concerts. Love hearing this song. 
  • "Put Out the Fire" - This has to be a new favorite! It's the group's latest single, and the audience was on its feet at the end!
  • "He Does" - This is another Chris song, that he wrote and is featured on. Gerald talked about when he gets a new project he listens to it all the way through the first time. Then, the second time, he'll skip a song or two and hit repeat on a couple. When he listened to their new project, this is one he kept coming back to. We have all at some point experienced doubt, wondering if God really cares where we are now. The answer is He does. 
  • "My Name is Lazarus" - Not a Greater Vision concert without this song!
  • "Victory in Jesus" - During the intermission, the pastor came up to talk about the Hymn Sing and the tour this fall. He requested for Gerald to play hymn for congregation to sing
  • "He'd Still Been God" - Another classic favorite!
  • "Faces" - I didn't realize that this song was written for the man who led Rodney's dad to the Lord. Rodney always does an incredible job on this song!
  • "I Know He Heard My Prayer" - This was one of the hymns featured on the Hymn Sing DVD. 
  • "As We Speak" - I love, love this song. Gerald sang this one from the keyboard. It was so great hearing Gerald sing this one live!
  • "In the Garden" - Rodney led the congregation in the chorus of this song right before the invitation. 
  • "God Wants to Hear You Sing"
It's always a treat to hear Greater Vision when they are close to Central Arkansas. It was a great night in Malvern, Arkansas!

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  1. Wow this was awesome reading this! Now Greater Vision come back to Indianapolis Indiana or a surounding town. Please!


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