Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stay - The Old Paths - CD Review

The Old Paths released their latest album Stay on St. Patrick's Day. I'm not sure if it was really the luck of the Irish that was on their side, but I think this album definitely will bring success to the group.

The Old Paths have had the same vocal lineup since 2011. The title of the album I think is fitting for where they are as a group. They are proving that they are one of the top quartets in the industry and are here to stay.

Upon first listen, "How Great the Debt" was the song that immediately stood out to me. This song is just incredible. This Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck song is definitely the highlight of the album for me. Lead singer Tim Rackley gets the feature on this one, and he is just incredible on this song. I love the inclusion of "Jesus Paid It All" toward the end. I predict this will be their next #1.

"Washed in the Blood" has a country flavor with a good fiddle intro. The song features bass singer Daniel Ashmore. It's got a fun feel to it and Daniel really shows what a great singer he is on this song. Jeremy Peace then hits the rafters on the end of the song. Definitely a favorite of mine on this project! "Oh What a Happy Morning" is another great feature for Daniel and one of the more traditional quartet songs on the project.

"Ordinary People" is the CD's first single. This song is right in the group's wheelhouse and sounds tailor-made for Old Paths. Rodney Birch is the writer of this song. "What Did They Call Him" is another great quartet song that really showcases the blend of the group.

"Stay," the title track, is a great reminder of how God is always with us. The song starts by talking about the relationship between Jesus and John but then serves as a reminder than we always have God with us and that we'll be with Him for all of eternity. Another great job by Tim on this song!

Jeremy does not cease to amaze on "You Never Cease to Amaze Me." He really shows off his high range on this song. The song is a great ballad with powerful lyrics also written by Rebecca Peck who has five cuts on the album. Then, Jeremy and the group as a whole really show their diversity with "Out of the Grave." This song definitely has a different feel than others on the album and help appeal to a wider audience. It's an incredible song about the resurrection and Jeremy nails it!

"Just Can't Get Over" allows baritone Doug Roark to step out and take the lead. It's a great song to showcase Doug's vocals and really suits him. For most songs, Doug, in true baritone fashion, blends in so it's good to hear his voice featured on this one.

I think Stay proves that The Old Paths are one of the top quartets in the industry and with this album I think they will stay at the top. I predict this will be one of the top quartet albums of the year!

Song List -
1. "Have You Ever"
2.  "You Never Cease to Amaze Me"
3. "What Did They Call Him"
4. "Just Can't Get Over"
5. "Washed in the Blood"
6. "How Great the Debt"
7. "Ordinary People"
8. "Stay"
9. "Oh What a Happy Morning"
10. "Out of the Grave"


  1. Charlie Faye RogersApril 3, 2015 at 1:36 AM

    Oh my goodness thanks Lauren for writing such a great article. I first heard The Old Paths late last year in Humble TX. Heard a lot of singing but no one measures up to this great group. When they sing you feel the presence of the Lord. Everyone in this group is different in their own way. Just when you think they can't possibly get any better they just out do themselves. On and I must say what a great piano player they have. He blesses my heart.

    1. Thanks Charlie for reading and for your comment! And yes, Josh is such a great piano player!!


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