Thursday, April 9, 2015

Freemans Concert Recap

My last gospel concert of March was the Freemans in Ward, Arkansas at Dayspring Baptist. This was another group that it was my first time to see outside of Silver Dollar City. It was also my first time to see them without their daughter Misty.

I think the Freemans are a group who know who they are and know what they do well and do exactly that. They have their own unique sound in gospel music. Chris Freeman probably has the most recognizable voice in gospel music. I really love that they know who they are as artists and have their own style and sound.

Here’s a lineup of what they sang -

The Freemans - Joe, Chris and Darrell Freeman 
  • "Three Rugged Crosses" - Probably my favorite song they sing! And a great choice to start the night!
  • "Hello in Heaven" - Always a fun song!
  • "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand"
  • "Trespasser" - Featured Joe Freeman, good to hear him step up and sing one!
  • "Water Grave" - Caylon, Darrell and Chris' son, was featured on this one. 
  • "I'll Be Back" - With the concert being right before Easter, Chris talked about wondering what Mary must have felt. Even though she knew the plan for Jesus’ life, He was still her baby but He also became her Savior. We shouldn’t lose hope because He will be back. Great setup to a great song!
  • "Voice in the Desert" - Another great song from their most recent project! 
  • "Lead Me Home" - They talked a little bit about Darrell's mom to set up this song. She lived with them and they took care of her for many years. She struggled to remember who Chris was and would tell Darrell that he needed to marry that girl. He laughed and said he would tell his mom that once was enough. Love this song that features Darrell! Probably a highlight of the night for me!
  • "What a Day That Will Be" - Great classic hymn that they had the audience join in on.
  • "Still Been God" - Always a favorite to hear them sing!
  • "Sending Me Angels" - Another Caylon feature! I look forward to hearing more from him, because I think he could really step out from the drums and be a great vocalist for the group!
  • "Next Step"
  • "John the Revelator" - Chris said that Darrell had requested for her to record this song for about 10 years. She finally did and I'm glad she listened to him! Chris does an incredible job on this one!
  • "Living Truth" - They said that they were told not to record this song, but they have always been a group to sing what they feel. I'd never heard the song before that night. The song reiterated the power in prayer and in the Word of God and that's something they felt compelled to sing about.
  • "The Lighthouse" - Perfect song to end the night on!
It was a great night with a group that I don't get to see very often! It was good to hear their stories and more from their heart as they shared during the night. Don't get me wrong I love the music, but I love when groups take time to share more about what the songs mean to them and you really see their hearts and passion for the music.

For all my Arkansas friends - This church in Ward has several concerts per year. The next one is coming up next Thursday night at 7 p.m. with the Old Paths. If you're in the area, be sure to attend!

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