Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Will You Plead - Amber Eppinette and Dianne Wilkinson - Songwriter Series

Amber Eppinette
Let’s take a look at another story behind a song today with young songwriter Amber Eppinette. She shared the story of writing “How Will You Plead” with Dianne Wilkinson. 11th Hour recorded the song, and it was released on the group’s Picture This project.

“I met up with Dianne Wilkinson at her home in Tennessee for cowrite, and we had many lines and hooks for different songs, but God had another plan for us that day,” Amber shared. Even though Amber had cowritten with Dianne before, this was her first time meeting her. “It was as if I had found my long lost Grandmama. There was definitely a kindred spirit there. We got to talking, sharing our beliefs on certain things and all of sudden the urge hit me to write about something that would catch the attention of the nonbeliever and the believer. And I believe with the guidance of God and the help of Ms. Dianne, we did just that.”

Amber loved being able to cowrite this song with Dianne Wilkinson. “Just by the name people know, she is in the Word and knows just how to word the song to bring out the whole gospel in three minutes.”

The lyric of the song came first. Amber said that she loves the line - “There is redemption for all who will trust Him. So what will you say when you’re judged on that day? How will you plead?”

Amber said that she felt more determined after hearing the song recorded. “I was determined to witness more, determined to encourage believers our job isn’t done and there are still souls to be won,” she said.

“This song bring many different feelings for me,” Amber shared. “One, it sparks a fire to continue the path God has paved for me. Two, it excites me to know that by Jesus’ precious blood, I can plead NOT GUILTY!”

Thanks to Amber for sharing a little bit of the story behind the song!

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