Monday, March 30, 2015

Hearing the Good News From Tribute Quartet - Concert Recap

Tribute Quartet is a group I don't get to see that often. They were in El Dorado, Arkansas last weekend, so I made the trek south to see them. There are times when I go to a concert just because I haven't seen the group in a while or because I like their music or just because I need blog material (just being honest). And then there are times when I need it. I need the music, the encouragement, the reminders of God's love and faithfulness and that's just what I found last weekend.

Tribute Quartet - Riley Harrison Clark, Gary Casto,
Josh Singletary and Anthony Davis
Tribute started the night with "Stepping on the Clouds." It was a great one to get the audience clapping along. They sang "I Could Sing About Heaven" next featuring Anthony and then went into "Everybody Needs Jesus" with Josh getting the solo on this one. It was great to hear so many from their Journey of Hope CD! 

They sang one more "I Want to Thank the Lord" before Gary made the group introductions. During the group introductions, Gary mentioned that each of them was nominated in the top 10 for the Singing News fan awards for their respective parts. That was one thing that really struck me while listening to them. They are all strong as individual singers and then also collectively. They have had several years together now without changes to really gel, and they proved that they really are one of the top quartets in the industry.

Gary talked about how he could already feel the presence of the Lord in the church. He knew we were all in for a good night of worship. They cranked the music back up with "I Remember the Day." They turned it around a couple of times because the audience was really into it! Then Josh was featured on the piano on "I'll Fly Away." He is such a great piano player which I think is overlooked. Then Riley was featured on "There's a City."

The next stretch was probably my favorite part of the concert. They sang "In the Valley He Can Hear My Voice." I love hearing Anthony on this song, incredible job. Then, Riley sang "I Will Rise." This is becoming one of my favorite songs! Riley does an outstanding job with this song! Then they sang probably what has become the group's most well-known song, "Good News From Jerusalem." Josh really makes this song come to life. You can tell that this is a fan favorite. They ended the first half with "Outside the Gate." Gary definitely knocks this one out of the park. The way they stage this song is really incredible. They end by going into the audience and singing a cappella without microphones. It will leave you with chills!

They started the second half with "Everything I Need" and then "Through Me the Cross Lives On." I was not familiar with the second one, but definitely found myself looking it up after hearing it live! Great song!! Then they picked up the tempo with "Homesick Angel" which always gets the crowd clapping along. Anthony was then featured on "Leavin' on my Mind." This really showed off his bass voice.

Riley then spoke on the consistency of God that no matter where we are and no matter what we are facing, God is the same. He reminded us that God is bigger than anything we face in this life. We can claim victory no matter what trial we face. Then Gary sang "God of All My Days." What an incredible song! Loved hearing Gary sing it!

Gary talked about how encouraging the song was. No matter what valley we go through, God is there. "When we feel like there's no hope, God's Word tells us that He is hope," he said. "Whether we are standing on the mountain or walking through the valley He is still God." This set up perfectly Riley singing "God on the Mountain." And wow! He did such an amazing job on this song!

After a time of invitation, they sang a chorus of "Good News From Jerusalem" to end the night.

It was an incredible night of worship and just served as a reminder of how faithful God is in our lives. Sometimes we just need those reminders. We know the truth and have been told it 100 times before, but the music can breathe new life into those truths. The music can share that good news with us and speak to us just when we need it, and that's just what happened for me!

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