Monday, April 6, 2015

"Living in Harmony" - Scotty Inman - Songwriter Series

Triumphant Quartet releases a new project Living in Harmony next week. However, this week Scotty Inman shares a little bit about how he co-wrote the title song off the new project.

The group was actually the inspiration for the song. "I was thinking about our group and how long we'd been singing together, and in general how long we've known each other. Traveling and singing takes chemistry, a lot of give and take and a team effort. God has shown his favor and allowed have a lengthy tenure as a group," he said. "Then I began to think about the body of Christ and how we let denominations get in between the main goal and that is reaching the lost. Imagine what we could do if we were all in one accord and all had the same end result in mind." His thought process behind the song had a couple of different dimensions to it.

The title to the song came first and then quickly after that the melody. He brought the hook to Jeff Bumgardner actually though text message and voice memo. "He took the lead on it and really wrote some golden lyrics that make the song," Scotty said. One of his favorite lines in the song was one that Jeff wrote -

"How can a world that's broken hear the news that Jesus saves if we're not in agreement when we step out on the stage."

Scotty said that he always wanted to write an uplifting anthem that reaches a diverse audience. "I think this song can be used to unify the body of Christ and break the barriers between us that keep us from reaching others," he said.

I was pleased to hear the song live when I saw the group a few weeks ago! The song will be on the Triumphant Quartet project of the same name that releases on April 14.

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