Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Living in Harmony - Triumphant Quartet - CD Review

Triumphant - Living in Harmony
The Triumphant Quartet's album Living in Harmony releases today. This is the group's first project with StowTown Records. However, a new label does not mean a new sound. This has to be the most consistent group in the business. With no vocal change in the 13 years of the group, Triumphant shows with this latest project the same solid sound and incredible vocals that you have come to expect from this group!

The title song "Living in Harmony" starts the project and is probably one of my favorites. (Check out the story behind the song.) It's one of the more traditional sounding songs. It showcases the "harmony" and incredible blend of the group. It's definitely one that I found getting stuck in my head, which was not a bad thing! Scotty Inman takes the verses on this song that he and Jeff Bumgardner penned. "Jesus Must Have Been Here" also features Scotty. It's another more traditional sounding song.

David Sutton takes the lead on "Amazing God." I got to hear this one live before the album released. It's probably one of my favorite songs that David has done. The message of the song is timeless, and I can see it touching a lot of people. Definitely a highlight of the project!

Triumphant covers a couple of older songs like "Black and White" from the Singing Americans and "A Friend Called Grace." I think both of these were smart choices for cover songs with enough time passed from Singing Americans and gospel fans might not be familiar with the Philips, Craig and Dean song. "A Friend Called Grace" is a great country-style song. It's really shows how diverse Triumphant can be with song choice. It's another favorite of mine on this project.

Another song that they re-recorded was the classic hymn "When He Reached Down His Hand for Me." Let me say I love Clayton Inman on this song. This is an incredible arrangement and Clayton masters this song beautifully!

"Living in the Promised Land" is just a fun song. It reminds me a lot of "Almost Home." It's a toe-tapper that I can see becoming a popular song in a live setting.

"I Belong to Jesus" is a great, easy-listening ballad. It's a great reminder that the most important thing in our lives is that we belong to Jesus. Eric does an incredible job on this song; it really showcases his voice. David takes the lead as the song and orchestration builds toward the end and then Eric comes back and ends it.

The ballad "Has There Ever Been" closes the project. I really like the concept of this ballad written by Lee Black, Dianne Wilkinson and Tony Wood. Great song choice!

Triumphant fans will love this new project. Triumphant shows that they remain at the top of the industry with their consistency and artistry. All gospel music fans will enjoy! Definitely one that you must add to your music collection!

Song List -

1. "Living in Harmony"
2. "Jesus Must Have Been Here"
3. "Amazing God"
4. "Black and White"
5. "When He Reached Down His Hand for Me"
6. "Living in the Promised Land"
7. "Made for Gold"
8. "I Belong to Jesus"
9. "A Friend Called Grace"
10. "Has There Ever Been"

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