Thursday, April 2, 2015

Triumphant Quartet - Concert Recap

Triumphant Quartet is a group that I had only heard at Silver Dollar City until recently. This group has been awarded Favorite Quartet for the Singing News Fan Awards for the past several years and every time I see them I’m reminded of why. I made the drive to the metropolis of Umpire, Ark a few weeks ago to see them for the first time outside of the “theme park” setting.

Triumphant Quartet - David Sutton, Clayton Inman, Scotty Inman, 
Eric Bennett  and G.W. Southard on piano
The group started the night with “We Will Remember” from their Awesome God project. Love this worship song and it was a great way to get the night started! Then, they sang the title song from their upcoming release Living in Harmony. Such a great song written by Scotty Inman.

Then, they sang a familiar favorite, “Saved By Grace” before Clayton was featured on “I Will Rise.” I loved getting to hear him live on this one. He’s such a great lead singer and I think it speaks so much to the diversity of the group that they not only recorded a project with some more contemporary praise and worship songs but they are staging many of them.

After the group members introductions, they sang “I Can’t Help But Smile” and then “Meschach.” The latter is such a fun song to see and hear live.

Eric talked about the birth of his second granddaughter last year. He was in awe of the miracle of this new life. He said that she really didn’t bring a lot to the table though when she came. He talked about how he would fight a bear for her even though she really couldn’t do anything for anyone. He compared it how we are with Christ. We don’t bring anything to the table or have anything to offer Him. Yet, He loves us unconditionally and He fought death, Hell and the grave for us. Then David sang “This Blood.” I love this song. Let me say it again, I LOVE this song. Tenor David Sutton sings this one and it is absolutely incredible! Definitely a highlight of the night for me! Then, they led the audience in “What Can Wash Away My Sin.”

Eric talked about how much he looked up to George Younce as a bass singer. G.W. Southard their new piano player then picked up the guitar. All the guys came to the front of the stage on stools and sang the George Younce classic “Who Can Do Anything?” Eric is one of the best when it comes to bass singers in the business!

After the still quiet moment, they livened things up with “Old White Flag.” It was fun seeing how many of the church members had handkerchiefs ready to wave! Then David played the harmonica and G.W. the keys on “I’ll Fly Away.” Triumphant ended the first half with “He Is.” Another highlight of the night!

They started the second half with “Long Black Train.” I love hearing Eric sing this song! He does such a great job on it! Then David was featured on another new one from their upcoming release, “Amazing God.” It was neat getting to hear some of the new songs live before the project is out!

Then, Scotty stepped up to sing “I Can Only Imagine.” Loved hearing him sing this song. I had a friend pass away in high school, and this song was played at her funeral. It’s always been special to me, and I think their version of this song is one of the best!

Eric then came down to the audience to speak and lead in a time of invitation. He asked the question of what we would do when we first see Christ. Will we thank Him, be speechless, completely be frozen in our steps? What will He say to us?

He talked about a young woman in their area who just passed away from cancer. She lost her battle, but he said that they all knew because she had a life so full of Christ that she was now present with the Lord.

He asked then about our relationships with Christ? When was the last time we just sat and read His Word for more than an hour just because we wanted to know Him more? Do we invest time in cultivating that relationship and really knowing Him and dwelling in His presence? The group then led a time of invitation with “I Surrender All.”

After that, they brought the pastor up to sing with them on “Because He Lives” before they closed the night with “Moving Up to Gloryland.”

It was a great night! I loved getting to see them more than once a year and in a different setting. If they are in your area, don't miss the chance to see them!

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