Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brian Alvey Joins Kingdom Heirs - News

The Kingdom Heirs have announced Brian Alvey as the group's new baritone singer in a statement on their website. You can see some video clips of his audition here. Brian has previously been with Tribute Quartet, the Talleys, Southern Sound and Beyond the Ashes.

Kries French, owner/manger of the Kingdom Heirs states “A lot of prayer and consideration went into our decision and we are thrilled to welcome Brian and his family, into our family.” French continues, “During our time on the road this winter, we had the privilege to audition close to 60 men who traveled many miles for this chance and we thank each of you so much. We feel that God has led us to the man He wants for us."

“We are honored to have entered our 30th year of partnership with The Kingdom Heirs," states Sonlite records President Chris White. “We are excited to continue this relationship with a new recording the group is already working on for an October release.”

Brian will start immediately will the group at Dollywood. I think this is a great choice and get fit for the group!


  1. I felt like Loren Harris would have been a more natural and better fit for the position, but Alvey is a talented guy in his own right and I'm impressed with his versatility (now having sung tenor, lead, and baritone professionally).

    1. That's a great point about Brian! It's pretty impressive that he's sung three different parts professionally!

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  3. I just got to see and hear Brian at Dollywood! He and Heirs were great!


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