Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Turn It Up - Playlists of Life - God's Love

This past weekend I was privileged to be part of my church's Easter presentation. It was a beautiful picture of the life of Christ. For four nights I felt like I was in the story. I watched as the man playing Jesus gave us a glimpse of the sacrifice that was made. It was an incredible experience, and one that I pray I never get over. I cannot fathom the love that God has for us.

As I thought over and over about that this weekend there were several songs that I could not get out of my head. So here's another "Playlists of Life" post. What songs remind you of God's love? When you need to feel the power of His love what song do you turn up? When you need to be be reminded of His unconditional love what song do you go to?

Here are a few of mine. Would love to hear yours!
  • O The Thought That Jesus Loves Me - Beyond the Ashes
  • For God So Loved - Brian Free & Assurance
  • The Love of God for Me - Nelons
  • The Greatest Love Story - Triumphant Quartet
  • Looks Like Love to Me - Crossway
  • Love Is Stronger - Jason Crabb
  • If Not For the Love of Christ - Kingsmen
  • He Did It Anyway - Karen Peck and New River
  • Love Came Calling - Triumphant Quartet
  • The First Time I Saw Love - The Greenes
  • God So Loves Me - Greater Vision
  • Love Was in the Room - Booth Brothers
  • For the Sake of My Heart - Gold City
  • Blame It On Love - Hoppers
  • How Blessed - Bowling Family
  • Love Enough - Martins
  • God Said I Love You - Old Paths
  • Nothing Can Keep Us From God's Love - Nelons
  • Too Good to Not Be True - Perrys
  • Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored - Gaither Vocal Band
  • If That Isn't Love - The Isaacs
  • When I Think of Love - Mike and Kelly Bowling

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  1. "I believe" Jimmy Fortune
    I know you'll love this!


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