Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tribute to God's Faithfulness - The Perrys

Last year, friends and I went to see the Perrys at Oak Bowery Baptist Church in the Saltillo community in Arkansas. I had never been to the church before but it didn't take long to figure out it was a special  place and a church that the Perrys held very dear. It was also an incredibly special service where each member of the Perrys gave their testimonies. Read more about it here.

I was already looking forward to a great night with the Perrys after such a special service last year and then finding out Libbi would be with the group made it even more to look forward to. I had no doubt it would be another great night, and it didn't disappoint!

Before the concert, the church had its choir come up and lead in several familiar songs. You can hear the foot tapping on the hard wood floors of the church, and you can tell people love gospel music whether it's the classic hymns, convention-type songs or songs by their favorite group.

After at least 20 minutes of congregational singing, the Perrys took the stage. Here's the lineup of the night:
  • "The Blood and Its Power" - I first heard Libbi sing this song last year at this concert before Through the Night was released, so I thought it was very fitting that they opened with this song.
  • "I Got a Hold of God This Morning"
  • "The Potter Knows the Clay" - I love that they chose to pull this older song into the set. It's one of my favorites that Libbi sings. There was a sweet moment where Libbi was standing out front and got a little emotional. David and Bryan both stepped up and put their hands on her back in support. I thought it was a really sweet moment. 
  • "Calvary Answers for Me" - David absolutely knocks this song out of the park! 
  • "Did I Mention"
  • "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" - It's always great to hear Bryan sing this a cappella. Without Tracy, he's started pausing and repeating phrases that he really wants to emphasize. 
  • "Through the Night" - Great to hear Libbi sing this one live! It truly has become their testimony song. 
  • Bryan spoke of how the theme of their concerts had become God's faithfulness, and they wanted everything they said and sang to point to that. He told the story of Tracy's stroke and all that they had been through.
  • Introductions were next. When Bryan introduced Libbi, he talked about she had really shown him what it meant to take wedding vows and really mean them and the immense faith she had shown in the eye of the storm. Libbi introduced Bryan and picked on him some since he is getting married soon. But she also mentioned what an incredible job he had done stepping up and  into the role of emcee and how proud she was of him.
  • "Living in Canaan Now"
  • "I Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey Now"
  • "If You Knew Him" - I love how David is making this song his own.
  • After a short break, Libbi had Tracy on FaceTime on her phone and had the audience wave and say hi to him. She handed the phone off to a lady from the church on the front row so he could watch part of the concert. 
  • "Blue Skies"
  • "This Old Sinner Testifies" - Bryan takes Tracy's part on this song, and he did a great job. 
  • During that song, the phone lost connection with Tracy. Bryan said that figured because he was singing his face off for him. The lady said that he was smiling and enjoying it but started frowning when Bryan was singing his part, haha!
  • "I'm So Glad I've Got a Better Place to Go" - Libbi pulled up Allie, a teenage girl from the church to sing this one. She has her sing every year, I think. She's got a great voice!
  • "When He Spoke" - Absolutely love this song!
  • "I Wish I Could Have Been There" - Bryan still took the lead on this song, and of course has a lot of fun with it!
It was so great to see Libbi back on stage with the guys. I was impressed at how well the three of them sounded together for no more that they have sung together. Libbi and Leah while singing the same part are very different singers. Bryan and David have done great learning and making those adjustments according to who they are singing with. It was such an incredible night and a true testament to God's faithfulness.

I've got a couple of videos from the concert I'll be posting soon!

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