Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sharing Their Hearts - The Perrys Concert Recap

The Perrys - Joseph Habedank, Bryan Walker, Libbi Stuffle
and Tracy Stuffle
I had two nights in a row of great southern gospel music last week. I had the chance to see the Perrys near Conway, Ark. on Friday night. It was a different type of concert than I’ve ever been to before. It was a great night full of wonderful testimonies and great songs.

The night started with "Plan of Salvation." I really enjoy hearing them cover this song to highlight Tracy's bass vocals. They then went into "Blue Skies," the title cut from their most recent project and one of my favorites from it.

They then sang "Come and Get Me." After that fast song, Tracy remarked that it was too hot for all that. He later awarded Arkansas as the hottest and driest place they have been to all year, and I must say I agree!

Libbi was featured on "Still Blessed" next. I've never heard her sing this song live, so it was a treat for me! Her vocals definitely reminded me of why she's been the fan favorite alto for several years.

The Perrys then sang "He Loves to Save," which features Bryan and is also from Blue Skies. The next song was "I Rest My Case at the Cross," which is the song that made me fall in love with the Perrys. They always do such an incredible and passionate job on this song. Next, Libbi was featured again on "Did I Mention."

Then, Tracy said they were going to do something a little different with the concert that night. He was going to have each member of the group give a testimony and then pick any song they wanted to sing. I've never been to a concert where I've seen a group do this. It was so incredible how each member let us see their hearts. Each one allowed God to use them and their story.

Lead singer Joseph Habedank was first. He talked about how his mom raised him and his brothers as a single mom since he was a young boy. He shared some of the pressures he felt even as a young kid to try to be the man of the house. He reminded us that the singers on stage have hurts and go through trials just like everyone else. He quoted the verse in Psalm that says weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. He then sang a song that he wrote, "Almost Morning." I love this song, and it's probably my favorite that Joseph has written. After his testimony, he did an incredible job singing it with such power and conviction behind the words.

Next, Bryan Walker, baritone, gave his testimony. He talked about growing up with his dad singing gospel music. He said that he never would have guessed the path that God would have taken him on to sing with the Perrys. When he was working as a police officer, he had a couple of people several days in a row suggesting to him that he should try out for American Idol. So he decided to try out, and he made it through several rounds. He said that once he was cut at the top 50, he was extremely disappointed. He thought that since God had used people to encourage him to try out and carried him through several rounds then He would see him through to the end. He returned to his job as a police officer in Sevierville. He had the chance to get to know the Perrys better when he filled in for Joseph. And then when the baritone position came open, the Perrys called him. He talked about the faithfulness of God through all of that, and shared that he would have never guessed that would be the way that God would lead him to sing with his favorite group. He then sang a cappella "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." He nails this song every time I've heard it, and Friday night was no exception!

As Libbi started, she said that she felt like a proud mom on stage after Joseph and Bryan just shared their hearts. She told about her salvation experience. She said she was sitting by her pastor's wife at church. She said if you are wanting to escape the conviction of the Lord, that is not the place to be. She knew the Lord was dealing with her and her pastor's wife asked her if she needed to go up front. She made her decision for Christ that night and was saved. Libbi decided to sing a song from their new project which will be released later this year, "The Blood and its Power." If this song is any indication, I can't wait to hear the new album!

The Perrys started the second half with "Jesus, Hold My Hand" from Libbi's solo project. While all the guys gave her a hard time about this song, I have to admit, it's probably my favorite from her solo CD. They then sang their latest single, "Every Time I Need Him." I love the second verse of this song when Bryan joins Joseph. The blend of their voices together is great.

Libbi sang their Dove-award winning song "Celebrate Me Home" next. Tracy then introduced a young girl from the church who they knew and had her come up and sing a song with them, "I'm So Glad I've Got a Better Place to Go." She did a great job as Joseph, Libbi and Tracy backed her up. Then, Libbi sang another one from her solo project, "Daddy Sang Bass/ Reunited."

"If You Knew Him" was next. I love seeing them sing this song, you can feel the power felt behind the song. They did an encore of the chorus.

Tracy then started giving his testimony. He talked about how he would always go to his grandma's house every Sunday after church. She would always ask him if he went to church, and the answer was always yes. Her saying was always, "It ain't nothing Heaven ain't going to fix." No matter the situation that's what she would say. To close out, he had the group join him at the front of the stage for an a cappella version of  "This Is Just What Heaven Means to Me." It was beautiful! As they sang they walked forward down the center aisle of the church. It was such a tender, yet powerful moment, and a great ending to a great night.

Tracy mentioned during their product pitch that they typically only do this type of service twice a year and normally he gives all the group members a heads up before that night, but not this time. I am so glad I was at one of these twice-a-year events. Each member shared their heart, and you could see that on Friday night. We all see how they allow God to use them to minister through song week after week, but I really appreciated each of them opening and allowing God to use their life stories and experiences to minister to people as well. Thanks to the Perrys for sharing your hears with us!

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