Monday, August 12, 2013

Tracy Stuffle Back in ICU

Latest update at 2 p.m. on Aug. 19 -

Everything looks better. They have cultured the sputum again again to make sure bug is gone before trying to go back to rehab, because rehab can't take him until it is gone. White blood cell counts down to 10,000 (norm 5000 to 11,000).

Magnesium is a tiny bit up in kidneys. Kidney function still look the same as before. The respitory therapist came in and lowered his oxygen down to 28 and his oxygen stat is still 100%! Praise God!!!! Praying all of this keeps improving!!!

He seems a little down but, then again who wouldn't be! I think he feels like he's never gonna get past all of this. Wednesday will be 7 months since this journey began, 108 days of being in ICU and a total of 154 days in a hospital and 55 days in a rehab facility. I'm sure he would love to be home! Just pray for God to lift his spirits. I try everything but standing on my head! LOL

God, You are our great and wonderful Father, Provider and Healer!!! We praise You and glorify Your name for all that has been done in the past 7 months!!! This journey has been long and hard, but You have been faithful to keep Your hands on us! You know every need before we pray and ask, so we pray that every need be met both physically and mentally! Uplift and encourage Tracy beyond what he can ever imagine! Father, You are the best companion and daddy ever!!!! I love You!!!

Latest update at 11:00 a.m on Aug. 16 -

Dr Gounder just came in with good news! White blood cell counts down from 13,000 to 11,100 (norm is 5000 - 11,000)! Thank You God!!! The acinetobacter is NOT growing in any of the cultures!!! Praise God!!! Lung X-ray looks sooo much better and sounds sooo much!!!!Kidneys function has come up some with magnesium going down!!! Another Praise God!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!! Please don't stop!!!!!! God, You are awesomely incredible!!! ALL praise, glory and honor belongs to You!!!! Thank You is never enough for You!!!!! I love You!!!!

Latest update at 12:10 p.m. on Aug. 15 -

Dr just came in. Blood count down from 15,000 to 13,000. Lungs look and sound a little better. Kidneys are a tiny bit worse today as far as crititen. Magnesium is SLOWLY coming down. Cultures are still not growing anything in lungs. Hoping to keep him on the antibiotics he's on now so as to not cause anymore kidney damage. Kidney Dr is gonna do one treatment of dialysis just to get magnesium down today.

Keep praying!!!! God is Jehovah Rapha and we are trusting Him and His will!

God, we praise You and thank You for bringing us this far!! You know the plan You have for our lives before we are ever formed in our Mother's womb. God, I trust You to do Your will. Tracy is in Your hands and You know the needs for his body! Give me grace and strength to stay strong!!! We are Your children and You will take care of us!! I love You Father with all of my heart!!

Latest update at 11:35 a.m. on Aug. 14 -
Dr just came in. Cultures are not growing anything so far. That's a good thing. Kidneys are about the same. Magnesium is still a little high in the kidneys, but they want to give them another day before deciding to do a treatment of dialysis. White blood cell count was 11,600 yesterday, today it's 15,000. Normal white blood cell count is 5000 to 11,000. That could be caused from all the medications. May take another day to settle down. He's had no fever, that's good! His heart rate is good. Blood pressure has been good. So, it's just gonna be a slow process. Kidneys is their main concern right now. Still trusting and believing! God's will, God's plan!

Latest update at 1:15 p.m. on Aug. 13 -

They did a Bronchoscopy. It's where they go down to clean the lungs and sweep them to get a culture to send off to see if there's a bug there that grows something that they are not treating, they can treat it. Dr Pethkar said it looked like a lot of flem and aspiration. His white blood cell count is down from over 20,000 to 11,600. Norm is 5000 to 11,000. Praising God for this good news!!!

Gonna give him a couple units of blood to replenish what they've drawn out and for the heart. Just started a new antibiotic that can damage the kidneys, so praying that it doesn't! Kidneys actually looked a little bit better today. Praise The Lord!! Vitals have been great for over 30 something hours!!! Praise The Lord for this also!!!!

He's been awake more today and looks more perky in his eyes! I think he thinks I'm crazy because I drew a smiley face on my face mask to let him know I am smiling!!!

Keep praying Saints!!!! The doctor said things were better but not out of the woods yet!! Well, I'm just gonna praise God for better news today and even more to come!!!!! The devil is a big fat liar!!!!! Thank You God for a better report today and looking for more to come!!!! I trust You with it all!!! You are Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Jireh!!!!! I love You Father!!!! Goooo GOD Goooo!!!

New update as of 10:08 a.m. -

Dr just came in. I am having to gown up from head to toe. The acinetobacter is resistant to all the antibiotics. Other words, the antibiotics are NOT working. They are calling in infectious disease Dr to see what else can be done. Last resource is to call FDA to see if they have something that is not on the market that they might can try. It's also putting a little strain on his heart. He has had a small heart attack, not in the sense of a "heart attack" as we know. The infection has damaged some of the heart cells so they call it a heart attack. His kidneys are only working about 25% also because of infection. Dr says they have a lot of work in front of them! They are moving to a third line antibiotic that might work, but it damages the kidneys even more.

All I can do is pray for grace! I am still standing on God's Word! It's not my will but His will be done! None of this has caught God by surprise. He is the great Physician!!!!

After weeks of good news and progress, the Perrys posted last night that Tracy has been taken back to ICU. Here's the update from their Caring Bridge site last night:

Tracy is back in ICU. Pneumonia is worse. Kidneys not functioning the way they would like. I am just getting to the hospital from the road.
While this is not the news I wanted to hear, I'm still praying and believing for his full recovery! God has brought him so far, and I can't help but think that this is just a small bump in the road to his healing. Continue to keep Tracy, Libbi, Jared and their family in your prayers.

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