Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun in Poyen with Jeff and Sheri Easter - Concert Recap

I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Jeff and Sheri Easter would be in Poyen, Ark. last Friday. Poyen is a small town in Arkansas of less than 300. Jeff Easter joked that you had to be going there to get there, and it's the truth! But I sure am thankful that Jeff and Sheri Easter decided to be there last weekend!

This was my first time seeing them this year. They had been in Arkansas a couple of times before, but I seemed to always have something and couldn't make it. So even I will see them in Branson soon, it was good to see them in a small church setting last Friday night!

They started off the night with "Anything But Happy." Love this song and that they chose to start the night off with it! Jeff sang "I Won't Have to Worry Anymore" next. Jeff then introduced Morgan and she sang her latest single from her solo CD "Broken." Both of those songs are duets that Jeff and Morgan sing with others one so it was interesting hear them sing verses that you aren't used to hearing them sing when listening to the CDs. Morgan continues to impress me each time I see her. She's become such a great young singer!

Jeff talked about how they always tried to do a love song on their albums, and how he enjoyed talking to married couples in the audience. He told the story of how he asked a man in Branson last year what the secret was to being married for 60 plus years. The man responded back, "Don't die!" Let me just say as someone who was there, it was hilarious!

The Easters then sang "Sittin' on Top of the World," which is one of my favorites from their latest CD. It's such a cute love song! Jeff then introduced Madison and pulled him up to sing "Working on a Road" with them.

Sheri read an excerpt from her book from a journal entry she had written one year after her breast cancer surgery. She then sang "I Know How It Feels to Survive." Love to hear Sheri sing this one, and I love how they set it up with her reading from her book and her journey through cancer. You can tell she feels every word of the song as she sings.

They closed the first half with "I Get To," after each Jeff and Sheri shared about losing parents through sickness and death. This is one of my favorite songs to hear Jeff sing!

Jeff played "Amazing Grace" on harmonica as the offering was being taken up. Then they led the congregation in "I'll Fly Away."

Jeff brought out Maura and introduced her along with Shannon. Shannon then sang "Hold Me While I Cry." Shannon has such a great voice as well! I got to hear her last year fill in for Morgan one date, and was so impressed!

Then, Jeff and Sheri asked for requests, which is another thing I love about Jeff and Sheri concerts. They always try to make sure people hear what they want to hear, so most of the time the second half is all requests. They even pulled some people from the church who requested songs up to sing with them! Here's what they sang:
  • "Roses Will Bloom Again"
  • "Going Away Party"
  • "Praise His Name"
  • "I Wonder If He Ever Cries" - They had a couple of ladies from the church sing this one with Jeff joining on the chorus.
  • "Over and Over"
  • "Thread of Hope" - Personal thank you to whoever requested this one, because it's one of my all-time favorites!
  • "Life's Railway to Heaven"
  • "I Won't Have to Worry Anymore" - They sang this again, because Jeff wanted the pastor of the church to join them.
They had made a couple of jokes about Maura being a pleasant surprise to their family. Jeff joked that when they took her to school they were among all the 20-30-year-old parents and he was accused of being Maura's grandfather. Sheri opened up about how she was a planner, and while Maura wasn't planned, God knew exactly what they needed. She talked about how Maura helped her through breast cancer. When there were days that she didn't feel like getting up and getting out of bed, she had a 2-year-old who wanted and needed her mom. She knew that Morgan and Madison loved her and were helping her during her journey but they didn't need her like Maura did. God knew that Maura would be the one to help Sheri as she faced breast cancer. It was a very touching and powerful testimony!

They sang "Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me," and then ended the night with "Little Bit of Sunshine."

It was such a great night with Jeff and Sheri Easter! I'm glad the small town of Poyen decided to bring them to Arkansas!

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