Thursday, August 15, 2013

God Moments in an Ordinary Life - Debra Talley - Book Reivew

Many times in life we wait for the big moments in life. We wait for God to part the Red Sea or take our little fish and bread and feed the 5,000. We get so focused on looking for these life-altering acts of God that we forget to look for God in the everyday moments.

When I saw the Talleys in June, I picked up a copy of Debra Talley's book God Moments in an Ordinary Life. Debra takes you though these "God moments" in her life. They aren't moments where God moves mountains, but shows His presence and teaches a lesson in the ordinary.

Debra opens up and shares special moments of her life. Each short chapter contains a different story and a way that God used that moment to teach her something. Debra shares family stories of Lauren growing up and how her mother became the piano player for her church. She talks about chance encounters with others but through God weren't really by chance at all. If you've ever heard her share the Angel story at a concert, it's included in the book. I loved reading all the stories and appreciated Debra sharing her life stories with us.

Some of my favorite stories were of Miss Minnie. I had heard Debra mention her in a concert previously. Miss Minnie lives in a nursing home and physically she's not on the best shape, but her mind is still extraordinarily sharp for a 96-year-old woman. Miss Minnie can inspire all of us to be content to just be the person God made us to be.

Another story that I enjoyed was Corey, a student Debra met at the Steve Hurst School of Music. God showed Debra through him that God will use our weaknesses for His glory. Debra shares at the end of the chapter -- "The weaknesses in my life are the very things that God values. When I trust Him with what I cannot do, His strength is made perfect in my weakness."

While I enjoy the stories so much, it's the great nuggets of wisdom that Debra leaves readers with at the close of each chapter that set the book apart from a book of stories. She has some incredible quotes and life principles at the end of each story that will leave you looking for your own "God moments."

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