Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Is Your Moment - When Lyrics Speak

This weekend I had the chance to attend a women's conference in Russellville, Ark. The speaker for the evening session was none other than Kelly Bowling. It was great to hear Kelly in that setting. I had heard her give her testimony several times, but not at a conference and not in the details she shared. I really appreciated her willingness to open up and share with all the women there.

Of course, a large part of her testimony was about the accident. She shared how God had been faithful through every moment during the accident, their recovery and even now in their ministry. It was during the roughest time of their lives, that God showed His power.

Another lady shared at the conference of her reoccurring battle with cancer. Each time God had seen her through and she continued to have faith and believe that God would continually show His power in her life.

As Christians, many times we are quick to recognize the omnipotence of God. We believe that God is able to do above and beyond all that we can think or imagine, but it's often during the hardest times in our lives that God really shows that power.

A song that the Bowling Family sings is "This Is Your Moment." The song talks about being bogged down with burdens and heartaches and believing that God will show up in that moment and show His power and mercy as only God can do. I couldn't help but think to how in both testimonies how God was most glorified through the hardest of situations. It's in our weakness that His power is perfected. It's during those most trying of circumstances that God is most glorified for how He is able to move in a situation if we just trust Him.

While we can see God in everyday life, those really aren't the moments that people testify and talk about over and over. When someone hears a story of a miraculous healing or a life being spared through a situation only God could orchestrate, that turns heads. It gets people's attention. The moments that can cause the most pain are also ones that can bring God the greatest glory. It can be His moment to step out and show what only God can do, to show His power and to draw people to Him.

The song is a great reminder that no matter what you are going through. Don't look at it as another valley or storm for you to get through, but as an opportunity for God to show His power. Look at it as a chance for you to come out on the other side only stronger, testifying how this was God's moment to shine.

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