Monday, October 21, 2013

Southern Gospel Radio

Arkansas is lacking when it comes to Southern Gospel radio. There is an AM station that I can pick up sometimes, mostly in the morning driving to work I can count on it. Other times, not so much. And there's some Christian country mixed in where it's not really strictly Southern Gospel. However, I do enjoy listening to JoyFM through the station's app on my iPhone. Pretty much every morning, I'm listening to JoyFM while getting ready. And when I go to Branson or in the Ozarks, I enjoy that I can pick up KWFC.

With technology now, you don't necessarily have to listen to radio at all anymore, especially with the sometimes lack of local stations and the technology that gives you many more options. Some apps or websites now allow you to have some say in what songs or artists you listen to. So I'm curious to know, do you listen to Southern Gospel radio? If so, how?

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  1. Ha! I do more than just "listen" to the radio... I get to choose what plays on it at times!

    Of course, my place of employment has an app for mobile devices as well.


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