Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Collingsworth Family - The Lord Is Good CD Review

The Collingsworth Family recently released two separate projects, Hymns From Home and The Lord Is Good. I think both will be eventually reviewed, but for now I'm going to look at the latter one that has more original songs.

This family continues to impress me. And it's clear from the Fan Awards, fans feel the same way. This family has continued to grow and mature. I cannot say enough about how incredible Olivia sounds on this project! There are points were I have trouble telling the difference between her and Courtney.

"I've Come Here to Tell You That the Lord Is Good" gets the album off to a great start. This is definitely one of my favorites from the project. I love Brooklyn's voice, and she does an incredible job on the verses. Also love hearing her on "My Debt Was Paid."

"Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness" is a definite favorite on this project for me. I love how it starts out with the scratchy, classic record player sound. Olivia does great taking the lead on the verses of this song. This is such a great uptempo song, and I'm sure one that will be great in a live concert setting. Another uptempo song that I liked was "Living in Love with the Lord."

I love Courtney's vocals on "If He Hung the Moon." To me it's reminiscent of "I Can Trust Jesus," which is probably my favorite Collingsworth song. I also like that they just used the female trio on this song. That's one thing that has always stood out about this family is the different combinations of subgroups they can use within the family. The sames goes for the combo of Phillip and Brooklyn on "There Is Healing in His Hands." Beautiful vocals, but I also love the orchestration on this song.

"How Great His Love for Me" is another standout song that features Phillip. This is an incredible power ballad that will definitely wow listeners!

Can't leave out Mom and Dad Collingsworth. I really liked their duet at the beginning of "I Could Never Outlove the Lord." It definitely is a great close to the project.

Album Rating - 4.25 stars - This album shows that the Collingsworth Family continues to be at the top of mixed groups in the industry for a reason. I don't think this is my favorite project of theirs, but it's definitely at the top of the list! The song selection of this project is top notch!

Song List -
1. "I've Come Here to Tell You That the Lord Is Good"
2. "It's Not Too Late to Pray"
3. "Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness"
4. "If He Hung the Moon"
5. "We Will Serve the Lord"
6. "There Is Healing in His Hands"
7. "My Debt Was Paid"
8. "God Is Moving"
9. "Living in Love With the Lord"
10. "It Matters to the Master"
11. "How Great His Love for Me"
12. "I Could Never Outlove the Lord"

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