Monday, October 7, 2013

Southern Gospel in the Church

I love my church for so many reasons. One of them is the music. No, it's not all Southern Gospel, we have a nice balance of contemporary music and hymns. We do have a Southern Gospel influence in the church, but that doesn't always come through. It was funny that a friend recently made a comment after a Hoppers concert that she didn't realize how many songs she would recognize because our church's choir had sung them. It's always interesting to me looking at choir music to see how many names I recognize who have ties to Southern Gospel.

Southern Gospel may not be included as songs you sing in worship, but it could be a special song from the choir that is by a gospel group. Or it could be an individual who sings solos in church who you can always count on to sing a gospel song. I'm just curious on this Monday morning how much of an influence Southern Gospel plays in your church from the regular worship service to special music to hosting concerts. Would love to hear from you!

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