Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mike Holcomb Resigns From Inspirations

It's been a day for changes. And I think I can safely say this one was a huge surprise. Mike Holcomb of the Inspirations is resigning. Holcomb has been a staple in the group serving as bass singer for 42 years. Here's what the Inspirations released on Facebook earlier today:

Folks, we have an announcement to make. Today, October 1st, Mike Holcomb has announced that he is resigning from The Inspirations. Mike has been singing bass for 42 years with us, and is one of the greatest bass singers to ever step on the stage. However, not only is Mike an incredible singer, but he is an amazing preachers as well! He feels that it is time for him to begin a “new season” in his life, and will be hitting the road full time in preaching and singing evangelism. We know God will use he, and his sweet wife Bavaria, in a tremendous way, but we are devastated to lose him. We love Mike and Bavaria dearly.
If you would like to book Mike Holcomb at your church, conference, or camp meeting (and we HIGHLY recommend that you do) here is his contact info:
Mike and Bavaria Holcomb
”Heart’s Desire Ministries”
PO Box 1007
Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-2025

God bless you all, and keep us all in your prayers.

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